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Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a classic style

We present to you an incredibly exquisite interior design of an apartment in a classic style — another successful project in the asset of the Taiwanese company Mole Design. This time, its specialists had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the elite residential complexes of the island’s capital.

The team did not change its principles: special attention was paid to the interior layout, the location of functional areas.

Neutral color scheme is another tool from the studio’s arsenal, which is indispensable in cases when it is necessary to visually expand the space. In this example, it is diluted with a few bright accents in the form of sofa cushions and paintings.

In general, the laconic decor is enlivened by rich textures. We are talking, in particular, about natural wood, from which the flooring and part of the furniture are made, as well as a long-pile carpet in the living room and a stunningly beautiful pendant lamp with a ribbed shade of pinkish glass.

The most expressive classical elements are sofas and a banquette decorated in the kapiton technique.

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Exquisite Jewish cuisine

In continuation of my trip to Israel, I want to introduce you to Jewish cuisine. National cuisine always arouses interest. This is a history and tradition that has been preserved from time immemorial. Jewish cuisine is interesting and diverse, its history is in contact with the history of the people themselves.

I lived in Tel Aviv, so I will talk about the food I tried in the establishments of this city. In some establishments, the staff speaks broken Russian, but I met only one such place. Many institutions speak English.

Kosher food

The formation of the local Israeli cuisine was influenced by religion. Food that is prepared according to the laws of kashrut is considered “kosher”, that is, suitable for eating. Basically, this law is observed by Jewish believers. According to the kashrut law, it is forbidden to mix meat and dairy food, you can not eat pork, crustaceans, shellfish, and fish can only be with scales, fins and gills. Many non-kosher establishments in Tel Aviv also follow the tradition of not mixing meat and dairy food.

There are “kosher” hotels, restaurants, cafes, supermarkets in Israel. Of course, you can also find establishments offering different national cuisine: French, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese. Here everyone will find food for themselves according to their taste qualities. But if you come to Israel, I think it’s just a sin not to try the Jewish national cuisine.

Food prices in Israel for a budget tourist are high. However, like everything else. Although in cafes you can eat at an acceptable price tag. Approximately on average, all prices are three times more than in Russia. But it will be several times more expensive in restaurants.

Below I will write some of the main national dishes of Israel, which, in my opinion, are worth getting acquainted with.

National dishes of Jewish cuisine


A traditional Israeli dish and one of the most popular is hummus.

I advise you to definitely try it. He’s just maddening. This is a kind of snack containing chickpea puree (chickpeas are a plant of the legume family) mixed with sesame paste, lemon juice and salt. Everything is mixed into a homogeneous mass and a gruel is obtained. Someone pours olive oil and parsley with spicy paprika on top. Someone likes it sharper, someone sweeter. There are even special humusia cafes on the streets of Tel Aviv, where there are always a lot of people.


The next popular dish is falafel. The dish consists of deep-fried balls of chopped chickpeas, seasoned with spices. Falafel is served in a pit (it’s such a flat unleavened bread) in combination with a salad of fresh vegetables, and is poured with sesame sauce on top.


Another traditional dish of Jewish cuisine called shakshuka.

It looks like our Russian scrambled eggs. This dish is made from eggs with a hot sauce of tomatoes, bell peppers, garlic, onions. Served in a cast-iron pan with bread. Since breakfast in Israel is holy, that’s why Jews often eat this dish for breakfast.

Sweets of Jewish cuisine

Desserts and sweets are available in every national cuisine. Of course, they are also present in Jewish cuisine.


My attention was attracted by the sweetness – teiglah. Something reminds us of our sweetness chak-chak. This delicacy consists of pieces of dough boiled in honey. Teiglach is an essential sweetness of the Jewish festive table.


I would like to say about the Jewish traditional holiday bread hala. The bread contains a rich yeast dough. Its taste is incomparable, I couldn’t resist it.


Kugel is a delicious dish. It looks like both a casserole and a pudding. It is prepared on the basis of berries and fruits, just the same on the principle of puddings. From time immemorial, Kugel has been preparing for the Sabbath.

Drinks of Jewish cuisine


Coffee is very popular in Israeli cuisine. It can be prepared in different ways: latte, espresso, iced coffee.


From alcohol in Israel, local beer is popular.

Israeli wines

Winemaking is developed. Israeli wines have a special taste and aroma.

Aniseed vodka arak

From strong alcohol, arak aniseed vodka is common.

The sunny country of Israel will not leave you hungry. Original dishes, saturated with unusual flavors, will not make you bored.

Enjoy your appetite!

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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