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Air India ответила на упреки в рейсах над Россией фразой «так дуют ветры»

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Глава Air India ответил на упреки в полетах над Россией фразой «так дуют ветры»

В ответ на упрек журналиста о том, что самолеты Air India продолжают летать над Россией и «пополнять российский бюджет», глава авиакомпании заявил, что такой маршрут наиболее экономичный

Глава Air India Кэмпбелл Уилсон

(Фото: Zuma / ТАСС)

Индийские самолеты, несмотря на международные санкции, продолжат летать над Россией в целях экономии, поскольку «так дуют ветры». Об этом в интервью The Telegraph заявил глава национальной авиакомпании Индии Air India Кэмпбелл Уилсон.

Журналист издания упрекнул Уилсона в том, что Москва продолжает получать «миллионы фунтов стерлингов» за пролет над своей территорией, а Air India не решается отказаться от этого. В ответ глава авиакомпании заявил, что Air India «открыта для полетов над Россией в Великобританию и США», если «так будут дуть ветры». По его словам, такие полеты наиболее экономичны.

Он напомнил, что Великобритания, несмотря на запрет на импорт нефти и газа из России, продолжает покупать российские углеводороды. Также Уилсон задался вопросом, сколько инвестиций продолжает поступать в бюджет Британии со стороны русской диаспоры.

«Я абсолютно не поддерживаю конфликт. Но авиация, вероятно, является самым большим фактором для глобального мира и взаимосвязанности, потому что она сближает людей, смешивает культуры и сводит к минимуму естественное противопоставление человечества «мы» и «они», — подчеркнул глава Air India.

Новак заявил о 22-кратном росте поставок нефти в Индию

США вместе с Евросоюзом и странами-партнерами закрыли небо для российских самолетов в начале марта 2022 года, вскоре после начала военных действий на Украине. Запрет на полеты коснулся пассажирских и грузовых, а также чартерных и регулярных рейсов. Россия в ответ запретила полеты самолетов более чем из 30 стран, в том числе из государств ЕС.

Индия — одна из крупнейших мировых экономик, которая не стала вводить против Москвы санкции после начала спецоперации. Напротив, Россия по итогам прошлого года вошла в пятерку крупнейших торговых партнеров Индии. Так, в период 2021–2022 годов Россия была на 18-м месте по импорту, на ее долю приходились товары общей стоимостью $9,86 млрд. Однако за неполный 2022–2023 финансовый год импорт достиг $39,8 млрд, в основном за счет роста экспорта российских углеводородов.

What documents are needed for an electronic visa to India?

If you are planning to visit such a mysterious and exotic country as India, then you should take care of the paperwork in advance. After all, only rare countries are accepted without a visa, with which special agreements on visa-free stay and cooperation have been concluded. However, in order to get a visa to India, you do not have to strain too much, the procedure is quite simple and does not take much time and effort. We will tell you about what a visa to India is, the registration of an electronic visa to India and what documents are needed for this in our article.

Features of obtaining a visa to India

A visa to India is issued quite simply, you fill out a special form on the website, attach all the requested documents and wait for the result, according to the timing everything happens within 4-6 days. A tourist visa to India can be:

  • multiple entry, such a document allows you to enter the country several times, without restrictions, for up to 180 days;
  • one-time, one-time visit, for a period of no more than 90 days.
  • In addition to the fact that all the documents for visa processing must be in order, you need to remember that:
  • payment methods, it can be cards, or cash, if everything is clear with cards, then things are more complicated with cash, you can take the currency with you, or change it at an exchange office
  • think about your health, there are no special recommendations about vaccinations, but you should understand that you should not eat in places that are not checked by you personally, or do not meet your expectations, and also always drink water only from bottles;
  • take out medical insurance for the duration of your stay in a foreign country, this will help you avoid unnecessary expenses, or unexpected situations in those cases if you get sick;
  • you should take care of the telephone connection in advance, connect the roaming service, or find out from your operator about the most favorable tariff abroad;
  • if you plan to visit excursions, then take a shawl or shawl with you, as local traditions suggest closed arms and shoulders in some temples, and you should definitely take off your shoes at the entrance.

