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Description of the hotel in Simeiz — “Ligo Morskaya”

If you decide to choose Simeiz HotelFirst of all, I would like to note that it is located in the village of Simeiz, and this is not far from the city of Yalta. In fact, as practice shows, more and more often many people choose this hotel option for their holidays and vacations, which is actually safe, you can do, personally evaluating all those positive qualities and sides that it actually possesses, is famous for a long period of time.

Description of the hotel “League of the Sea”. Features and benefits. The main aspects. Useful and important information

  1. As for the buildings of the hotel building, they are not far from the sea at all, which means that there is a truly unique opportunity to breathe clean sea air, which cannot but be fully appreciated. In addition, juniper and pine trees grow around, and so on. You yourself should understand and know, now it will turn out to be a full-fledged way to relax, doing it with both body and soul, and if you carefully read the numerous positive reviews of all those citizens who have already had the opportunity to do this, then all doubts will leave you on the same day.
  2. Highlighting the positive aspects of this hotel, I immediately want to attribute here the presence of a protected area, as well as laundry services, a store, a luggage room, a safe at the reception, free Internet and so on. Naturally, for many vacationers, these moments are one of the fundamental ones.
  3. I would like to add that several categories of accommodation options will be waiting for you, and naturally, in each option you can count only on excellent, excellent conditions provided for a sea holiday. Now, all the favorable and best conditions have been created for you, which will allow you to enjoy an unusual, attractive panoramic view of the sea, relaxing on a large veranda, choosing a guest house located by the water. Everything depends strictly on your personal wishes, preferences and financial possibilities.

But one thing can be said for sure, definitely even the most picky person will be able to get bright emotions and a great mood from such a holiday. There is a cafe on the territory, which is called “Rosemary”, where you can eat delicious food and spend your leisure time brightly, doing it surrounded by beautiful nature.

ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA — description of a hotel in the Maldives

Maldives, when most people hear the name of this place on Earth, they imagine the white sands of the beach, the blue waters of the ocean, picturesque places and romance. So it is, the Maldives is exactly the kind of place where people go for romance and a carefree vacation. Moreover, the popularity of this country is growing every year, on its shores you can meet tourists from all over the world, few people refuse the opportunity to soak up the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, walk along a gentle, snow-white beach and see live the very beaches that exactly resemble the picture from the Bounty advertisement. However, when planning a vacation, do not forget about where to stay during the vacation, one of the options for a vacation in the Maldives is the ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel. On the portal https://maldivesin.ru/royal-island-resort you can get more information about ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA.


It should be noted that with the development of tourism in the Maldives, the infrastructure is also developing. The level of tourist service is so high that you will definitely be satisfied. Literally everything is done here to ensure that people rest 100%. You can see for yourself by visiting this state. It should be noted that the Maldives is a Muslim country, so respect the rules, customs and mores of those you are visiting, then there will definitely be no problems.

The ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel is located on a small island, to get to it, tourists are taken from the airport by a small plane, and then a little more by boat. Such a special transfer is very popular with many tourists, because during the journey you can enjoy the picturesque views around. The hotel is more suitable for a romantic holiday, but also suitable for families with children, it is quiet and peaceful. Despite the fact that there are no specially equipped playgrounds for children, only the swimming pool, beaches on the territory of the hotel are so beautiful, and the flora and fauna are diverse that children will definitely have something to do during your vacation.

The hotel itself has:

  • rich number of rooms — 152 rooms;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Children’s pool;
  • the possibility of holding a wedding ceremony;
  • Restaurants, bars/cafes;
  • SPA center.

The cabins (rooms) are very close to the water, near each house there are relaxation areas, sun loungers and an outdoor shower.

What to expect from a hotel and how to find a good one?

A hotel for the duration of a trip or business trip becomes a kind of second home, so comfort and coziness, all the necessary attributes must be present, because a person pays money for it and expects a specific result. On the website you can get more information about what to expect from a hotel and how to find a good one.

How to choose a good hotel?

You need to select the search source. The traveler selects the best of the proposed. Many variations increase the result – a suitable hotel. There are quite a few services on the market that aggregate hotel offers around the globe. For example, one of the largest “collections of hotels on Hotels.ru . There are about 900,000 variations for life. Having correctly selected the search location, half of the problem will be solved.

