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The Russian Navy will receive eight surface ships and submarines this year

The United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) plans to transfer eight surface ships and submarines to the Russian Navy in 2022, reports TASS.

The corporation did not specify which ships and submarines the Navy would receive, but said that it would be equipment of “different types and purposes.”

Also TASSreported that the second serial nuclear submarine missile carrier “Borey-A” “Generalissimo Suvorov” will be transferred to the Navy in December 2022.

Earlier it was reported that USC will show the latest developments on March 22 at an exhibition in the State Duma dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the company. The exposition includes ten models of ships and vessels produced by USC.

USC was established in 2007 in accordance with the decree of President Vladimir Putin. The Corporation is the largest shipbuilding holding in Russia, providing about 80% of domestic shipbuilding.

Previously became knownthat Sudan does not object to the appearance of a Russian naval base on its territory if this does not threaten the national security of the country.

The midfielder of the Russian national team spoke about the emotional state after the suspension

Midfielder of the Russian national team and St. Petersburg “Zenith” Daler Kuzyaev on the YouTube channel Russian team shared his emotions after the removal of the national team from participation in international games under the auspices of FIFA.

“Glad we are here. Although, unfortunately, our game with Poland was canceled, we should not lose heart, we must move on. Due to illness, I missed several matches of Zenit, but now I feel great. I train, I play, everything is in order, ”Kuzyaev said.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) and the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) have decided to remove the Russian national team, as well as all Russian clubs from participating in all competitions controlled by these organizations.

On March 24, the Russian national team was supposed to play the first qualifying play-off for the 2022 World Cup against Poland. And in early March, Spartak Moscow was supposed to play in the 1/8 of the Europa League for the first time in ten years.

From March 21 to March 27, the Russian team will hold a training camp despite the suspension. Control meetings with other teams are not planned.

Earlier it was reported that the Ministry of Sports decided assign the status of the European and World Championships to Russian competitions with the participation of foreigners.



Did you know that every city has its own coat of arms? There are many cities in Russia, but each of them has its own coat of arms, which has an interesting legend of appearance. Look through the photos and try to guess which city is depicted on them. And if it doesn’t work out, hints will help you-the names that are located under each picture. Have an interesting trip to the history of Russian cities!















Nizhniy Novgorod














For happiness, an American needs $ 6 thousand, and a Russian needs twice as much…

How much money does it take to be happy?

American scientists have conducted a number of studies and found out that the average American needs about $ 6 thousand per month to be happy, which will cover his necessary expenses. But how much money does a Russian need for happiness?
It turned out that it would cost two times less – $ 3 thousand.
For most Russians, this amount sounds like a fantasy, doesn’t it?

Of course, we are not alone in this situation.
In the world, most families live from paycheck to paycheck, not allowing themselves too much, and this does not please.
However, some of them feel happy and successful, while others, on the contrary, are deeply unhappy.

So the very concept of happiness does not depend on the amount of money you earn?
Hence the conclusion that happy is not the one who has a lot of money, but the one who has enough…

The World Bank has established an approximate scale of poverty:

  • The poverty line, where about every fifth inhabitant of the world falls, occurs if a person accounts for up to $ 1.25 per day.
  • From $2 to $4 is an economically unstable group.
  • Over $4 – people are no longer poor.

If there are free funds left

As you know, most of us, having an income of more than $ 4 a day, are already among the successful (of course, I exaggerate …).
And since in our country a salary of $ 3 thousand is available to units, it will be right to use the good old advice: “Saving a drowning person is the work of the drowning person himself”…

Everything will be much easier for us.
Having analyzed our expenses for the month, and even better, having drawn up a plan of expenses and expected income, we find out how much money remains free.
Every family should have such a plan. Now you can clearly imagine which group you belong to.

If after paying all the payments and planned expenses (gasoline, travel, food …) you still have free funds – feel relieved.
You are already a person who is not bound by debts and you can start making plans for the future.

