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Who can count on obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Those who want to live permanently on the shore and build a successful business in a developed country are invariably attracted to Greece. Here, it seems, there is everything you need for a comfortable life: access to the sea, and location in the neighborhood of the developed countries of the European Union, and stable social guarantees, and a high standard of living.

The main advantages of immigration are:

  • absence of any restrictions on travel to EU countries;
  • loans provided to entrepreneurs;
  • quality of medicine;
  • accessibility of education;
  • the opportunity to purchase the first property without paying tax;
  • excellent ecology;
  • friendly locals.

How does a residence permit in Greece work

To date, the legislation regulates all issues of obtaining a residence permit in Greece for Russians and other foreign nationals. The validity period of the residence permit will ultimately depend on the grounds for obtaining the latter. In some cases, it will have to be extended in the future before submitting documents for permanent residence.

What are the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Greece

First of all, such an opportunity is available to investors and entrepreneurs. The status is granted to them for 3 and 2 years, respectively. Financially independent individuals can also use their chance. If there is a stable and reliable source of income exceeding 2,000 euros per month, then Greece will open its borders for a whole year, providing a residence permit without the possibility of employment. The latter is also possible here, provided that a contract with the employer is concluded in advance. The very first residence permit is granted for only 1 year, but then it can be extended for two more. A residence permit is also assumed for studying in Greece. The visa covers exactly this period.

Anyone who buys real estate in another country may also wonder how to get a residence permit in Greece. It is issued for as long as 5 years under a simplified procedure, but subject to the total value of the real estate of more than 250,000 euros.

The work of Greek companies and banking institutions deserves special attention. They have established their own strong positions in the markets of neighboring countries. Modern investors discover for themselves a combination of characteristics in Greece that are not found in Europe in any other country. At the same time, it is here that the world’s tourist destination is concentrated, one of the leading, constantly developing, with multilingual and educated human capital.

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