Next, you should orient yourself with the date of travel. If there is a restriction due to vacation dates, then maneuverability is significantly reduced, however, if only there is a clear period of stay in the plans, it is impossible to miss considering all options for arrival and departure dates. Hotels operate like airlines, sometimes you can move the time by a few days and get a completely different result.

You should definitely decide on the task of the trip. You need to understand how many people are traveling and what the goal is. Modern booking has its own multiple filters for extremely limited search options. You can choose the theme of the hotel and other options (ecological hotel, family hotels, etc.).

Evaluate the offers on the market. Before choosing a hotel, you need to analyze far more than one of the five similar services. So it will turn out in general to represent what the market consists of and it will be possible to sensibly evaluate stocks and special offers. You should not always “peck” at discounts after analyzing them, because they may not be so profitable. It is definitely worth looking at hotels of a higher category than the one for which the calculation was originally made.

You should definitely look at the location of the hotel on the map: how close it is to the center, how far and expensive it is to move to other points of the city, what about transport.

No need to neglect viewing reviews and viewing photos. It will take a little time to isolate the real materials, but it’s worth it.

Aquatel Hotel in Sudak: advantages and rooms

Choosing a place to relax, many people want to go to the sea first of all, and also to have picturesque places, a wonderful climate and sunny days around. The ideal place for such a holiday is the Crimea. It combines all of the above qualities, and the southern coast of the peninsula is generally the sunniest on the coast, so you will definitely enjoy your vacation there. An important point when choosing a holiday is the choice of a hotel, it is about the hotel that we will tell in our article, specifically about the Aquatel hotel in Sudak. Find out on the portal https://aqua-hotel.com / you can learn more about the hotel.

Features of the hotel in Sudak

Rest in Sudak will definitely appeal to everyone. This is an absolutely picturesque place surrounded by mountains, and clean and sunny beaches will leave the most pleasant impression. It is not for nothing that the Pike Perch is called the pearl of the Crimean peninsula. For the most comfortable rest, only the beauty of nature is not enough, it is also important to choose the ideal place to live during your vacation. One of these places is the Aquatel Hotel in Sudak. The hotel offers its guests:

  • comfortable accommodation;
  • a varied diet;
  • transfer, you don’t have to think about how to get to the bus station or around the city;
  • beach holidays;
  • sightseeing holidays;
  • wellness recreation.

The Aquatel Hotel is open all year round, that is, you can stay here both in summer and in winter. Location by the sea in bright and comfortable Luxury rooms. The hotel has double and quadruple rooms, each of which has a large double bed, as well as:

  • stylish and modern interior, the hotel has recently undergone a large-scale renovation;
  • comfortable and spacious bathroom with shower;
  • each room has gorgeous views from panoramic windows;
  • all rooms are equipped with air conditioning;
  • free internet access via Wi-Fi;
  • household appliances such as: refrigerator; electric kettle; microwave oven.

On the territory of the hotel there is:

  • parking for cars,
  • barbecues, for general use.

It should be noted that the rest itself on a Black holiday in the city of Sudak is useful in itself. You can alternate sunbathing on the beach with swimming in salt water and this is already a huge benefit for the body. And combining all this with a comfortable stay, there will be even more pleasure from the rest.

Which room to rent in a hotel for the wedding night?

The wedding night is simply bound to be remembered for a lifetime. That is why very often newlyweds book a room for their wedding night.

We will understand how to choose the right hotel and determine the number in this article.

Advantages of spending the wedding night in a hotel room

Spending the most romantic evening and night in life should not be troublesome and mundane. Therefore, the best solution would be to book a hotel room. The rooms for the newlyweds have a beautiful decor, it is also not an intrusive and romantic atmosphere. Secondly, there is no need to worry about anything, the hotel workers will do everything. Thirdly, no one will interfere, especially if it is discussed in advance. In addition, candles, rose petals, champagne, beautiful and fresh bed linen are waiting for the newlyweds at the hotel.

Most young people, in order for the first wedding to be remembered for a lifetime, do not save on a hotel. When choosing a hotel, you should pay attention to a hotel where you can hold a banquet and a wedding night. This is convenient, moreover, in this way, you will be able to save money, because in this case, many hotels make a discount if they order both a banquet and a room for the newlyweds with a special menu.

When ordering a room, do not take your word for it, the number is definitely worth checking. Everything is important: the bed, the bed linen and the menu.