Someone will be happy that they can afford to go shopping, someone will spend money on entertainment, and someone will save money and start saving for a cherished dream.

Happiness depends on the amount of money earned or how do you dispose of it?

If this state of affairs does not please you, then there is only one way out — to find additional types of earnings.

Many of us “go headlong” into business, work, part-time jobs…
However, think about whether it is worth spending your whole life on an endless race for the best material goods.
After all, every year housing, cars, gadgets will become steeper, fashion is more changeable and you will have to catch up all your life…

Or maybe you should stop for a moment and think about changing your values and priorities?
To allocate free time for self-education, hobbies, for walks and outings with the family, to visit and please your elderly parents with a cake, to meet friends in a cafe, etc.

According to Pareto ‘s Lawsuch a lifestyle will lead you to well-being and feeling happy faster than earning money with uncontrolled expenses, constant fatigue and lack of sleep.

Most people who have achieved success and prosperity have always been able not only to earn money, but also to use it correctly. invest.
Modesty in spending, support of family and friends, self-education and good rest, helped them not to break down and become those who flaunt on the covers of magazines and who are talked about from TV screens.

Good luck to all and prosperity!

The main thing is not to stop dreaming! Interview with a Russian in Vietnam

I want to introduce you to a young man who changed his life radically and left Russia for sunny Vietnam. The monotony of work and life in Russia has become boring for him. And traveling is something he can’t live without now. He talked about the nuances of how to go to live in Vietnam and shared his experience of moving to this country.

– Tell us a little about yourself.

– My name is Alexey. I come from a small town in the Urals. After the service, he moved to live in St. Petersburg, where he worked for 7 years as a foreman at a construction site. Now I live in Vietnam in the city of Nha Trang, I work in a travel agency: selling excursions and consulting tourists.

— How long have you lived in Vietnam? Why did you leave Russia and choose Vietnam?

— I have been living in Vietnam for 9 months. Before making a difficult decision, of course I monitored blogs and various kinds of information, and it took about a year.
The idea to leave Russia appeared in 2014, when I hitchhiked from St. Petersburg to the Crimea. Then I took a sip of the freedom that I lacked so much) Since then, I have been constantly looking for ways to change my life radically! The monotony of work and life in Russia is terribly boring! Work-home / home-work … I think many have such a route. Save up for an apartment, a car, and a cottage, build a career, and then look back at 50 years and realize that all this is not necessary at all! Definitely not!

Initially there were several countries: China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. After reviewing a lot of information, I came to the conclusion that Vietnam is ideal for moving. With visas, everything is easier than in Thailand and other countries. There are no problems with working in Nha Trang either.

— How to move to Vietnam?

— In order to move to Vietnam for three months without any problems, you need to make an invitation (the cost is $ 15) and that’s it =) This is enough time to understand whether you like it here or not, and what to do next.

At the end of the visa, you need to make a visa, this is an option for extending the visa (departure / departure to any country and back).

— Do I need to obtain citizenship in Vietnam to move to permanent residence? Do Russians need a visa to Vietnam?

– Citizenship is not necessary to live in Vietnam. A visa is quite enough.

There are different types of visas to Vietnam: regular and multi-visas. The only difference is that with a multi-visa, you can fly out and fly into the country as much as you want. A regular visa burns out on departure, and in order to get back, you need to make an invitation again.

For example, an invitation for 3 months costs $ 15, if a multi-visa is $ 25. You can do it for six months or a year! A multi-visa for a year costs $ 320. There are also work visas and resident cards, but this is already done locally.

If you plan to stay in the country for no more than fifteen days, you do not need a visa. But if the number of days exceeds this period, then Russians will need a visa to Vietnam.

— Why do the locals love Vietnam? Why do you love this country?

— It’s hard to say what the locals love Vietnam for. But culture and customs are respected by everyone without exception! Basically, they respect the gods and ancestors for giving them opportunities and benefits.

