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Did Modern Women LOWER THEIR OWN STANDARDS, So That Men Could Accept Less?

Thanks for viewing my YouTube Channel. Today, we are talking about relationships.

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0:00 – Intro and Sucking Salami For A Stack
7:04 – Show Starts: Hit The👍🏾Button and Nasty Boyz Winning
16:34 – Superchats #1: Monk Mode Will Make You Rich
18:51 – Modern Women Are Too Comfortable Degrading Men
21:58 – Point #3: Are Women Degrading Themselves For Attention?
26:16 – CGA Reacts: Quick Twerk Tutorial – Booty Jiggle🤦🏾‍♂️
28:31 – Are Women Degrading Themselves For Attention?🤔
37:37 – Superchats #2: President Putin’s Literally Foldable Girlfriend
45:14 – Point #2: Did American Women Lower Their Own Standards?
59:26 – Superchats #3: Modern Women Don’t Want To Serve You
1:08:54 – Masculine Frame Don’t Always Work The Same
1:16:04 – Point #1: Women Becoming Less Than Women😒
1:27:05 – Superchats #4: Raw Seggs Is A Spiritual Connection👻
1:36:27 – R.I.P T-Mon🙏🏾
1:38:40 – CGA Reacts: Women Protesting They Need A Sugar Daddy
1:44:19 – Superchats #5: Average Women Are Flocking To SA
1:48:56 – Article: How Long Can America’s Birth Rate Go Before It’s A Problem?

Apartment interior design in modern classical style: less color, more light

Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a modern classic style

Anyone who is in search of ideas and inspiration for the transformation of their own home, it will be useful to take a look at the interior design of the apartment in modern classical style, designed by Spanish architect Josep Rua.

The apartments in question are located in Valencia and are characterized by exquisite simplicity, which is provided by an abundance of natural wood and a laconic palette, but above all — light, lots of light.

The landscapes of Valencia are particularly beautiful. Traditional Mediterranean architecture, as a rule, does not use this advantage, as if trying to deny it.

Obviously, comfort considerations are considered first, and providing protection from the scorching sun rays that literally incinerate the city for several months of the year becomes a priority.

However, technological progress has led to the creation of more advanced types of glass, which make it possible to supply residential interiors with large windows and at the same time guarantee the performance of a protective function.

Therefore, serious design changes were made in the penthouse we are considering. The architect did not hesitate to violate the integrity of the ceiling by installing windows in it, all over the space, from the bedroom to the bathroom. One of these skylights stretches along the main facade, revealing a rather peculiar view.

The place of the current bedroom was previously occupied by a terrace. It was located slightly above the rest of the apartment, and the author of the project decided to take advantage of this circumstance to separate the bedroom itself from the bathroom. A bathtub built into the floor and painted to match it also contributes to this task.

The walls in rooms with high humidity are lined with tiles from Mutina with a “honeycomb” relief pattern. When the sun’s rays penetrate through the ceiling windows and fall on vertical surfaces covered with small hexagons, there is a bizarre play of shadows, the effect of raindrops.

Mirrors are installed in such a way that most of the room is reflected in them. They create a sense of spaciousness and an interesting perspective. Rotating panels with mirror finish delicately delimit the bathroom and dressing room, producing countless highlights.

The bed looks as if it does not stand on the floor, but only attaches the headboard to the wall. The intricate curves of the ceiling continue in the lower part of the room, forming a rounding that acts as a night table. Almost the only piece of decor here is the Cappello table lamp from Moldesign.

This modern kingdom of light is the embodiment of the new architecture of Valencia, allowing you to enjoy all the delights of the Mediterranean climate.

The design of the walls in the apartment, which will be appreciated by fans of modern painting

The design of the walls in the apartment, designed in the style of minimalism

The original design of the walls in the apartment, which our article will introduce you to, was developed by DEP studio specialists, however, as a reconstruction project in general. The living space itself is located in the small town of Castelli Calepio, in the Italian province of Bergamo.

The architects combined all public areas into one two-level space, providing unobstructed and abundant daylight penetration, but not to the detriment of the privacy of the inhabitants, which is very important given the high density of development in this area. The project as a whole is a combination of impeccable style and a modern approach to decorating residential premises.

The minimalism of the interior is determined not only by the purity of the lines of its main components or the restraint of the situation, but also by the fact that only a few materials and colors were used in its design, which ultimately became the key to the formation of a very elegant image with a slight hint of urbanism.

The whiteness of the architectural shell is shaded by light wood, coupled with neutral tones — gray and beige. The revival and the spirit of bohemianism were brought to the interior by large-scale canvases by contemporary artists. They are balanced by custom-made furniture and simple lamps. The combination of shining metal and soft textiles, wood trim and snow-white walls without a single roughness allowed the designers to achieve the desired harmony.

Can you say that this apartment is to your taste? Or would you change something in its interior if you had the opportunity?

