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The French living in Russia called the main mistake of the West

Edition France info published opinions on the sanctions imposed on Russia, which were expressed by French businessmen living in Moscow.

One of the entrepreneurs said that in Europe they do not know Russia, which can do without it, but it will be difficult for Europeans to go back. He urged the European authorities to be careful with the introduction of anti-Russian sanctions.

“Sanctions can have the opposite effect. The Russians will tell themselves: the Europeans are laughing at us, but we will show them more,” the French businessman believes.

According to him, economic activity in Russia will eventually resume.

“Russia is completely misunderstood in Europe. What confuses me is that it is considered either from the white side or from the black side. But in fact, everything is not so, ”added another interlocutor of the publication, Alexis Saporta. He owns two companies in Moscow.

Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs Jake Sullivan declaredthat the United States and the European Union will impose additional sanctions against Russia after the upcoming visit of US President Joe Biden to Brussels.

4 main rules of quality life…

How to live happily ever after

Personal hygiene is an integral part of our health.
You are probably familiar with the rules of personal hygiene and this makes our task easier.
Therefore, we will limit ourselves to just a few of the main ones, and find out how you can live happily and for a long time.

The correct mode of the day

Let’s start with the daily routine.
The correct daily routine is primarily predetermined (and preferably for many years): the duration of various human activities, their rational alternation with leisure, well-established nutrition and full sleep.

It is safe to say that if in your youth you get used to the same rhythm of life, then consider that you have done the greatest service to your health.
You will prolong your creative longevity and active working capacity for many years.

Everyone who has decided to adjust their rhythm of life, go in for sports, switch to proper nutrition should adhere to scientific recommendations, as well as their own experience.
It is recommended to determine the time intervals for getting up, morning exercises, going to work, lunch, rest, training, entertainment, walking and sleeping.

Several general rules, which will be discussed in the article, should be used.
They are formulated by practitioners and have long received, so to speak, the rights of citizenship.

We advise you never to take someone else’s daily routine as a model.
No one knows your lifestyle, your capabilities and habits as well as you do.
Therefore, no one can plan your regime, life rhythm the way you will do it yourself.

How to get up in the morning?

Train yourself to get up at the same time, and as early as possible (no later than 6 or 7 o’clock). We advise young people not to stay in bed, and the elderly – not to hurry.
It is advisable for the latter to perform several light exercises in bed: stretch, straighten up, alternately lift up their legs, make a bridge, massage their fingers, hands, stomach, etc., and only then get out of bed.

Successful people who get up early…

Then go out into the yard, walk around, run for 10 – 15 minutes, immediately do exercises, reinforced with elements of athletic gymnastics.

After all this — water treatments.
If you are used to cold water, take a contrast shower.
We advise everyone else to reduce the water temperature gradually.
Wipe yourself — with a hard towel – this is a kind of skin massage.

Personal hygiene

Healthy, elastic and soft skin with a pleasant pink color is the key not only to external attractiveness, but also to overall health.
Therefore, carefully take care of it, clean it from contamination.

Wash weekly with a washcloth with soap, take a warm bath or even better – visit the sauna.

Take a shower every day (preferably in the morning and evening) and wash your hands, feet, external genitals, and perineum with soap.
They are the most polluted areas of the body.

Train your skin regularly — massage, sunbathe, swim.
In short, take care of your skin.
She is your universal protector against burns, germs, loss of water and heat.
The skin also regulates body temperature and participates in metabolism.

Proper nutrition

Are you eating right?
Rational nutrition is the basis of your health and longevity.

The main thing in nutrition, as the outstanding Soviet physiologist I. P. Pavlov said, is the presence of appetite and strict adherence to the regime.
Simply put, it is necessary to eat at certain, once and for all, certain hours.
Food should always be varied.
Eat slowly, chewing your food thoroughly.

You need to eat 3 to 5 times a day, and finish dinner two to three hours before bedtime.
Make sure that your diet has a sufficient amount of essential nutrients: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, mineral salts and water.

Follow these simple rules in practice and be healthy!

The main thing is not to stop dreaming! Interview with a Russian in Vietnam

I want to introduce you to a young man who changed his life radically and left Russia for sunny Vietnam. The monotony of work and life in Russia has become boring for him. And traveling is something he can’t live without now. He talked about the nuances of how to go to live in Vietnam and shared his experience of moving to this country.

– Tell us a little about yourself.

– My name is Alexey. I come from a small town in the Urals. After the service, he moved to live in St. Petersburg, where he worked for 7 years as a foreman at a construction site. Now I live in Vietnam in the city of Nha Trang, I work in a travel agency: selling excursions and consulting tourists.

