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Booking a boat in Cyprus: An exclusive trip to Limassol!

In summer, the soul asks for the sea. But when, after a couple of days of rest, the beach gets boring, and constant sunbathing on a chaise longue is no longer a buzz, yacht rental in Limassol will come to the rescue. For an unprepared vacationer, it will not only be an exciting pastime, but also a whole sea adventure and an unforgettable experience for a lifetime. When renting yachts in Limassol, you get services such as a boat trip on your own yacht, fishing, dinner or a whole holiday afloat. Do not think that this type of leisure is available only to the rich who waste money. The prices for renting a vessel are quite democratic, and their variety allows you to choose a yacht not only according to your pocket, but also according to aesthetic needs. On the portal Rent a boat in Limassol you can get more information about booking a boat in Cyprus.

Yacht rental security

Every yacht in Limassol undergoes regular technical examinations. The technical condition of the vessel is checked daily and all malfunctions are thoroughly eliminated immediately. All professional concerns are taken over by a team of specialists led by an experienced ship’s captain. The whole way is thought out in advance and safe, stewards and cooks will take care of the comfort of the guest. The vacationer can only relax and enjoy the sea breeze and the scenery of incredible Cyprus.

What is included in the cost of renting a yacht in Limassol?

A transfer to and from the port will be included in the rental price. A sea fishing license will be issued automatically to the tenant. The price of renting a yacht often includes the services of a photographer who takes pictures of leisure vacationers. For every taste of the customer, the yacht can be decorated with the appropriate attributes of the celebrated celebration. In the case of minors on board, the cost of renting a yacht may include the service of animators and instructors who monitor their safety.

Yacht rental prices

Prices for pleasure sailboats start from 150 euros per hour. There is not much space on this type of yacht, but the walk will still be unforgettable. Then the prices become higher, but the services are noticeably transformed. Already for 400 euros per hour, you can find a yacht with a chic deck on which you can accommodate a large company. And already for 1000 euros and above, you can rent a mega-yacht with a full-fledged bar and other entertainment.

Exclusive design of the apartment in the style of minimalism

Exclusive design of an apartment in the attic

The specialists of the Italian studio Archiplan have developed an exclusive apartment design for a client from the small town of Busto Arsizio. The result of their creative efforts is a compact, but truly luxurious space enclosed in a shell of snow—white walls. It shows an eclectic mix of delightful vintage accents, natural materials and a cozy, light-filled environment.

Combining expensive wood with crystal whiteness, which forms the basis of the palette, and playful details, the designers created a fresh, soothing and at the same time cozy atmosphere. Under the pitched roof, intersected in several places by ceiling windows, there is a friendly living space that pleases the eye with the purity of lines and organicity.

The dining table looks especially intriguing: the combination of a textured wooden surface with an iron base, more appropriate in a hospital interior, brings vintage charm. The composition is complemented by diverse chairs, each with its own character and style.

And this image is crowned by a fashionable brass lamp, which immediately attracts attention and gives the design of the room a more modern look. The noble marble countertops have the same pattern as the wooden paneling of the walls in the kitchen area. Thanks to them, the space looks expensive and elegant.

The cozy living room, arranged under the roof slope, is decorated in white and decorated with live plants. Custom-made shelves and storage systems complete the exquisite design of this cozy city apartment.

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