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How do you choose luxury real estate?

As practice shows, in reality today, having your own home is not a luxury, as it is a necessity. In addition, many people seek to buy luxury real estate in Dubai, and at the moment, it is quite possible to implement such an idea, approaching the issue as responsibly and comprehensively as possible.

The main criteria for choosing luxury real estate. The main aspects. Valuable tips. Useful and important information

  1. First of all, you should know that truly elite real estate has always been in great demand and is in great demand, which cannot be argued with. As soon as you have a desire to buy such housing, then naturally it must fully meet certain requirements.
  2. First of all, pay close attention to the cost. You will not be able to purchase an elite apartment, doing it at the cost of ordinary housing, as it is simply impossible. If you are offered such options, then you need to be extremely careful, perhaps you are dealing with scammers.
  3. As for the purchased housing, it can be, for example, in modern new buildings, or in perfectly renovated old buildings, which are architectural monuments. Please note that such housing is not always located in the city center. Its historical part can be safely attributed here.

In addition to all that has been said, I would like to add that an elite apartment should be located away from industrial areas. The house as a whole should be built exclusively from environmentally friendly materials. It is for this reason that before buying a home, you need to require a special certificate, which states that the materials in general, which were actually used in the process of building the house, are harmless to humans.

The size of luxury housing plays an equally important role. As practice shows, in most cases, such apartments differ in a strictly ideal layout, a large area. It all depends on your competent approach to the issue, try not to make mistakes.

Review of the real estate agency “Top address”

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates — a major entertainment center and

business of global scale has long been in the top ten most attractive cities for

investors. The liquidity of real estate in this city is high and every year the cost

the square meter is steadily growing by 10-12%. Among the many buying companies-

real estate agency “Top address” is one of the best and professional

companies operating in this segment of services, which you can learn more about on the portal top address reviews

  • What services does the real estate agency “Top Address” provide to clients

The real estate agency works directly with developers, also provides services for the selection of housing in the secondary market.

The agency’s lots include: apartments, villas, apartments, penthouses, commercial real estate. Clients can describe in detail the option of housing selection according to all necessary criteria — a professional team will select the necessary options according to any preferences of customers.

When selecting real estate in Dubai, agents offer a choice of housing in different areas

cities, based on the quadrature, comfort level, housing area and other conditions


The company “Top address” fully undertakes the conduct of the transaction of buying housing, helps buyers to arrange real estate in installments, carry out remote selection and purchase of real estate for foreigners.

  • Advantages of choosing the agency “Top address”

When purchasing housing of any class — elite or inexpensive — it is worth contacting

agency — focusing on reliability, honesty, quality service, positive customer feedback, experience in this market. The agency “Top Address” stands out among the competing companies with many advantages:

— reliability and high rating of the company according to the list of independent experts;

— experienced employees;

— 24/7 round-the-clock support;

— full legal support of the transaction;

— a huge selection of objects for private and business investment.

Buying a property in Dubai is a difficult and troublesome process for clients,

connected with a lot of subtleties and legal stones in this country. Agency

“Top Address” has been working for many years in the UAE real estate market and will be able to choose the best housing for customers according to the preferences of buyers. There are options for purchasing through an agency https://otzyv-pro.su/topaddress / directly from developers without commissions and overpayments of housing under construction or rented.

What commercial real estate should I choose in Almaty?

Almaty (Alma-Ata) is the largest city in Kazakhstan and the former capital of the country, which has a huge potential. In recent years, there has been a major “surge” in the development of small, medium and large businesses, which has also prompted residents to open their own business. But which commercial real estate is best to choose?

Room search

To begin with, it is necessary to understand what kind of room is required and for what purposes? If it is a warehouse, then its size should be appropriate. If the office is the same, but you should pay attention to heating and other communications. This is the most important criterion that everyone else will already “cling to”.

Also, important points are:

  • Construction stage
  • Object class
  • Appearance

All this greatly affects the time of opening your business, which means the number of investments. More information about which commercial real estate to choose in Almaty can be obtained on the portal https://cremap.kz .


Again, when it comes to business, the most important thing is the location. According to experts, a well-chosen place to conduct your business can “cover” the remaining shortcomings. Here, the first step is to evaluate your budget and target audience. If the idea of the business is a beauty salon, but there is no need to place it in the “business quarters” or in the center, where rent is very expensive.