Room for newlyweds

When ordering a meter, it is important to discuss with the administrator:

  1. How the room will be decorated, the availability of flowers, fruits, champagne and so on.
  2. It is important to find out about the Jacuzzi or hydro massage. After all, how nice and romantic it is to take a bath together.
  3. Usually hotels give the newlyweds a bottle of champagne, if this drink is not suitable, then it can be discussed in advance.
  4. Evening and breakfast menu. It can be light snacks, fruits and so on. The schedule for when to bring food, young people can also specify in advance. Thus, misunderstandings can be avoided.
  5. It is important to get acquainted with the total cost of the banquet and the room in advance.

Summing up, I would like to note that the night in the room will be unforgettable and magical. It is a romantic room that will become the place of the beginning of family life, and why not? The whole atmosphere helps to calm down, comfort and enjoy the fact that now you are not a bride and groom, but legal spouses.

Grace California in Adler: hotel review

The Grace California Hotel is a 4* hotel. It is located in the park area of the city of Adler. This is a resort town, so there are many hotels here. An important component of the hotel of the resort town is the proximity to the sea. So, the Grace California Hotel is located 200 meters from the sea. There are 2 categories of rooms in the hotel. Both categories are equipped with the necessary furniture, textiles and everything necessary for a comfortable stay and rest. More information about Grace California in Adler can be obtained on the portal https://grace-california.ru /.

The location of the hotel is convenient because it is not far from Sochi airport, about 4.5 kilometers. Also, the train station is at hand, about 2.5 kilometers away.

Also from the California Hotel you can quickly and easily get to the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort. The journey will take no more than 40 minutes. You can get to the resort by car or by public transport.

It is important that anyone staying at the hotel can use the swimming pool, sun loungers and parking at any time. It is worth noting that the water in the pool is heated, so in any weather there is an opportunity to swim and relax.

In addition, there is a bar and a cafe on the territory, where you can also spend time.

Hotel services

The hotel staff takes care of their guests and tries to make everyone’s vacation memorable.

So, among the services we can distinguish:

  1. The possibility of visiting the pool.
  2. When booking, the cost of tea, coffee and sugar, water is already included in the price.
  3. Secured Parking.
  4. Availability of wi-fi.
  5. Booking excursions or air tickets at the reception desk.

Advantages of the hotel

Many tourists choose this hotel, thanks to:

  1. High standards of service.
  2. Flexible discount system.
  3. Convenient location.
  4. Opportunities to leave or study existing reviews.

Summing up, I would like to note that the Grace California Hotel is quite a convenient and interesting place to stay during your vacation. There is a conscientious and helpful staff who cares about the reputation of the hotel. You can also relax here at any time of the year, while using the pool, since the water in it is heated. Of great importance is the location and proximity to the airport and train station. And a pleasant system of bonuses and discounts will leave only good memories of your vacation. Deciding to relax, the Grace California Hotel will be an excellent choice.

Rooms at the Grace Crystal Hotel in Adler

The Grace Crystal Hotel in Adler consists of two buildings. Both buildings are designed for tourists’ recreation. The first building consists of rooms of such categories as:

  1. Standard.
  2. Standard with sea view.
  3. Standard 2-room
  4. Luxury.
  5. Suite with sea view.

The second building consists of:

  1. A standard that does not have a balcony.
  2. A standard that does not have a balcony, but has a sea view.
  3. Standard 2-room.

Documents required upon arrival

When arriving, it is important to present the following documents at the reception:

  1. Passport of each incoming guest.
  2. The child’s birth certificate, if he is not yet 14 years old.
  3. Room reservation form.

Room facilities

All rooms of the hotel have modern beds, as well as a linen closet and a dressing table. Among the furniture in the room there is another necessary for a comfortable stay. Standard rooms are also equipped with a work desk. The suites, which are the most luxurious rooms of this hotel, have beautiful furniture and modern appliances. Here guests can relax on a large bed, two sofas, which can be unfolded if necessary, and comfortable armchairs.

All rooms, no matter what category they are, have a bathroom. Liquid crystal televisions, fan coils, safes and other appliances are also at guests’ disposal. If we talk about 2-room standards, they also have a microwave oven and an electric kettle. The luxury rooms are equipped with washing machines.

