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Yacht rental in Gelendzhik: which one to rent?

Gelendzhik is a resort town. Here you can have a great rest and relax. One of the wonderful pastimes with which you can both surprise your loved ones and give a lot of pleasure is a yacht trip. Yacht rental in Gelendzhik will not be difficult. Such a walk is carried out individually, without strangers. But it is mandatory that an experienced captain and sailors lead the walk. As for the route, the client’s wishes are taken into account here. It all depends on the rental time and the chosen route.

During the walk, tourists can see such views as:

  1. A city at the foot of the Markoth ridge.
  2. The Black Sea coast.
  3. Rocks.
  4. Lighthouse.
  5. Vineyards.
  6. The winery.

At the request of customers, a stop can be made in the open sea, during which you can swim.

Any yacht in Gelendzhik has everything you need for a safe trip. As everything necessary, every yacht necessarily has: a signal rocket, rafts. Life jackets.

All yachts are equipped with cozy cabins, a spacious deck.

There is also no need to worry about safety, because, as has already been noted, any ship is headed by an experienced captain.

As for the choice of yachts, there are actually a huge number of them. Therefore, as well as companies providing rent enough. So, as an example, here are several yachts available for rent.

Boat Voyage

The boat is small, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. It has enough space for a small company of 10 people. In addition, the board is equipped with a table, a canopy from the sun. There is a sunbathing area on the bow deck. If you want to swim in the open sea, you can do it very simply and easily thanks to a convenient ladder.

Yacht Aurora

This yacht has white sails and belongs to the luxury class. The number of seats is 10. The yacht is equipped with blue sofas. It has a canopy from the sun and a ladder into the water. Such a yacht allows you to take beautiful photos, which is why its popularity is high.

Ship Pharaoh

This ship is also designed for 10 people. A canopy from the sun, a smooth and smooth floor, high sides make the walk unforgettable. The ship also has a platform from which you can jump into the water.

As you can see, it is very convenient to rest in Gelendzhik, and each tourist decides which yacht to choose independently.

Daily cottage rental: which one to choose?

One of the most popular services nowadays is the rental of cottages for a short time, daily. Cottages are rented for parties, corporate events, birthdays, weddings and much more. This is a great option when there are a lot of guests, but there is no own house or cottage, but at the same time you want to spend time outdoors, near the pool, with barbecue and fun. We will tell you how to choose a cottage for rent in our article. Find out on the portal https://arenda .grace-olympia.ru / you can talk about renting cottages

Features of choosing a cottage

Daily rental of cottages is a great way to relax in the fresh air. Today, anyone can rent a country house and celebrate any event in it. As a rule, cottages for rent have all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay and pastime. There are equipped bedrooms, showers, appliances, furniture, as well as a swimming pool, gazebo or terrace, a picnic area and outdoor cooking. All you have to do is come and enjoy your vacation.

And so that the rest is not overshadowed by anything, let’s look at what you should still pay attention to when choosing a cottage:

  • size, if you have decided on the number of guests on your holiday, then you need to focus on this number when choosing a cottage by size. At the same time, keep in mind that some people will want to stay the night, so you need to make sure that there are enough beds for everyone, and the size of the cottage should be appropriate. And if you are planning to spend a romantic evening together, then you can limit yourself to a small but cozy house;
  • additional services and service. Any landlord who is interested in promoting his service will take care to provide his customers with everything they need. We have already written what should be in the cottage: clean bed linen, towels, at least a minimum set of household appliances, cutlery. If you rent a cottage that will be empty, you will have to worry too much to provide yourself with everything you need, even for a few days, is it worth it;
  • reviews, as a rule, cottages can be found by ads to which past customers write reviews, or you can find those who have already rented this cottage and ask their opinion.

Business plan of apartment interior rental

Business plan of apartment interior rental

Earning on renting an apartment

In this article, we will consider a situation where the owner of his own home can earn not just by renting an apartment, but much more and easier…
This type of earnings on the delivery of an apartment brings not only income, but also helps to protect the owner from the problems that fall on the head of every rentier.
So, in order…

For example, renting a house in a small Russian city for a month costs from 10 to 20 thousand rubles.
But everyone who has ever faced renting an apartment knows that decent and clean tenants are a great success.
The Internet is buzzing with emotional stories and the horrors of renting a home.
Moreover, on both sides.

The situation is so sad that some apartment owners decide not to rent housing at all.
They believe that after the tenants, repairs will cost them more.
Of course, if you rent an apartment for daily rent, it will be much more profitable.
However, no one is immune from surprises here either.
Not every owner will dare to launch a crowd of tourists or business travelers into a decent house.

Renting an apartment hourly

Therefore, if you have an apartment or a house with a good repair, then you can easily rent housing, or rather its interior, for filming or photo shoots.
This is the best way to earn money for designer housing, which the owner is afraid to rent out.

Of course, if you are the owner of an old apartment with traces of Soviet renovation, then you will not be able to earn this way.
Although, who prevents you from investing some amount in repairs, making new curtains, laying beautiful bedspreads, buying a couple of figurines that will bring chic to your interior?

Well, if your budget is minimal, then you will have to work a little.
You can paint the walls white with your own hands, and then use special stickers for decoration.
Or just stick wallpaper with beautiful views of nature or interiors.
If you approach this topic seriously, then investments in the start of your new business will quickly pay off.
After all, such rental housing brings from 500 to 1000 rubles per hour.
Of course, prices vary depending on the region, on the interior design and on the size of the rented area.
Somewhere less, and somewhere much more…

Delivery of the interior around the house

If you own your own house with a beautiful garden, then the amounts can be significantly more.
The most important advantage of renting housing for photo shoots is that you can control the process.
You stay in the house and can be sure that everything will be fine and nothing extraordinary will happen.

And now look at the statistics of Yandex requests for taking places for photo shoots…

Not a little at all…
As you know, supply creates demand, and your interior may be of interest to a potential client.
As a rule, people do not even realize that you can rent not a photo studio, but just a beautiful apartment interior.

Who are your potential customers?

Your next step will be to submit an advertisement.
Start collaborating with bloggers of your city, with photographers.
Your future clients are couples in love and newlyweds, pregnant women, parents with children, bloggers.

And besides, films are being made not only in large cities and capitals.
Perhaps your interior is the best fit for filming a new masterpiece of Russian cinema.
And this is your permanent and regular earnings.

However, renting an apartment for photo shoots can also give a good income.
See which studios are rented in your city.
Most likely you will come across such offers, where one photo studio accounts for 100 thousand inhabitants.
And then with the services of your photographer, for whom you need to pay.
And if, for example, a blogger wants to come and make a report or take pictures on his own?

Give people a choice.
Someone likes independent photo shoots, and someone likes to use the services of a photographer with further processing of images.

So, in conclusion…

If you are the owner of at least one room with a beautiful interior, or which you can put in order, if you have a beautiful garden, and even more so a swimming pool, then earning on renting an apartment without investments is what you need!

However, do not forget that with constant earnings, you will need to register with the tax authority as self-employed.
After all, it is always more profitable to work openly, especially since registration with the tax authority is free for you.
But you get the opportunity to advertise quietly and not be afraid of inspections and fines.

12 tips that will help you easily sell an apartment…



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