The traditions and customs of a foreign country should be respected, as well as followed in order to avoid controversial situations during your stay.

Popular excursions in India

If you want to visit India, thereby choosing excursions for yourself, then of course you need to fully rely on your personal wishes and preferences, the goals that you pursue. In general, the amazing and mystical India, as a rule, captivates only at first sight, which is impossible to argue with. Learn more on the portal https://double-travel.ru/ekskursii-v-indii / you can talk about excursions in India.

Excursions in India. How to make the right choice? Useful information. Main aspects

  1. Of course, as for the most relevant, popular and convenient way that will allow you to arrange an unforgettable excursion in this country, then this is an airfare that you can always give preference to. In addition, you will expect a huge number of flights, starting from direct and ending with a transfer. Thus, it will always be possible to choose the most optimal and ideal option for you. As for Russian citizens to travel, a visa is required, and the documents for its registration are submitted to the Indian Visa Center, or by doing so on the relevant online sites.
  2. As for the City Palace, this is the monumental work of several generations of the rulers of this country, which was able to combine four luxurious palaces into one complex at once. As soon as you wish to pay close attention to such an excursion, you can count on something that really takes your breath away. The construction of this palace began in 1559, and it lasted about three centuries. I would like to note that each new generation did not stop adding its own touches, thereby restoring existing buildings in time.

Also, I would like to add, a tour of the City Palace, as a rule, begins with the oldest part of it, gradually passing through the gardens, enfilades, you will be able to see the very unique Indian architectural style. You can always carefully study the reviews from those travelers and tourists who actually had the opportunity to give preference to the excursions you are interested in, thereby not making mistakes in the end. The decision is strictly yours.

Interview with a Russian woman: about moving and living in India

A country of insane contrast, there may be a shack made of sheets of iron and oilcloth in front of an expensive house with gold trim. This is India. It’s no secret that there are many Russians living in this country, and one of them is Dasha, originally from Kazakhstan, who has been living in Goa for 4 years, where she married an Indian. Dear life in India, how to move to this country, mentality, culture, medicine, visa to India: Dasha told about all this and not only in an interview.

– Tell us about yourself.

– hello! My name is Dasha! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Almaty (Kazakhstan). I graduated as an accountant there and even managed to work with them, but life ordered otherwise, and for 4 years I have been living in India and own a travel company in Goa Phoenix Travels Goa.

— How did you end up in India?

— Back in 2013, my friend and I landed for the first time on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the beautiful state of Goa. Actually, this is where my love with India began.

– Tell us about your acquaintance with your husband, because he is from India?

– Yes, my husband is from India, Maharashtra. We met him on my first flight to Goa. Although, to be more precise, at first my friend and I met two girls from Ukraine who were vacationing there. Well, then one of them introduced us to her, at that time, a young man! We communicated exclusively as friends, but just a couple of days after we met, he broke off relations with her. Then there were millions of SMS messages, hours of Skype conversations, breakups. But fate sent me to India again, this time to work. Naturally, I didn’t tell him anything about it, but he found out and found it. And for 3 years now, we have been married and raising a wonderful son.

– Do you miss your homeland?

– I miss you, but more for close people. Actually, that’s why the whole family flies to Kazakhstan every year to visit.

— Was it difficult to adapt to life in India after moving?

— Since I grew up in an eastern country, the period of my adaptation passed much faster.

– Your favorite place in India.

– Of course I love Goa, like many. But I also really like the city of contrasts Mumbai, and of course “only mountains can be better than mountains”, so the Himalayas are also my favorite place.

— What do you recommend to see in India?

— There is something very interesting at every turn in India, take, for example, Hindu temples. But the tourist must watch is of course: the Taj Mahal in Agra is a white marble palace, it is one of the most grandiose architectural monuments of India. Another striking architectural Indian attraction is the Lotus Temple in Delhi, which is a large building made of snow-white marble in the form of a blooming lotus flower. Slums in India are one of the main tourist symbols of Bombay. The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed in these places. The Gate of India to Mumbai is a basalt triumphal arch, and its height is 26 meters. Osho Ashram in Pune is a meditation center. The Himalayas are the highest mountains of the Earth, as well as the centers of Tibetan medicine, Goa, the village of Hampi.