I love this country, living in Vietnam gives me the opportunity to feel freedom and live a normal life. Of course, money is always needed, but here I have enough of it, and in general this is not the main thing. Nature, sea, warmth! There are a lot of people around with crazy journeys behind them! That’s something worth appreciating!

— To avoid the language barrier while living in Vietnam, is it necessary to speak Vietnamese?

– It would not be bad to know the Vietnamese language. This also gives discounts in the markets and it is easier to explain if something is needed. But in Nha Trang, many people understand English, although without it you can always say and show “on your fingers” what you need.

When we were riding bikes from Saigon to Nha Trang, there were difficulties in remote villages. People looked askance and didn’t understand what we wanted. Even more than that, a Vietnamese will not always understand a Vietnamese! Because of the difference in dialects, not everyone from the north will understand a southerner. But in big cities and tourist areas there are no problems to explain.

— There are quite a few Russians living in Vietnam. Why do you think they choose this country?

– Everyone has their own priorities with the choice of country. Life in Vietnam is chosen, in my opinion, because it is easier to live here. Russians are paid more here than Vietnamese, there are no problems with visas, the nature is gorgeous, the sea is two minutes away. What more could you want!?

The Vietnamese are most likely also going to Russia for a better life. Although many people live there because their parents went there during the Vietnam-American War. I know many Vietnamese who have moved back to their homeland. Knowing Russian, they have many opportunities here. Therefore, I do not think that Russia is like the holy Grail for them. Although they love Russia, and when they ask with an accent “vea yu frome” and get the answer “Russia”, they immediately shake hands and smile), not all of course)

— Do the Vietnamese choose Russia as a tourist destination?

— Of course, they also go to Russia as tourists! Many people dream of visiting Moscow and St. Petersburg. But I don’t think this is the most popular direction.

– Are you traveling? What does traveling give you?

— I have traveled through Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Vietnam. In every country there is something else to see and why to return. Traveling for me is definitely something I can’t do without now. I want to travel and visit as much as possible before choosing the very place where I want to meet old age with a loved one)

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to move to another country.

— I don’t understand people who have the opportunity to travel around the world, and they don’t do it. They only make more money out of money. I was also building a career and wanted success, but one day I realized that it didn’t matter! There is a lot of information on the Internet now! You can ask bloggers any questions, it’s very simple! The main thing is not to stop dreaming! =)

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Photo by Alexey


Life in Israel: an interview with a Russian woman who moved to Israel

Sunny Israel attracts many: both tourists and those wishing to move permanently. My sister, who has been living with her family in Israel for 2 years, shared their story of repatriation to Israel, told about the mentality and financial side of this country, as well as about obtaining Israeli citizenship.

– Tell us a little about yourself.

– My name is Julia. I am a mother of three children. My family repatriated from Moscow 2 years ago. At the moment I am sitting at home with the kids, although the paid decree in Israel is up to 3 months, and then usually the kids are sent to a private kindergarten, because the state accepts children only from 3 years old.

— How long have you lived in Israel? What prompted you to move from Russia and why did you choose to live in Israel?

— We have been living in Israel for 2 years. The desire for adventure and certain circumstances (complicated pregnancy) pushed me to move. Thoughts about moving came periodically, but usually ended there. And why Israel? Because there was a possibility of repatriation, and there was also a craving for the sea.

— What do you need to move to Israel for permanent residence? How to get Israeli citizenship?

– People with Jewish roots up to 4 generations, that is, grandchildren or children of Jews, as well as their spouses, can move to Israel for permanent residence.

The paperwork for moving to Israel begins with an appointment for a consular check, it is the consul who gives the go-ahead for the move.

To obtain a permanent residence visa, you need to provide the following documents:

  • photos of all family members who want to be repatriated
  • all documents (originals) available to confirm the Jewish lineage, as well as documents of all relatives (their family and children, parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers)
  • if you have close relatives in Israel, then you need their documents, which include: teudat-zeut (identity cards) of relatives, as well as their exact addresses, phone numbers, dates of their repatriation, that is, complete information.