You can also have a good time on the balconies. It offers a beautiful view of the sea. Loggias have summer furniture in which you can have a cup of coffee and dream in the morning.

About each room separately

We will try to tell you about each issue separately:

  1. Standard without balcony.

The room differs in that there can be one large or two separate beds. The room is also equipped with a telephone, TV. Mini fridge. There is a shower, hairdryer. Towels. The area of such a number is 18 in . Meters.

  1. 2-room standard.

The room has everything that was in the previous one + air conditioning. The area of such a room is 30 sq. m. meters.

  1. Luxury.

There is a bedroom and a living room. There is also a washing machine and a kitchen area. Room size 40 sq. m. meters.

Rooms with sea views and balconies are even more attractive for guests. It’s so wonderful to look at the sea and think about a wonderful future.

You can find out more about the rooms by calling the hotel, and you can also find out about the services provided by the hotel by phone.

Summing up, it is worth noting that any tourist or vacationer will be able to choose for themselves an attractive price and quality room at the Grace Crystal Hotel. It is not difficult to do this, which means you definitely need to visit this hotel and personally see all its advantages.

How to choose a hotel with SPA services?


Nowadays, which is characterized by the rapid flow of life and the fullness of the latter with negative events, many people do not have the opportunity to relax properly even while on vacation. Due to the above, SPA hotels are in increasing demand. Once in one of these places, a person begins to forget about the problems that torment him and at the same time goes to the universe where complete peace reigns. You can learn more about the services of SPA hotels on the portal https://arli-adler.com/

In order for the dream of a high-quality vacation to come true, you should correctly consider the choice of a SPA complex.

Selection criteria:

  • Swimming pool.

Water has been known for a long time as an effective method that makes it possible to eliminate stress in the shortest possible time. For this reason, if there is a swimming pool in the chosen SPA hotel, then a person will definitely start to feel better even if he does not want to order any minor procedures.

  • Bath complex.

SPA baths are another excellent method that will allow not only to relax, but also to restore vitality. It is worth giving preference to those establishments where there are many diverse baths – in this situation, each guest will be able to find something suitable for himself.

  • SPA treatments.

As a rule, payment for such procedures is carried out in an additional form. However, they should definitely be ordered, because they will be able to make the impressions received from visiting the spa more voluminous, as well as bring much more health benefits.

Usually, such centers offer dozens of varieties of these services, designed for high-quality care for the face, legs, arms, hair and other parts of the body. There are also author complexes that are developed on the basis of the traditions of the peoples living on the territory of our country. For some procedures, the client must come alone, while others can be visited by couples in love.

  • Food.

Since the recovery of the body requires impressive energy costs, SPA hotels should have a catering point where exclusively healthy food is served (fresh fruits, smoothies, fresh fruits, etc.).

The number of rooms at the Grace Olympia Hotel

Why should I give preference to the rooms of this hotel?

You can spend your free time on the territory of Sochi in various ways. If we are talking about the summer period, then at this time of the year there is an opportunity to bask on the picturesque seashore. As for the off-season, guests of the city can give preference to cycling trips or hiking in the most beautiful areas located at the foot of the Caucasus Mountains. When winter comes, visitors are invited to ski / snowboard, while conquering the local snow-covered hills. However, before purchasing train or plane tickets, you should take care of renting one of the stylish and at the same time spacious rooms of the Grace Olympia Hotel, which you can learn more about on the portal https://grace-olympia.ru/

Features apartments.

The latter meet all 3-star standards and differ in price. There are 4 types of rooms in total: “attic”, “standard”, “studio” and “suite”.

There are also 4 types of cottage dwellings, namely: directly “cottage”, “chalet”, “house” and “villa”.

What includes includes the functionality of the hotel?

The rooms themselves will not provide a good rest – this will be done by other components of the institution, which include:

  • outdoor heated swimming pool, which is located inside the hotel;
  • high-speed internet, access to which is free;
  • parking for the temporary location of vehicles, which is under the round-the-clock supervision of local security officers.

Characteristic features of houses cottage type.

They are made in the form of two-storey houses, which are equipped with a terrace. These architectural objects are designed for the simultaneous presence of 12 people. These apartments are ideal for an impressive company. Each floor of the house is equipped with two bedrooms, a bathroom, as well as a living area with a sofa bed. To make guests feel as comfortable as possible, there is a private parking, a private barbecue, as well as a kitchen room where you can find everything you need to meet everyday needs: a table, chairs, a set of dishes, various cutlery, a kettle, a microwave oven and a refrigerator.