Modern trends in apartment design: how to create a living and organic space

Modern trends in apartment design: a good example from Gunlock Homes

Modern trends in apartment design are due to the accelerated pace of our life. They are constantly changing, bringing interesting details and unexpected elements to the design of housing. In the design environment, these new trends are called Millennials, that is, ideas that appeared with the advent of the new millennium.

Many projects are based on the worldview of modern people. Interior by CR Martin

For many of us, two components of life are currently of priority importance: money and success. Creating the interior of our apartments, we strive to make them not only our family nest, but also an indicator of our own achievements.

Bright and spacious interior with an unusual layout from Western Window Systems

In addition to the bold layout and original designer furniture, we equip our housing with a huge amount of equipment, without which modern man can no longer imagine his existence.

Unexpected stylistic solutions and unique details in the interior from Wick Design

At the same time, we increasingly prefer natural materials so that our home is not only comfortable, but also environmentally friendly.

A non-standard approach to decor in terms of a variety of shapes and textures from Ellerman Homes

Thus, the main distinguishing features of modern residential interiors can be considered: spaciousness, functionality, environmental friendliness, uniqueness and reflection of the individuality of their owners.

And if the owner is not able to realize all his desires on his own, he can contact one of the numerous design agencies whose specialists are ready to offer their clients a wide variety of apartment design options.

The views of today’s youth are radically different from those of their parents. Photo by Nathan Good

And what is your attitude to the latest design achievements in the field of home decoration? Share your ideas with us!

Modern project of a three-room apartment for a small family

The project of a three-room apartment

The three-room apartment project was created for a young family. The apartment is located on the top floor of a 90-year-old Italian building. Therefore, an important goal of it was both the preservation of historical details of the appearance and the organization of a modern functional interior.

Flussocreativo studio has long established itself in Italy, so the project they created was liked not only by customers, but also by many people who were interested in such an idea.

Stylish desktop

Attractive balanced interior

The apartment is in fact a small modest room. It consists of two bedrooms, as well as a connected kitchen, dining area and living room. The designers chose a reasonable and functional device for a limited space: the kitchen area is divided by two rows of cabinets, which conveniently accommodate all the necessary goods for the needs of the family and food for cooking.

Cozy rooms

Proper distribution of interior elements

The living area resembles a cozy island. It houses a sofa, a table and chairs, which are made of modern environmentally friendly materials.

The color combination contrasts and at the same time complements the dark and light walls of the interior. Restrained and elegant shades, which can be observed throughout the appearance of the apartment, are a typical stylish touch for designers.

Unusual workplace

Modern stylish kitchen

The apartment is very comfortable for a small family. Her project involved a combination of various stylistic details and colors that perfectly match the vintage look of the building. Modern elements noticeably improve the elegant design, making it incredibly attractive.

The original interior of the apartment: English classics in modern processing

Original apartment interior must have its own unique style. To make sure of this, just look at the photos of the apartments, the design of which was carried out by the specialists of the architectural bureau Nick Leith-Smith Architecture + Design. They are located in one of the central districts of London and look both stylish and at the same time lively and cozy.

Would you like to live in such apartments?

Modern classic apartment design: unique style

Modern classic apartment design from All In Studio

Modern classic apartment design requires a special approach. That is why the specialists of the architectural company All In Studio, who were engaged in the design of spacious apartments, decided on a bold experiment using bright color accents, original pieces of furniture and “spring” decor.

As a result, exclusive pendant lamps of various shapes and sizes, light flowing curtains of rich blue, white and cream shades and original white and bright yellow armchairs were added to the calm light wall decoration and natural wood flooring.

The combined living and dining areas delight the eye with a variety of colors and textures

Mirrors, snow–white columns, dark wooden facades of spacious cabinets with built-in plasma panels, sofas with fabric upholstery, plastic chairs, a light pedestal with a table top the color of ripe orange – all these seemingly incompatible elements, thanks to the skill of artists, add up to a holistic, organic picture.

The stylish kitchen in gray, black, white and brown tones is equipped with all necessary appliances. Stylistically, it seems to be a continuation of the hallway and long corridors connecting the living rooms, each of which has its own bright personality.

A bold combination of classics and modernity has undoubtedly become the ideal solution for the development of this project, isn’t it?

The interior of the attic apartment: a modern creative project

The interior of an attic apartment by Superpozycja Architekci, Gliwice, Poland

Apartment interior it’s not so easy to design in the attic. However, all the efforts spent are worth it in order to enjoy a cozy living practically in the open air in an interior made of natural materials, with an abundance of light and soft textures.

A striking example of this is the project of the architectural bureau Superpozycja Architekci, located in the Polish city of Gliwice. His specialists managed to turn the old attic into a beautiful apartment, combining modern elegance and charm of antiquity, with elements of rustic style.

Old wooden pillars and beams stand out favorably against the background of white trim

Large windows and a sloping wall in the living room emphasize the height of the ceilings, refuting the stereotype of a cramped and dark space under the roof.

Charming and playful design finds look especially impressive: a passage in the wall for a cat, white brickwork, tables resembling cubes from a designer, and bright pillows on a light gray sofa.

