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Which resort to choose based on reviews?

When it comes to choosing a holiday resort, many people turn to reviews from other tourists. However, it is worth noting that it is not always possible to fully trust the reviews, as they may not be objective or do not meet your needs. Today we will look at several key aspects that need to be taken into account when choosing a resort. Find out on the portal https://mygeografi.ru / you can learn more about choosing a resort

Useful recommendations for travelers

Firstly, it is important to understand that reviews are different. Some tourists may leave reviews to share their positive impressions, while others may comment on negative experiences. Therefore, when reading reviews, it is important to pay attention to which aspects of the hotel or resort are particularly distinguished by other tourists.

Secondly, you should take into account your own needs and preferences. For example, if you are planning a vacation with children, children’s attractions may be important to you. If you are looking for a relaxing holiday, resorts with quiet beaches and the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature will suit you. Also, it is worth considering your budget to choose a resort that meets your financial capabilities.

Thirdly, it is worth paying attention to the rating of the hotel. It can be based on the reviews of tourists who have stayed at the hotel or visited the resort. Reading reviews from people who rated the resort a few points above or below average can help form a more objective opinion.

Fourth, when choosing a resort, pay attention to the additional services that can be provided. Some resorts may offer spas, gyms, massages and even water sports.

Also, do not forget that everyone has their own preferences and needs. What suits one tourist may not suit another. Therefore, when choosing a resort based on reviews, do not forget to take into account your personal preferences and needs.


In general, choosing a resort based on reviews can be very helpful when planning a summer vacation. In order to choose the perfect resort, it is worth considering not only reviews, but also your own needs, the rating of the resort, various additional services, etc. This will help you choose the perfect resort that will suit your needs and preferences.

ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA — description of a hotel in the Maldives

Maldives, when most people hear the name of this place on Earth, they imagine the white sands of the beach, the blue waters of the ocean, picturesque places and romance. So it is, the Maldives is exactly the kind of place where people go for romance and a carefree vacation. Moreover, the popularity of this country is growing every year, on its shores you can meet tourists from all over the world, few people refuse the opportunity to soak up the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, walk along a gentle, snow-white beach and see live the very beaches that exactly resemble the picture from the Bounty advertisement. However, when planning a vacation, do not forget about where to stay during the vacation, one of the options for a vacation in the Maldives is the ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel. On the portal https://maldivesin.ru/royal-island-resort you can get more information about ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA.


It should be noted that with the development of tourism in the Maldives, the infrastructure is also developing. The level of tourist service is so high that you will definitely be satisfied. Literally everything is done here to ensure that people rest 100%. You can see for yourself by visiting this state. It should be noted that the Maldives is a Muslim country, so respect the rules, customs and mores of those you are visiting, then there will definitely be no problems.

The ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel is located on a small island, to get to it, tourists are taken from the airport by a small plane, and then a little more by boat. Such a special transfer is very popular with many tourists, because during the journey you can enjoy the picturesque views around. The hotel is more suitable for a romantic holiday, but also suitable for families with children, it is quiet and peaceful. Despite the fact that there are no specially equipped playgrounds for children, only the swimming pool, beaches on the territory of the hotel are so beautiful, and the flora and fauna are diverse that children will definitely have something to do during your vacation.

The hotel itself has:

  • rich number of rooms — 152 rooms;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Children’s pool;
  • the possibility of holding a wedding ceremony;
  • Restaurants, bars/cafes;
  • SPA center.

The cabins (rooms) are very close to the water, near each house there are relaxation areas, sun loungers and an outdoor shower.

Vrnjacka-Banja: description of the resort of Serbia

General information.

Vrnjacka Banja is an urban settlement and municipality of the same name, which is located in the southern part of Serbia (200 km from Belgrade). The population of the village exceeds 9 thousand people.

The main attraction of this resort is the mineral springs, which were willingly used by the Romans back in the II century. In the XIX century, the baths built during the existence of the Roman Empire were modernized in accordance with the order of the ruler Milos Obrenovich. This prince wanted the resort to become as similar as possible to the world-famous Karlovy Vary, therefore, in order to successfully implement the idea, he invited Baron Herder from the Czech Republic. As a result, Mr. Obrenovich managed to realize his own idea. Currently, Vrniachka-Bath is compared, first of all, with Karlovy Vary and it is said that the Serbian health resort is not inferior to the Czech one at all. On the portal vserbii.ru / you can get more information about Vrnyachka-Banya.

Local entertainment.

The main event of the year is an international carnival. This event is held in the middle of summer. Its duration is 7 days. It is a large-scale festival that includes a variety of concerts, processions, masquerades, music, sports, as well as exhibitions. To take part in the carnival, several hundred thousand people from all over the globe come to it.