The whole family comes to the consular check, including children over 3 years old. We brought everything we had, but even that was not enough, the consul said to bring photos of the grave, a work book and a military ID of the grandfather (who is Jewish), as well as the birth certificate of his brother, who died a long time ago. Therefore, you need to bring everything that is possible, since the queues are very long (we ordered several months in advance).

— What do you need for temporary residence in Israel?

– To visit Israel, you need an invitation or a hotel reservation, as well as a return ticket. Tourist visa to Israel it is given at the airport usually for 3 months. Also, in certain cases, it is possible to extend the visa up to a year, this can be done in Misrad Apnim (Ministry of Internal Affairs).

— Why do the locals love Israel? Why do you love this country?

— In my opinion, the locals love their country, but with a kind of love. You need to get used to life in Israel, people and mentality. For example, I can’t get used to the fact that Israelis are very noisy, sometimes it seems they swear all over the street, but in fact they just communicate like that. They love children very much here and allow them everything. Sometimes I think it’s too much, but what can you do. But there is no problem with a wheelchair to visit a doctor, no one will tell you a word, and they will also help to hold the baby. I really don’t like the garbage that many people throw where they go, as well as the non-necessity, because in order to do or get something, you will have to shout and swear almost everywhere. Many things annoyed me, but now I understand it’s just a mentality, and not done out of spite. I love Israel for nature, beauty and the sea above all.

— Is it true that all girls who have citizenship in Israel are legally required to serve in the army?

– According to the law of Israel, all citizens upon reaching the age of 18 are subject to conscription for service in the IDF. The term of military service is 36 months — 3 years (32 months for combat units), for women — 24 months (2 years). Military service in Israel is prestigious. Everyone wants to get there.

– Expensive life in Israel?

— This is one of the main disadvantages, since life in Israel is really expensive.

  • My family and I rent a simple apartment in the city of Bat Yam for 3,000 shekels (without utilities), which is about 50,000 rubles.
  • Utility bills come every 2 months (arnona – 11,000 rubles, light – an average of 5,000 rubles and water – about 3500-4000 rubles).
  • Here we will add additional monthly expenses: phone – on average 2000 rubles, Internet – 2000 rubles, honey. insurance, and there are still everyday needs and products.
  • For example, the cheapest bread costs 100 rubles, milk – from 80 rubles, boiled sausage on average – 1200 rubles / kg, smoked – 2000 rubles / kg, cake – 1500 rubles.

– Work in Israel.

– The work in Israel is hard, and the Olim (new repatriates) are almost everywhere taken on the minimum wage. This is 4,600 shekels (approximately 76,000 rubles).

– Are you traveling? What does traveling give you?

— We loved to travel with our family before moving to Israel, mostly by car in Russia: Uglich, St. Petersburg, Myshkin, Lipetsk, Volgograd, Crimea along and across, and many other cities. In Israel, this is still rarely possible, since in Israel there is only one day off — Saturday, and on this day no transport goes, because in the country on Saturdays it is Shabbat (on this day it is customary to refrain from work, and even transport and all institutions do not work). But we still try to get out, because that’s the only way to relax your soul.

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to move to another country for permanent residence.

– Learn the language in advance, as it is very difficult without a language and there are many difficulties at every step. For example, rent an apartment, go to the doctor, and even pay for a bus pass. One of the biggest problems is not knowing the language.

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Photo of Julia


A Russian woman who runs an American company tells in an interview about life in the United States

Meet another travel lover – this is Alice, who moved with her husband and dog from Russia to the city of angels – Los Angeles to the state of California. Travel and tourism are her life, she reboots while traveling, draws new ideas and a charge of energy, which, after returning to normal life, lasts for several months. Based on her experience, Alice told about some moments of life in America: how to get US citizenship, is life in the states expensive, what kind of work is there in America for Russians and what attitude Americans have towards Russians — read about all this and not only in the interview.