A competent choice of colors and an unusual shape of the room look creative and fresh

The simple white finish is enlivened by bright bursts of saturated blue and gray shades. The combination of natural wood and brick panels brings a warm home atmosphere to the composition of the decor.

A metal spiral staircase leads to the upper level, where there is a cozy bedroom and a stylish bathroom. The wall in the stairwell upholstered in blue and white fabric and the black background for the mirror above the sink act as color accents.

The sink itself is mounted on a wooden countertop, which emphasizes the rustic style of the interior.

Round mirrors and lamps contrast with the general geometry

And what is your attitude to such projects? We are waiting for feedback and comments!

Expressive minimalism in the interior, where classic and modern are combined

The combination of classic and modern in the interior

The apartment of Michelle and Jeff, where classic and modern are combined in the interior, is filled with a wonderful soothing atmosphere. This is facilitated by high ceilings, abundant light and, of course, a good sense of taste of the owners. There are elements of minimalism from Jeff, and thanks to Michelle, expressive details have appeared.

Michelle and Jeff with their cat

The apartment had a lot of built-in wardrobes and niches, which did not interfere at all. This meant that many things could be hidden, and the already small apartment (60 sq.m.) began to seem spacious.

Bedroom in contrasting colors

General information:
Style: a mix of classic and modern

What inspired them: Michelle and Jeff have been drawing ideas from the places they visited, magazines and Internet sites for several years.

Favorite detail in the house: a dining table with a painting by Aecio Sarti, an artist from Paraty (Brazil). This element brings color to the interior and reminds residents of a wonderful journey.

An element of the living room interior

The biggest challenge is to find a compromise between Jeff’s desire for minimalism and order and Michelle’s love for details and souvenirs that should create comfort.

Friends’ opinion: I liked the feeling of openness and freedom in the house.

A pet will add speakers to your interior!

The biggest misunderstanding: a very beautiful coffee table bought in a random rush, which did not fit the interior of the living room at all. But our heroes managed to sell it at a price very close to the original one.

Handmade: a cat box and all the elements for a reef aquarium. Tip: do not buy anything spontaneously, guided by a sudden impulse, then you may regret it.

Thoughtful illustrations by Iranian artist Mahnaz Yazdani about modern society (21 photos)

We invite you to get acquainted with the Iranian artist Mahnaz Yazdani (Mahnaz Yazdani) and its deep and meaningful illustrations.

Her surreal illustrations often depict the problems of modern society, demonstrating how ordinary people like us suffer from things that the rest of our modern society refuses to see and recognize.

Perhaps we are used to these problems only because we are always surrounded by them so much that we no longer even notice. Anyway, the works of Mahnaz Yazdani may prompt us to think about how we live now.

How to learn to save and what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to save money in Germany

On October 30, the World Economy Day is celebrated.
Therefore, let’s see how you can learn to save from the most thrifty nation…

In this regard, it is worth remembering the widespread myth that the most thrifty citizens in the world live in Germany.
And … statistics show that this is not a myth at all, but a real fact!
Sometimes you can be amazed at what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to learn to save on sales

In November, the traditional sales season begins in Germany, which is often called the Christmas sales season.
After all, preparations for Christmas will start on November 11 at 11:11 a.m. local time.

Germans love all kinds of discounts and sales more than anyone else in the world.
About thirty-seven million residents of the country prefer to shop online.
Thus, you can save significantly with the help of special discount coupons in online stores.

Saving on your own

Most Germans, in order to save money, try to do a lot on their own.

Every fifth person personally prepares costumes for various holidays and carnivals.
Many German women prefer to dye their hair at home, rather than in special salons.
Most families prefer to cook at home.
One of the most popular, everyday dishes in Germany is often the most ordinary pasta from the supermarket!

Food and cigarettes

But it is worth saying that the above still looks more or less decent, unlike the fact that some Germans choose products with expiring expiration dates in order to save money!

Over 80% of respondents are very attentive to their purchases.
They buy exactly as many products as they need at the moment.

Cigarettes in Germany are quite expensive, which is for many a weighty argument in favor of quitting smoking.
Some of those who have not decided to give up this wasteful habit are looking for other means of saving. And they often go as far as making the most banal hand-rolled cigarettes!

Savings in the fold

Also in Germany, in order to save money, it is quite popular to do various things in a fold.

This applies not only to rental housing, when an apartment is rented by two or more residents to save on rent.
This type of economy is popular mainly among students.

In addition, every fifth person buys gifts for friends and relatives “in a fold”.
And some Germans don’t give anything at all. Even the closest and dearest people.

But the Christmas holidays, which are very popular in Germany, nevertheless, the conception makes even the most economical Germans fork out!


Sometimes young Germans who want to travel choose the option of hitchhiking.
You can save up to 100% of the trip cost on it.
This type of economy is called Blablacar.
As a rule, German youth devote a lot of effort to training and career growth.
Therefore, they prefer to save when they are young, and spend on travel at a more mature age.

Economy in German…