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Modern project of a three-room apartment for a small family

The project of a three-room apartment

The three-room apartment project was created for a young family. The apartment is located on the top floor of a 90-year-old Italian building. Therefore, an important goal of it was both the preservation of historical details of the appearance and the organization of a modern functional interior.

Flussocreativo studio has long established itself in Italy, so the project they created was liked not only by customers, but also by many people who were interested in such an idea.

Stylish desktop

Attractive balanced interior

The apartment is in fact a small modest room. It consists of two bedrooms, as well as a connected kitchen, dining area and living room. The designers chose a reasonable and functional device for a limited space: the kitchen area is divided by two rows of cabinets, which conveniently accommodate all the necessary goods for the needs of the family and food for cooking.

Cozy rooms

Proper distribution of interior elements

The living area resembles a cozy island. It houses a sofa, a table and chairs, which are made of modern environmentally friendly materials.

The color combination contrasts and at the same time complements the dark and light walls of the interior. Restrained and elegant shades, which can be observed throughout the appearance of the apartment, are a typical stylish touch for designers.

Unusual workplace

Modern stylish kitchen

The apartment is very comfortable for a small family. Her project involved a combination of various stylistic details and colors that perfectly match the vintage look of the building. Modern elements noticeably improve the elegant design, making it incredibly attractive.

The interior of the attic apartment: a modern creative project

The interior of an attic apartment by Superpozycja Architekci, Gliwice, Poland

Apartment interior it’s not so easy to design in the attic. However, all the efforts spent are worth it in order to enjoy a cozy living practically in the open air in an interior made of natural materials, with an abundance of light and soft textures.

A striking example of this is the project of the architectural bureau Superpozycja Architekci, located in the Polish city of Gliwice. His specialists managed to turn the old attic into a beautiful apartment, combining modern elegance and charm of antiquity, with elements of rustic style.

Old wooden pillars and beams stand out favorably against the background of white trim

Large windows and a sloping wall in the living room emphasize the height of the ceilings, refuting the stereotype of a cramped and dark space under the roof.

Charming and playful design finds look especially impressive: a passage in the wall for a cat, white brickwork, tables resembling cubes from a designer, and bright pillows on a light gray sofa.

A competent choice of colors and an unusual shape of the room look creative and fresh

The simple white finish is enlivened by bright bursts of saturated blue and gray shades. The combination of natural wood and brick panels brings a warm home atmosphere to the composition of the decor.

A metal spiral staircase leads to the upper level, where there is a cozy bedroom and a stylish bathroom. The wall in the stairwell upholstered in blue and white fabric and the black background for the mirror above the sink act as color accents.

The sink itself is mounted on a wooden countertop, which emphasizes the rustic style of the interior.

Round mirrors and lamps contrast with the general geometry

And what is your attitude to such projects? We are waiting for feedback and comments!

Apartment renovation project in Barcelona from Anna & Eugeni Bach Studio

Apartment renovation project – view after completion of work

What happened first

The designers needed to create a reconstruction project for an apartment of approximately 70 square meters. Initially, the windows of two rooms faced the street, the rest were facing the courtyard. This layout assumed many corridors, and some rooms did not receive sufficient lighting.

View from the common room to the kitchen

Design solution

When creating a new layout, the wishes of customers were taken into account: two rooms facing the street (bedrooms) were preserved, and the part of the house where the living room, kitchen, dining room and study were located was changed.

The bedrooms were left untouched, and it was decided to combine the rest of the rooms into a common space that includes all the functions that several rooms used to combine.

In the far part of the common room, the designers designed the kitchen, using unique furniture to organize it as a separate room, and the ceiling height allowed an additional space to be arranged above it, which can be used as a guest room or as a workplace.

A workplace is organized upstairs

The high ceiling makes the common room more “open” and spacious, from it you can get into all the other rooms. Its peculiarity emphasizes the fact that the kitchen does not occupy the entire space up to the ceiling in height.

View frames of the kitchen

View of the common room

This is how the workspace looks from above

Exit to the courtyard from the bedroom

A small bathroom immediately opposite the entrance to the house was left, but the designers changed the bathroom near the bedroom, again playing with heights. The floor level in it is higher than in the whole house, and an additional storage space is organized below. Even more free space is released due to the fact that the functions of the bathroom and shower are combined.


Bathroom and shower

House plan before renovation:

1. Hallway
2. Bathroom
3. Dining room
4. Corridor
5. Kitchen
6. Bedroom
7. Bathroom

House plan before and after redevelopment

The house after redevelopment:

1. Hallway
2. Bathroom
3. Kitchen
4. Dining room
5. Living room (common room)
6. Bedroom
7. Second bedroom
8. Bathroom
9. Guest room or workplace


Axonometric scheme

The use of the height of the floor for the organization of additional space from above is shown.

Graphic view frame