– Tell us a little about yourself.

— My name is Alice Lebedintseva, I am 29 years old, I was born and have lived all my life in the city of Moscow. For 12 years now, my life has been connected with tourism, despite the fact that I am an environmental engineer by education. Tourism is not a job, it’s life, so I can safely say that I live by traveling, exploring new resorts and countries.
At the moment I manage the American company “Golden Star Tour”. This is a tour operator for the reception of tourists in America. We conduct group bus tours, individual tours, book hotels, rent cars and fully support the client during his vacation with us.

— How long have you lived in the USA? Why did you choose this country?

— I have been in the USA quite recently, a year and a half ago, my husband, my dog and I finally came to America and stayed here. I chose this country, or rather the city of Los Angeles in California, 4 years ago on my first visit, then I studied English in this country. The city is close to me in spirit, you can do anything here, there are no borders, barriers and stereotypes, and there is eternal summer here.

– Russians live in the USA. Why do they choose this country?

– Russians live everywhere, but I think the USA has the largest Russian-speaking communities, and these are not only Russians, but also people from CIS countries. What is so attractive about the life of Russians in America? Honestly, it’s hard to answer, everyone has different reasons for moving: someone got married, someone was invited to work, someone because of childhood dreams, and someone has relatives here.

— How to move to the USA?

— There are many nuances of moving to America. The main thing is English, you need to know it, or at least for someone close to know it. And then the documents for renting housing, the availability of funds in stock and much more. But if someone wants to move to the USA, then there are no serious obstacles, the main thing is to delve into all the issues in advance.

— How do I get US citizenship?

— There are many ways to obtain US citizenship: get married, family ties, get or win a Green Card, by naturalization, military service, investment, live in the country legally for at least 5 years, after which there is an opportunity to apply for American citizenship.

— Has it become more difficult for Russians to get a tourist visa to the United States?

— I would say that it has become longer for Russians to get a visa, the main thing is to make an appointment for an interview in Russia or in other countries. That’s the problem, and the bounce rate hasn’t increased.

– The attitude of Americans to Russians.

— If we talk about cities like Los Angeles, New York, Miami, then “local” Americans don’t care who you are and where you come from, there are a lot of emigrants in these cities, and so to speak, Native Americans are already used to having people from different countries around. Therefore, the life of Russians in America is quite calm and free. Only here in California everything is on the “chill”, perhaps in the central states we, like other nations, have a special attitude, but I don’t know what. I know for sure that after the election of President Trump and the stories about Russia’s participation in this, they began to talk more about our country in the news, discuss it, but Americans clearly separate politics from people living in the country.

– Expensive life in America?

  • If you convert prices into rubles, they seem sky-high, especially for housing, but salaries are different here. At the same time, utilities are sometimes cheaper or the same as in Russia.
  • For example, we pay $ 100 a month, in Russia I also paid, sometimes even more, but I know people who pay $ 50, it all depends on the area of residence.
  • Rental housing depends on the state, if we talk about California, in particular Los Angeles, then housing here is on average from $ 1,500 per month.
  • Food prices in the USA: the average trip to the store, if you compare, for example, the number of products in Moscow and here, then in the USA it will be $ 40-50, and in Moscow — 1000-1500 rubles. For example, 10 eggs cost $ 2.5; 1 liter of regular milk – $ 1.5; a loaf of bread – $ 2-3; fresh seafood (1 kg of large shrimp) — $ 20-22; red fish (0.5 kg) – $ 20.
  • In restaurants and cafes, the average cost of a dish is $ 10.
  • As a result, judging by Russian standards, food prices in the United States are higher than in Russia.

According to statistics, in all of America, the most expensive life is in New York, San Francisco is in second place and Los Angeles is already in third.

– Work in America for Russians.