When planning a holiday by the sea, it is important to choose the right hotel. All people are different, therefore, the requirements for the place of residence are different for everyone. More information about which hotel to screen at sea can be obtained on the portal.

How to choose the right hotel?

First of all, you need to prioritize.

  1. For active people who intend to visit excursions, walks and shopping. A simple city hotel is better suited. Such hotels are clean, warm, delicious food, comfortable bed. Isn’t this important for the picky tourist?
  2. If elderly people are going on vacation, it is important for them to get a comfortable and relaxing holiday. They will be glad of fresh air, good nutrition. Such people are recommended to pay attention to hotels with an all-inclusive system. Such hotels are usually located within walking distance from the sea. There are usually good beaches here, there are no high descents or ascents. Also, older people want to see working elevators available, the absence of loud music and nightclubs near the hotel.
  3. If the rest is planned for a fun company, then you can choose youth hotels. They are always noisy and fun. Here you can drink cocktails without a break, play various kinds of games, participate in various competitions, and in the evening visit discos and bars.
  4. Recreation for people involved in sports should also be of high quality. So, athletes should choose hotels that have gyms, tennis courts, swimming pools.
  5. When planning a holiday with children, it is important to ask in advance whether there are cots, a children’s menu and high chairs in the selected hotel. Also, so that children are not bored, it is better to choose hotels that can offer their young customers entertainment, such as mini clubs, water slides, animations and more. In addition, air defense rest time with children, you may need a doctor, so you should also find out in advance. It is important to have children’s shops near hotels, so that you can easily buy diapers, baby food.

As we see, everyone has their own. Besides this, nutrition is important for one. Others are not used to eating on vacation at all, but are interrupted by sandwiches. Also, if newlyweds are going on vacation, it is more important for them not to be disturbed, not to be distracted.

That is why when choosing a hotel, you need to take into account what is important to you, and not what was important to your friends, relatives or neighbors.

Baan Kata Maytha Hotel in Phuket (Kata Beach)

A small, rather cozy and comfortable hotel Baan Kata Maytha 3 in Phuket, located in a quiet location in the Kata beach area.


The big advantage of the hotel is that it is located between the beaches of Karon (20 min walk) and Kata (15 min). Near the hotel there are shops, a 7-Eleven grocery hypermarket, cafes, massage parlors, a night market nearby.


The Baan Kata Maytha Hotel has: 2 buildings with 3 floors, a restaurant, a swimming pool with a bar and parking. On the second floor in the main building there is a recreation room with a sofa and an ironing board with an iron, there are also tables with computers, and on the 3rd floor there is a gym. The hotel has excellent wi-fi, catches even in the rooms. The staff is friendly, many speak English. Upon check-in, you need to leave a deposit, which is refunded upon check-out from the hotel, if you have not broken or lost anything.


The rooms are decent, clean, the furniture is in good condition, there is a balcony. There is air conditioning, mini fridge, TV, safe, hairdryer. The bathroom is clean, the only thing is that there is no bathtub, there is only a shower, but for us personally it was not critical.

Room cleaning

The room was cleaned every day. The towel was changed daily. Everything was always clean, there were no complaints, personal belongings were not lost. A bottle of drinking water was left in the refrigerator.


We only had breakfast. The food is pretty good, everyone will find something for breakfast. It is also worth saying about the restaurant itself: a very comfortable place, always clean, pleasant music is playing, there are friendly waiters.

Breakfast menu: rice or pasta, sausages, meat, stewed vegetables, potatoes. Scrambled eggs /omelet /boiled eggs (to choose from). Toaster, jam. Fresh vegetables, fruits. Drinks: water, juices, tea, coffee.


Baan Kata Maytha Hotel is a 10-15-minute walk from Kata Beach and 20 minutes from Karon. Kata Noi Beach is also located nearby. There is a free shuttle service from the hotel to each of these beaches, which takes hotel guests there and back at a scheduled time.

The nicest of these beaches is Kata Noi. There are also many other beaches in Phuket (read here about other beaches in Phuket), to which you will have to get on your own: taxi, bike.

In general, the Baan Kata Maytha Phuket hotel left only positive emotions.

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo by Olga Avrakh


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