— How long have you lived in Vietnam? Why did you leave Russia and choose Vietnam?

— I have been living in Vietnam for 9 months. Before making a difficult decision, of course I monitored blogs and various kinds of information, and it took about a year.
The idea to leave Russia appeared in 2014, when I hitchhiked from St. Petersburg to the Crimea. Then I took a sip of the freedom that I lacked so much) Since then, I have been constantly looking for ways to change my life radically! The monotony of work and life in Russia is terribly boring! Work-home / home-work … I think many have such a route. Save up for an apartment, a car, and a cottage, build a career, and then look back at 50 years and realize that all this is not necessary at all! Definitely not!

Initially there were several countries: China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. After reviewing a lot of information, I came to the conclusion that Vietnam is ideal for moving. With visas, everything is easier than in Thailand and other countries. There are no problems with working in Nha Trang either.

— How to move to Vietnam?

— In order to move to Vietnam for three months without any problems, you need to make an invitation (the cost is $ 15) and that’s it =) This is enough time to understand whether you like it here or not, and what to do next.

At the end of the visa, you need to make a visa, this is an option for extending the visa (departure / departure to any country and back).

— Do I need to obtain citizenship in Vietnam to move to permanent residence? Do Russians need a visa to Vietnam?

– Citizenship is not necessary to live in Vietnam. A visa is quite enough.

There are different types of visas to Vietnam: regular and multi-visas. The only difference is that with a multi-visa, you can fly out and fly into the country as much as you want. A regular visa burns out on departure, and in order to get back, you need to make an invitation again.

For example, an invitation for 3 months costs $ 15, if a multi-visa is $ 25. You can do it for six months or a year! A multi-visa for a year costs $ 320. There are also work visas and resident cards, but this is already done locally.

If you plan to stay in the country for no more than fifteen days, you do not need a visa. But if the number of days exceeds this period, then Russians will need a visa to Vietnam.

— Why do the locals love Vietnam? Why do you love this country?

— It’s hard to say what the locals love Vietnam for. But culture and customs are respected by everyone without exception! Basically, they respect the gods and ancestors for giving them opportunities and benefits.

I love this country, living in Vietnam gives me the opportunity to feel freedom and live a normal life. Of course, money is always needed, but here I have enough of it, and in general this is not the main thing. Nature, sea, warmth! There are a lot of people around with crazy journeys behind them! That’s something worth appreciating!

— To avoid the language barrier while living in Vietnam, is it necessary to speak Vietnamese?

– It would not be bad to know the Vietnamese language. This also gives discounts in the markets and it is easier to explain if something is needed. But in Nha Trang, many people understand English, although without it you can always say and show “on your fingers” what you need.

When we were riding bikes from Saigon to Nha Trang, there were difficulties in remote villages. People looked askance and didn’t understand what we wanted. Even more than that, a Vietnamese will not always understand a Vietnamese! Because of the difference in dialects, not everyone from the north will understand a southerner. But in big cities and tourist areas there are no problems to explain.

— There are quite a few Russians living in Vietnam. Why do you think they choose this country?

– Everyone has their own priorities with the choice of country. Life in Vietnam is chosen, in my opinion, because it is easier to live here. Russians are paid more here than Vietnamese, there are no problems with visas, the nature is gorgeous, the sea is two minutes away. What more could you want!?

The Vietnamese are most likely also going to Russia for a better life. Although many people live there because their parents went there during the Vietnam-American War. I know many Vietnamese who have moved back to their homeland. Knowing Russian, they have many opportunities here. Therefore, I do not think that Russia is like the holy Grail for them. Although they love Russia, and when they ask with an accent “vea yu frome” and get the answer “Russia”, they immediately shake hands and smile), not all of course)

— Do the Vietnamese choose Russia as a tourist destination?

— Of course, they also go to Russia as tourists! Many people dream of visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I don’t think this is the most popular direction.

– Are you traveling? What does traveling give you?

— I have traveled through Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. In every country there is something else to see and why to return. Traveling for me is definitely something I can’t do without now. I want to travel and visit as much as possible before choosing the very place where I want to meet old age with a loved one)

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to move to another country.

— I don’t understand people who have the opportunity to travel around the world, and they don’t do it. They only make more money out of money. I was also building a career and wanted success, but one day I realized that it didn’t matter! There is a lot of information on the Internet now! You can ask bloggers any questions, it’s very simple! The main thing is not to stop dreaming! =)

Olga Avrakh was talking

Photo by Alexey


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