If tourists, for some reason, do not have time or do not want to attend the carnival, then they can choose a good alternative – the cafe–bar “Savka”. In this institution you can have a nice rest both during the day and at night. In the morning, the cafe offers the opportunity to enjoy a cup of excellent coffee, and in the afternoon you can try a large portion of a hearty lunch. As for the evening, at this time you can organize a candlelit dinner – an ideal option for romantic couples. In August, a masquerade is held in this place, which many representatives of the youth of Serbia strive to get to.

The resort is mainly a medical center. Due to the above, entertainment programs for representatives of the younger generation are not held in this location, and alcoholic beverages are also not welcome.

Grace Imperial Ski Resort in Sochi: description and advantages

In order to provide yourself with a truly comfortable and relaxing holiday, during which you do not have to think about various extraneous things that only distract from it, it is important to choose a good hotel. However, sometimes it is quite difficult to find a really good hotel in which you could enjoy spending time without paying attention to extraneous problems, or to the problems that exist in the hotel itself.

Maximum convenience and comfort can be achieved only in a real five-star hotel “Grace Imperial”, which has been giving positive emotions to its visitors for a long time. It is worth understanding in more detail what this hotel is. To learn more about the Grace Imperial Ski Resort in Sochi, you can follow the links.


It all starts with the location of the hotel, which provides maximum comfort, comfort and pleasure throughout the rest. Clean fresh air, available only at an altitude of 540 meters, will provide every vacationer in Grace Imperial with a charge of positive emotions and a real rest, during which you do not want to think about extraneous things, problems and various troubles of life.

The location of the hotel is closely connected with a small village that was built recently. Here you can feel the natural flavor and relaxation in a new way, which is closely connected with the really fresh air around. This effect creates a completely new level of perception of the hotel and rest inside it, because everything here is created for maximum comfort, rest and relaxation.

This is especially due to the whole SPA complex, inside which you can have a great time with almost no restrictions. Thanks to such a SPA, you can forget about health problems for a long time, because a whole range of special procedures will ensure a comfortable state for the body.

Almost every guest of the hotel will remember the beautiful heated swimming pool, which is located right under the open sky. This is a great place where you can sunbathe or swim, just spend your free time looking for interesting people. Thanks to the heating and cleaning system, the water in the pool keeps the same temperature, and there is no garbage from the street inside!

Bursa: history, ski resort and gastronomy

The ancient city of Bursa was once the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The city has preserved a historic district with attractions, including mosques, a mausoleum, the ruins of a fortress, as well as many museums. In addition, Bursa is located near the Uludaga ski resort. It is worth going here to spend a vacation away from the noisy streets of tourist megacities, among the mountains and the heritage of the great empire.

How to get there and where to stay

A round-trip ticket from Moscow to Istanbul costs from 8,400 rubles* per person. There are several ways to get to Bursa. For example, by bus. However, we recommend renting a car on OneTwoTrip (from 2400 rubles * per day). This is the most convenient way to overcome the distance between cities.

View flights

Car for rent

Several suitable hotel options:

Mercure Bursa The Plaza Thermal & Spa Hotel – from 8300 rubles* per night per person;
Ibis Bursa – from 2500 rubles* per night per person;
Kardes Hotel – from 4900 rubles* per night per person;
Almira Hotel Thermal Spa & Convention – from 9,000 rubles * per night per person.

What to do in the former capital of the Ottoman Empire?

Many buildings in Bursa can serve as a visual aid to the history of Ottoman architecture. Go to witness firsthand the grandeur of the huge Ulu-Jami mosque and the originality of the village of Jumalykyzyk, where the streets literally “breathe” history. On Uludag you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings from a bird’s-eye view, and in local eateries — traditional fast food kokorech.

Visit the Ulu-Jami Mosque

Ulu-Jami, or the Grand Mosque, is one of the main historical monuments not only of ancient Bursa, but also of the whole of Turkey. The building with strong walls and high ceilings is decorated with 20 domes supported by 12 pillars. In addition, there are two minarets in the mosque, where the muezzin daily calls Muslims to prayer.

The Grand Mosque is famous for its interior wall paintings. After the visit, go for a walk around the neighborhood: there are historical markets and a park with places to relax nearby.

The village of Dzhumalykyzyk

Jumalykyzik is probably the most authentic village in Turkey. Ottoman houses made of stone, wood and mud brick have been preserved in the village. Piled on top of each other, the buildings are built of the same stones with which the streets are laid. Wooden terraces are installed on the upper floors of the houses. Moreover, some of them can even be visited, they work in the format of museums. And around there are tourist shops with shaggy hats, clay jugs, wooden figurines and magnets.