— First of all, everything depends on the knowledge of the English language, documents and, of course, on the person himself. Work in America for Russians, as for everyone else, is estimated by the hour. For example, the minimum wage in Los Angeles is $ 13 per hour, and the salary in Sephora (like Rive Gauche in Russia) is $ 2000, with 2/2 work for 10 hours a day with covered insurance. A good salary is considered $ 5,000, while specialists receive $ 10,000.

— Why do the locals love the USA and why do you love this country?

— I will answer briefly – for freedom of speech, choice, tolerance and quality of life.

— What do you get from traveling?

— During my stay in the USA, I have traveled only in the USA and Russia. Travel, tourism is my life, I reboot when traveling, I get new ideas, I get charged with energy, which after returning to normal life is enough for me for several months.

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to move to another country.

— The first and most important thing is that if you really want it, then do it and believe in victory. The second is English. I recommend watching Dmitry Petrov’s polyglot lessons.

Insta: @alisa_lebedintseva

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Interview with a Russian graduate of Yale University about education in America

A graduate of Yale University, born in Russia and now living in the USA, shares her experience of admission and study in America: how to enroll in the USA, the cost of studying in the USA, a visa for Russian students in America and many other useful information for those wishing to study in the USA.

– Tell us about yourself.

– My name is Nadia Stryuk. I was born and raised in Russia, in the city of Voronezh. I am a graduate of Yale University. Now I live in New York and work for the architectural firm Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

— Why did you decide to get an education in America?

— The quality of education in the USA is better than in Russia. Yale University is among the top dozen universities in the world. And this means not only the highest quality of teaching, but also access to libraries, laboratories and other world-class resources. In addition, in the USA, unlike England with its Oxford and Cambridge, you can study for free.

— What is the difference between American and Russian life?

– Quite a lot of differences, which may be enough for a whole book. Houses and people are really similar to those shown in American movies and TV series. For the first couple of months, I thought I was on the set, and around the scenery.

— How to enroll in the USA?

— If you want to study in the USA, you need to pass the American “Unified State Exam”. You can choose between two different ACT and SAT exams. In both cases, both mathematics and English are tested in one sitting, and not divided into the Unified State Exam in Russian and the Unified State Exam in mathematics, as in Russia. How to understand for yourself which exam to take? Try to solve both and choose which one will be easier to prepare for. In addition to one of these general exams, it is recommended to take two SAT subject tests, but this is not mandatory. Also, foreigners who want to study in the USA need to take an English language proficiency test, which is called TOEFL. In addition to the exams, you will need to send grades from school from grade 8 (preferably, almost all the A’s), two letters of recommendation from teachers, and a resume indicating all the applicant’s extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are very important, so you need to seriously engage in a variety of circles, starting from childhood. Circles can be any: sports, music, drawing. Social work and the desire to help others are also important. Therefore, I recommend actively engaging in volunteer activities.

— Where do visiting students live in America?

— All students, even those whose parents live two blocks from the university, are required to live in a dormitory for the first two years. In this way, for example, Yale University helps new students find friends and feel part of the Yale community. After the second year, students in America can either continue to live in a dormitory or rent an apartment nearby.

– The cost of studying in the USA.

– The full cost of training is approximately $50,000 per year. But many top private universities in the United States give scholarships to poor students, including foreigners. The amount of the scholarship depends on the income of the student’s parents and can reach the full cost of tuition and an additional $15,000-$20,000 per year for accommodation and meals. And talented athletes can get full funding even not in the most rated universities if they agree to train for all four years and defend the honor of the university at competitions.

– Name the most popular universities in America.

– The best universities in the USA, except Yale University, are: Princeton University, Harvard University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Williams College, Amherst College, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, Duke University, California Institute of Technology.

— What are the most popular specialties in America?

– Students in America most often study chemistry, computer science, economics, politics, biology, history, mathematics and psychology. 80-120 students study in these areas in each course. In general, for example, at Yale University, you can study about 80 different specialties.