Read also an interview with a Russian girl about an independent trip to India – to the land of contrasts.

– Tell us interesting facts about India.

— The most important fact: India is a country of insane contrast. India is when a shack made of sheets of iron and oilcloth can stand in front of an expensive house with gold trim. India is when guys can walk holding hands, not because they have the appropriate orientation, but because they are just good friends. India is a country that either accepts or does not and the other is not given. So you will either fall in love with her, or you will hate her!

— How to move to India for permanent residence?

— There are certainly a million nuances here.

  • But the easiest, of course, my option is to get married in India, or rather an Indian!
  • But I know a lot of our compatriots who live in India for months on a tourist visa. Tourist visas to India are available for 1, 3 and 6 months. The visa fee is $60. It is important to remember that work on a tourist visa is strictly prohibited and it is necessary to apply for a work or business visa for work.

– Expensive life in India?

— It all depends on where to live in India. In Goa, for example, prices for many products are the same as in Russia or Kazakhstan.

  • The average check in the supermarket will be about $ 30 -40 $, and in remote areas 15-20 $ less.
  • It’s the same with renting housing, we live in Goa and rent a 2-room apartment in a nice complex with a swimming pool and gym for $ 470 per month, and our friend in Mumbai rents the same apartment for $ 3000 per month. So much for a poor country!

As in many countries, life in India depends on the city and area of residence.

– Work in India.

– Considering the population of India, there is no shortage of personnel here. But this does not apply to Bollywood, new foreign faces are always needed here. The average salary for Indians is 15,000-20,000 rs (this is about the same in rubles). There are a huge number of interior designers, developers and IT specialists, but the highest paid are doctors. Goa has a huge number of foreign photographers, artists performing in local bars/restaurants, tour guides and tourism managers.

– Good medicine in India? Is it paid?

– Ayurveda (traditional medicine) is very popular in India. In this, India definitely has no equal.

— What dishes of local cuisine would you recommend to try?

– Oh, Indian cuisine, it’s just a work of art! Indian cuisine is when there are many times more spices, seasonings and spices in a dish than the ingredients themselves. So in the restaurant, feel free to order everything, but it is advisable to ask for non spicy (not spicy).

– Tell us about education and kindergartens in India.

— Here, as in many countries, there is preschool, school and higher education. The difference is that preschool is compulsory and children go to kindergarten from the age of 3.

— What language should I speak in India?

– As you know, there are more than 300 languages and dialects in India. But elementary knowledge of English and goodwill will help you travel here without any problems.

– Tell us about the traditions, culture and mentality in the country.

— It is very difficult to describe it briefly, since India is multifaceted in all its aspects. The people here are very religious. And you know, I have never met a person here who would say that he does not believe in God/Allah/Shiva. And what is most interesting, most often they believe in all of them. Take, for example, my husband and his relatives. They are Hindus (people professing Hinduism), but my husband does not take off the cross and always comes to church with me with an open heart. And it’s normal for India to just believe, just not challenge religions and beliefs, just go with the flow.

— Is there a difference in mentality and culture between you and your husband?

– In general, of course there is a difference, but we are already used to it and now we have our own special mentality in the family – mixed, so to speak.

– Your life hacks about India.

– The main life hack is to stop listening to all the stereotypes about India and just come here. Well, then remember that it is more interesting and cheaper by train than by plane, the same applies to Rickshaws (tuk-tuk) and taxis. Tap water is taboo. And elementary knowledge of English, of course!

– Are you traveling? What does it give you?

— We have been traveling mainly in India lately, and you know, it’s incredibly interesting to watch when you are still in one country, and in front of you is the same Indian, but he has a different culture and even language! It’s amazing.

– Your advice and wishes to those wishing to leave for permanent residence abroad.

— It is important that the country with its people, culture and mentality is close in spirit, then everything will work out! The main desire!

Instagram: @darya_kuksina_hegade, @phoenix_travels_goa

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