You can wander through the cozy alleys of the ancient Dzhumalykyzyk for a long time. We recommend visiting local canteens for lunch and trying homemade chorba, kefte and dolma.

Climb the Small Olympus (Uludag)

The next point of the route may be the Uludag National Park. In summer, it is a popular place for hiking and camping. And from December to the end of March, the park turns into a mecca of skiing — the snow cover can reach three meters. There are tracks for both beginners and experienced athletes.

You can stay here overnight, almost every hotel has its own lifts, the cost of using which is included in the price of accommodation. Well-groomed wide trails run among picturesque mountain landscapes, most of them through the forest.

If you go to Uludag in the summer, by all means arrange a trekking with a picnic on the top. As you ascend, you will be accompanied by deciduous beech, oak, hazel, juniper, aspen, hyacinths and bright crocus bells.

Try kokorech in one of the street shops

In Bursa, an unusual sandwich of lamb giblets is especially loved — kokoreç (kokoreç). This is a popular Turkish and Albanian dish, which is common in the Balkans, Azerbaijan and Iran. But Turkish chefs do not miss the opportunity to remind that for the first time it appeared on the territory of the Ottoman Empire. Kokorech is a fried heart, lungs, kidneys and other offal, which are chopped or crushed, sprinkled with spices and served on a plate or a piece of flatbread. In Bursa, they like to eat coconut by putting it in a baguette cut in half and sprinkling with oregano and red pepper.

It is worth saying that this dish is one of the most favorite fast foods in the country. Be sure to try it, it can become a memorable gastronomic experience of your trip.

Our project “Where to go” will help you with ideas for the upcoming vacation. You choose the month and city of departure, and we offer the most interesting and affordable options – with ticket prices and information about restrictions for tourists.

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*Prices are valid at the time of publication

Sviyazhsky Hills – ski resort

In Russia in winter you can get vivid impressions, adrenaline and a good mood from skiing and snowboarding.

I will tell you about the ski resort “Sviyazhsky Hills” in Tatarstan, located in the Verkhneuslonsky district, where the pleasure of skiing can be compared with surfing on the waves of the ocean.

On the territory of the ski resort there are several trails with different levels of difficulty, with a total length of 3,500 meters and a height difference of 165 meters.

Sviyazhsky hills – highways

  • “Green” highway suitable for beginners and the youngest guests. The track has a flat and gentle surface. I started my skiing experience with this track, which I advise you if you are a beginner.

  • The “blue” highway it has an average difficulty.
  • The “red” highway – difficult, this is for more advanced athletes with a high level of skill. There are steep elevation differences. Once I risked sliding off the “red” track, where I experienced unreal adrenaline. Considering that I don’t have a lot of experience skiing — it was scary. After all, this track is for confident athletes when skiing on the “you”. If you are not an experienced rider, it is better to refrain from the red track.

Also have “orange” snow tubing track and “blue” track for cross-country skiing.

Going down from the mountain – back to the top you will be taken by lifts (chairlift). While you can relax and unwind, enjoying the surrounding beauty of nature.

Rental point

On the territory of the ski resort “Sviyazhsky Hills” there is a rental point where you can rent equipment and equipment. The equipment for rental is finished about 2 hours before the end of the complex. Also, you can come already with your equipment, paying only for the lift.

From my experience, I will say that it is more profitable to rent equipment at other rental points, and in the resort town of Sviyazhsk Hills to pay only for the cable car.

Do not forget that snowboarding and downhill skiing is a traumatic sport. I advise you to wear equipment and count your skills.

The ski complex provides a training service with instructors who will teach the art of skiing and snowboarding.

The resort “Sviyazhsky hills” has developed infrastructure: service center, cafes and restaurants, hotel complexes, entertainment venues, places for recreation, etc.

Prices and operating hours

Prices and operating hours see on the official website of the resort city “Sviyazhsk hills”: sviyaga-hills.com

The winter season at the resort begins in November-December and lasts until March-April.

How to get to “Sviyazhsky hills” ski resort

The easiest way is a private car, because public transport does not go here, or by taxi. You need to go to the ski area along the M7 highway.

Resort map: sviyaga-hills.com/karta-kurorta

Accommodation at the Sviyazhsky Hills ski Resort

There are two options for living in the resort: alpine houses and hotels. For family holidays and large companies, a house is suitable, and for a smaller number of people, you can choose a hotel.

In the morning until 11.00-12.00 on weekdays it is not crowded. Accordingly, most of the people are on weekends and in the evening. The tracks are illuminated, so you can safely ride in the dark.

Love sports and take care of yourself!


Tatarstan, Verkhneuslonsky district, village. Savino
Phone: 8 843 221 66 11
Website: sviyaga-hills.com

Author Olga Avrakh

Photo Olga Avrakh


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