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Features of excursions in Sri Lanka

Excursions in Sri Lanka, as well as tours to the island, are very popular today. But before you purchase such a trip, you need to study some of the features of this amazing exotic country.

What do you need to know?

First of all, the fact that the country is as noisy as possible. One has only to go out into a densely populated city, as you can plug your ears, and at the same time your nose because of the dust that has risen. Not only are the buses rushing at great speed, they are also honking with all their might. People talk loudly, and if you also take into account the fact that there are a lot of them, it becomes uncomfortable.

Specific buses are another sight. To understand what we are talking about, you just need to take a ride on such transport for an impressive distance, and without windows. In this case, it will be possible to experience all the “charms” of the country without exception and understand how this people lives. This is still a test, especially for a person who is not used to this.

Beaches are a moment that deserves special attention thanks to the Sri Lanka Excursion. Almost all beaches in Sri Lanka are the same. They are characterized by yellow sand, a long line and blue water. But there are also a lot of intrusive people who offer something all the time. And in the evenings, locals gather here. There are also a lot of wild beaches on the island, they are removed reluctantly, logs, sticks, and natural garbage often float in the ocean.

Another feature of the island is that there are many dogs on it. Moreover, they walk on the beach even in the daytime. They are safe, and you should not be afraid of them. But in the evenings they get together in packs, which is fraught with a certain danger for inattentive and inexperienced tourists.

A lot of crows is another disadvantage of the island. And it would be fine if they just flew. They croak loudly enough, which infuriates even the most calm and balanced person. The same can be said about annoying flies that interfere with normal life, and even carry certain dangerous diseases.

There are also a lot of men in the country, and it is characterized by a calm, measured pace of life.

Excursions in Almaty: types of recreation

Kazakhstan is an interesting, but at the same time little-studied country.

The former capital of Kazakhstan is the city of Almaty. The city is located in the mountains, there are mountains everywhere around too. But there are also a huge number of attractions around that a tourist cannot get to on their own, because buses do not go there. It is connected with this that it is recommended to use the services of guides for excursions. There is no need to worry about the price here, usually the services of a guide are cheaper than a taxi. But in this case, the tourist will be taken to the place of attraction and will be told about it and brought back. On the Tourism of Kazakhstan portal, you can get more information about excursions in Almaty.

Almaty city tour and Medeo high-altitude skating rink

This tour will introduce tourists to the sights of the city. As part of the tour, tourists will visit the historical center of the city, the park of 28 Panfilov Guards, stroll through the squares, inspect the independence monument, visit the opera and ballet theater.

In addition to these attractions, tourists will visit the Medeo tract with a panorama of a high-altitude ice rink.

The duration of such an excursion is 4 hours.

Tour of Almata and the ski resort of Shymkentlacquer

As part of this tour, tourists will visit all the same places, but after visiting Medeo, tourists will climb to a height of 2230 meters and get to the ski resort of Shymkent. This tour is held for 6 hours.

You can also visit the National Museum, the Big Almaty Lake.

As part of other excursions, you can visit archaeological sites, burial mounds, the Museum of the Golden Man, Lake Issyk and Turgen Waterfall.

What else to visit?

The most recognizable landmark of Almaty is the Kok Tobe TV tower, which is located in the middle of the city on a mountain. The height of the tower is 371.5 meters. At first, they wanted to turn this tower into a tourist object, which is why they organized an observation deck and areas for restaurants, but they did not provide a mass evacuation system, which is why the tower is closed for tourists.

Kok Tobe Park

The park located on the mountain provides such a rest:

  1. Walking in the fresh air,
  2. Riding on the rides.
  3. Visiting cafes and restaurants.
  4. Zoo.
  5. Cable car.

Of course, this is not all the attractions. As you can see, there is something to see, where to go and what to do with yourself.

Popular excursions in India

If you want to visit India, thereby choosing excursions for yourself, then of course you need to fully rely on your personal wishes and preferences, the goals that you pursue. In general, the amazing and mystical India, as a rule, captivates only at first sight, which is impossible to argue with. Learn more on the portal https://double-travel.ru/ekskursii-v-indii / you can talk about excursions in India.

Excursions in India. How to make the right choice? Useful information. Main aspects

  1. Of course, as for the most relevant, popular and convenient way that will allow you to arrange an unforgettable excursion in this country, then this is an airfare that you can always give preference to. In addition, you will expect a huge number of flights, starting from direct and ending with a transfer. Thus, it will always be possible to choose the most optimal and ideal option for you. As for Russian citizens to travel, a visa is required, and the documents for its registration are submitted to the Indian Visa Center, or by doing so on the relevant online sites.
  2. As for the City Palace, this is the monumental work of several generations of the rulers of this country, which was able to combine four luxurious palaces into one complex at once. As soon as you wish to pay close attention to such an excursion, you can count on something that really takes your breath away. The construction of this palace began in 1559, and it lasted about three centuries. I would like to note that each new generation did not stop adding its own touches, thereby restoring existing buildings in time.

Also, I would like to add, a tour of the City Palace, as a rule, begins with the oldest part of it, gradually passing through the gardens, enfilades, you will be able to see the very unique Indian architectural style. You can always carefully study the reviews from those travelers and tourists who actually had the opportunity to give preference to the excursions you are interested in, thereby not making mistakes in the end. The decision is strictly yours.

What excursions to visit in Tuapse?

List of routes and their description:

  • A trip to the Guam Gorge.

The opportunity is available in a short format to take a walk on a cute steam locomotive. Every tourist who wants to go there should imagine a railway laid along the bottom of the gorge and a train that moves slowly, and satisfied citizens are located inside it. A tour of the described natural location will definitely be remembered, because there is a significant amount of impressions here. The narrow–gauge railway track is a complete surprise for the guests of the region, who are enthusiastic about such an innovation in a mountain corner. This link will help you get more information about which excursions to visit in Tuapse.

In the heart of the gorge there is a comfortable establishment with an unusual name “Cosmonauts’ House”. The cafe represents the final point of the journey. During this tour, its participants will have the opportunity to take a water bath located in a thermal spring, which has healing properties and is saturated with minerals. The impressive volume of silicic acid dissolved in water gives the liquid a specific smell.

  • Hike to the Tashtai River area.

For thousands of years, the above-mentioned reservoir has been grinding deep gorges in the middle of steep cliffs, which later turned into a solid canyon. Currently, the latter is full of the purest water carried by a fast current through narrow rapids and channels. She falls off the rocks with wonderful waterfalls. Very rare plant organisms, as well as amphibians, have found their own haven in the canyon area. As for the water, trout rule there.

The described place can be called, perhaps, the most “instagrammable” location of the Tuapse district.

The canyon, like a treasure, is hidden in a dense thicket. It is impossible to get here by bus or by car – instead you will have to get there on foot along a forest path equipped with bridges and handrails. But the canyon also feels the presence of civilization, because it is equipped with steps, as well as safety cables. It is worth noting that the landscaping is done so imperceptibly and at the same time carefully that it does not affect the surrounding landscape.

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