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Funniest Fat Cat Compilation September | Funny Pet Videos

Come and join us for this brand new compilation of the chubbiest cats and kittens! We love to bring you the best videos on the …

Funny jokes at the beginning of the working week (10 pcs)

1. – Whenever I come in, you don’t work. What’s the matter?
– And you have rubber-soled shoes – I can’t hear.

2. Convinced our eight-year-old daughter that I hate the sound of a vacuum cleaner. Now she starts vacuuming every time she gets mad at me.

3. – Why is every new toothpaste always recommended by only nine out of ten dentists? Who is this tenth, who constantly does not like everything?

4. “Great-nephews”, “Great-aunt”, “Sister-in-law”, “Godfather and Godmother”, “Daughter-in-law’s daughter-in-law” – these, and many, many more interesting names for distant relatives, you will learn if you have an apartment in Moscow or in St. Petersburg…


6. – Dear, and if I went to another in exchange for a million dollars, would you agree?
– Well, if you can pay in installments, then YES, OF COURSE!

7. For a month now, I have not left the feeling that a black cat broke a mirror right in front of me with an empty bucket.

8. Think about your future today – put a thousand in the pocket of your winter coat.

9. – I don’t get enough sleep with you. When you sleep, you take up half a bed.
– So you also have half left.
– But not the same, but a quarter to your right and a quarter to your left.

10. – Sarochka, what should I give you?
– Whatever you want. The main thing is that the fur is beautifully reflected in the diamonds.

Funny jokes in the middle of the week (9 pieces)

1. Yesterday morning I put the kettle on to warm up.
And what gift did you give your wife?

2. Phones embedded in the ear have appeared, televisions embedded in the eye are advertised, a new generation of toilet bowls is being actively developed…

3. As my psychiatrist says, when you’re alone, it’s okay. It’s bad when there are two of you.

4. I heard on TV that an adult lion needs 20 hours of rest every day. I knew it – I’m an adult lion!


6. – How many times have I proved to my husband that I am kind: I yelled at him and beat him, but he still does not believe…

7. How bad it is to be lazy and conscientious at the same time. You don’t do anything, your conscience torments you, but you still don’t do anything.

8. As our boss says: “The value of your workforce is that there is no brain drain from it.”

9. – And you’re grinning, you did the car yesterday.
– Yeah.
– The bumper is dented.
– Yeah.
– I broke the glass.
– Yeah.
– Mother-in-law still hit her head.
– Vo-o-ot!!!