— How many exam scores are required for admission to US universities?

— You need to score 100 points on the TOEFL exam. There are no minimum scores on the SAT exam as such, but the vast majority of students take from 1400-1500 on the SAT or 32-36 on the ACT.

— What visa is required for Russian students in America?

– Need an F-1 visa. After the university sends the documents confirming admission, you need to fill out an application on the website of the US consulate and make an appointment for an interview. After that, a passport with a visa will be sent by mail. The visa costs $160 and plus an additional SEVIS fee of $200.

— Are the nuances of admission for American and Russian students to American universities different?

— All the requirements for Americans and Russians are the same. There is only one difference, in order for foreign students to get an education in America – they need to pass an additional English language proficiency exam, which is called TOEFL. Also, I think that for foreign students, high exam scores are more important than school grades, and for Americans – the opposite.

– Your advice and wishes for those wishing to enroll in American universities.

– I advise all applicants to believe in themselves and their capabilities. If you make enough effort, you will definitely be able to enroll and study in the USA! The main thing is to continue studying and studying no matter what, even when it seems that nothing is working out and you want to give up. Good luck!

Instagram: @russian_eli – Nadia Stryuk, help with admission to American universities

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Photo by Nadia Stryuk


Interview: The beauty of Russian nature – Lake Baikal

One of the most beautiful and picturesque places that attracts travel lovers and adventurers from all over the world is Lake Baikal in Russia. A resident of one of the oldest Russian cities – from Irkutsk, told about life and tourism on Lake Baikal: the most popular resorts of Lake Baikal, when it is better to go to rest in these parts, where to relax on Lake Baikal and how much the cheapest hotel room costs, as well as other interesting and useful moments.

– Tell us about yourself.

– My name is Ekaterina. I am 27 years old. I was born in Irkutsk, where I live to this day. Since early childhood I have been dancing, I love to run in the morning, even in winter. I am a very creative person and three years ago, when my daughter was born, I discovered a lot of new and interesting activities that turned into a hobby. I love to arrange and decorate holidays and of course travel.

— Have you ever had a desire to move to another country?

— The desire to move permanently to another country has never really arisen. But my family and I really enjoyed spending the winter in Thailand. We spent a month there and now we plan to try to leave for two winter months. After all, we can’t do without our winter, we want slides, skates, and skis.

– Name the most popular resorts of Lake Baikal.

  • I’ll start with my hometown – this is IrkutskIt is one of the oldest cities in Russia and one of the most popular places on Lake Baikal. The city is steeped in history: old manors, houses of famous historical figures, temples.
  • A popular place on Lake Baikal — Listvyanka village, located on the very shore of the lake. There is beautiful nature with stunning views. Listvyanka has a pretty good service for vacationers, there are various entertainments, cafes and restaurants.
  • The next popular resort of Baikal — Olkhon Island, which is considered one of the most picturesque places of Lake Baikal and is a nature reserve. There are small camp sites on the island where tourists can stay. On Olkhon you can do various water sports, or visit historical and architectural monuments.
  • Arshan Resort it is also quite popular on Lake Baikal. There are many healing springs concentrated in this place. There is rich, beautiful nature and clean air.
    The Small Sea is a part of Lake Baikal. It is considered the best place in the region for a beach holiday and for fishing enthusiasts.

— When is it better to go to Baikal?

— We live in Irkutsk, a few kilometers from the unique and mysterious Lake Baikal. The closest location of the lake to Irkutsk is the village of Listvyanka. In general, there are three starting points for the journey to this beautiful lake: Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude, Severobaikalsk. Both in winter and in summer, or rather all year round, Baikal is attractively good. For our family, the favorite time of the year on Lake Baikal is summer. In July and August, we spend the most time on the shores of our wonderful lake, because these are the warmest months in the summer season. If you want to visit Baikal in winter, then it is better to come in February-March. At this time, the lake is fabulous and incredibly beautiful, it is covered with transparent ice, and its thickness is more than 1.5 meters.

