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Funniest Fat Cat Compilation September | Funny Pet Videos

Come and join us for this brand new compilation of the chubbiest cats and kittens! We love to bring you the best videos on the …

The owner of pets with the help of “Photoshop” placed pets on the covers of music albums (12 photos)

Some pet owners love their pets so much that they want to perpetuate them by any means possible. So did Sarah Rosen, the owner of two adorable dogs named Bulu and Haggis.

“I didn’t know what to give my husband for his birthday,” writes Sarah. – He has everything, he doesn’t like things. But there is something that he likes — these are our two charming, stupid, wonderful, sociable dogs… and music. So I decided to photoshop images of our pets on the covers of some classic albums, made a calendar out of all this and gave it to my husband.”

all photos: © Sara Rosen

Pets after visiting the vet (33 photos)

Everyone knows that pets most of all do not like and are afraid of a trip to the vet. But visiting a veterinary clinic is a necessity, whether you like it or not.

Therefore, no matter how our younger brothers resist, they are still waiting for the same scenario — a meeting with a doctor.

At least you can be happy for these fluffy (and no longer very) creatures: all the worst is already behind them. They’re home now. Now you can relax.