Such a place is best placed in terms of benefits in residential areas, in maximum proximity to the client.

In the case of warehouses, the situation is different. On the one hand, the end user is located in the same residential areas, but renting such a room there will be too expensive. And on the other hand, renting on the outskirts will make transportation more expensive. Here it is worth correctly calculating what will be more expensive.

Search for a suitable option

Now the easiest way to find a good commercial property is to use the Internet. Also, you can use “word of mouth” and ask your friends, maybe someone is selling the room and will be able to make a discount. But this is rather an exception.

Plants in the interior of the apartment: a real home garden

Plants in the interior of an apartment in Brooklyn

Plants in the interior of the apartment are the first thing you will notice in the Williamsburg apartments. There is a lot of greenery in the apartment, it is everywhere, the interior is saturated with the richness of lush jungles. The most carefree style of all interiors in Brooklyn.

Bright art project of the apartment

A casually executed exit

In the Brooklyn summer house, the lack of a courtyard was compensated for by the abundant vegetation inside. In addition to the richness of greenery, the interior also has a hammock, a compost box and even domestic insects.


Green interior

In summer, greenery gives a special colorfulness to the interior. Rich colors and luxurious gardens beckon to stay and relax in this house.

Picturesque bathroom

Flower pots

Jungle in the kitchen

Nice green kitchen

Fruits and plants

Light atmosphere

Pots with plants on a white brick background

Wide window

Cozy place

Painting by Steve Cogle

Recreation area

Soft hammock


Indian Bedspread

Cozy bedroom

The plants are from Sprout Home, and the wooden pitchers are from a.d. schwarz.

Lots of pots with plants

Plantings in tea jars

Side view

Various types of plants

Lattice construction among plants and books

45 real facts about Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris celebrated his birthday on March 10, and this year he turned 82.

Have you ever wondered where he learned martial arts skills or how he became so famous?

Here are 45 facts about Chuck Norris that will answer many of your questions.

1. Chuck Norris’ full name is Carlos Ray Norris. He is 82 years old. He was born on March 10, 1940 in Ryan, Oklahoma, USA.

2. Chuck Norris’ father, Ray Dee Norris, was a participant in World War II and possessed many talents. Unfortunately, he was also an alcoholic.

3. Norris has two younger brothers, Wieland and Aaron. Aaron is a Hollywood producer.

4. At school, Norris was an introvert. He was not a sporty boy and studied rather mediocre. According to Norris, the main reasons for his introverted nature in childhood were the unstable financial situation of his parents and embarrassment due to his father’s alcoholism.

5. When Chuck was 16 years old, his parents divorced, as a result of which he moved with his mother and brothers to Torrance in California.

photo: thefactsite.com

6. Norris is best known for his acting, but he is a man of many talents. He is a martial artist, film producer, screenwriter, and he also served in the air police of the US Air Force.

7. Norris married his high school friend Dianne Kay Holechek when he was 18 and she was 17.

8. In 1958, Norris became an air police officer of the United States Air Force. He was sent to Osan Air Base in South Korea. It was at this airbase that he received the nickname “Chuck”. While serving in Osan, Norris began studying the martial art of Tansudo.

9. In August 1962, he was discharged from the US Air Force and returned to Torrance, where he applied for a job in the police. While on the waiting list, in the same year he opened his first martial arts studio.

10. To promote his martial arts studio, Norris began attending martial arts events and even staged demonstration fights. He also created his own kind of martial arts called Chun Kuk Do (Chun Kuk Do), which means “Universal Way”.

11. Norris created 10 rules, known as the “Honor Code”, for his martial art. The World Chung Kook Do Championship is held in Las Vegas, Nevada, every summer.

12. In 1962, Norris and Holly had their first child, Mike, and in 1964, their second, Eric. In 1963, Norris had an illegitimate daughter.

13. In 1972, Norris starred in the movie “The Way of the Dragon” with Bruce Lee, playing his character’s nemesis.

14. In 1983, the first video game dedicated to Chuck Norris was released. It was called “Chuck Norris Superkicks” (Chuck Norris Superkicks).

15. In 1987, Norris published the book “The Secret of Inner Strength: my story.” In this book, Norris talks about his acting career and training with Bruce Lee.

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