  • Definitely, summer it is considered the most popular time to relax on Lake Baikal. In summer, the weather is warm and all attractions are available, ship cruises, rafting on mountain rivers, hiking, etc.
  • Autumn It comes to Baikal in the second half of September and this is the most beautiful time in this place when you can take amazing photos. In autumn there is sunny and windless weather and few tourists. Also during this season, you can visit all the sights on Lake Baikal.
  • In winter a fairy tale and magic are coming to Baikal, there is unusually clean air, snow-white snow and clear sky. A popular place to celebrate the New Year on Lake Baikal is the village of Listvyanka. There is a fairly developed infrastructure for tourists, for example, you can ride dog sleds and snowmobiles, visit Russian folk festivals. Also, for lovers of outdoor activities, we have a ski resort in Baikalsk.
  • In spring nature wakes up on Lake Baikal, and everything begins to bloom with bright colors. In May, you can see an incredible sight – an ice drift, it’s an amazing beauty.

— Where to relax on Lake Baikal and what are the best places for swimming?

— My family and I adore the recreation center “Kultushnaya”, 300 km from Irkutsk in the direction of Ulan-Ude. There is incredibly clean, beautiful and invigorating water, a sandy beach and fresh air. Even babies bathe, the water is comfortable and pleasant to the body. Also in summer it is very cool on the Small Sea, Mandarkhan Bay is the warmest bay of Mukhor Bay. There are a lot of tourist bases everywhere. Especially cool and popular for young people and hangouts is the recreation center “Zuun-Hagun”. But Fr . has a special energy and attractiveness . Olkhon. In this place of indescribable beauty, nature, sandy beach and crystal water, and it is cooler than in the bays, but there are water baths on the beach. Even kids like to steam and jump right into the water. And in winter Olkhon is simply fascinating. There we come to collect our thoughts and recharge with its most powerful energy.

— How are things with the infrastructure on Lake Baikal?

– The infrastructure on Lake Baikal is gradually developing for the better. There are quite a lot of beautiful, comfortable camp sites and just wooden houses for recreation, also with all the necessary comfort for a person. There are also hotels with luxury rooms. Shops with food and souvenirs are also quite enough, as well as cafes, restaurants of different levels.

– Is it expensive to rest on Lake Baikal?

— In my opinion, it is quite expensive to rest on Lake Baikal. The most expensive is housing on Lake Baikal, or rather rent. On average, the cheapest hotel room is from 5,000 rubles per day. There are more budget options – houses, and their average price varies from 500 to 1000 rubles per person. A lot of us like to rest in tents, be closer to nature, cook over a campfire. It certainly comes out much cheaper. Of course, you can always find a more budget option, for example, rent a house on Lake Baikal from local residents. All that concerns cafes, restaurants and other services, I can say that the price does not correspond to the quality of the service provided. For example, in one of the restaurants in the village of Listvyanka, a portion of 100-150 gr. “Sagudaya” costs about 650 rubles.

— How developed is tourism on Lake Baikal?

– Unfortunately, tourism on Lake Baikal is poorly developed, everything depends on money. It is put in such a way that no one thinks that people will return to them again. Just a stream of tourists who bring money. There is no desire to improve the service, grow and develop. And this is very sad and insulting for such a beautiful place as Baikal.

— How does mobile communication work on Lake Baikal?

– In the more visited and popular places on Lake Baikal there is a mobile connection: MTS, Megafon, Beeline, Tele2. If you do not want to connect roaming, you can purchase a local SIM card in Irkutsk. But in the protected areas of Lake Baikal, only satellite communication works.

— How are things going with work on Lake Baikal?

– The main source of income for local residents is fishing, souvenir trade and our local fish. In every second house you can buy fish, or rent a room or a house. Most of the vacancies are related to the service sector: waiters, security, administrators. The average salary is 15,000 rubles .

— Why do the locals love Eastern Siberia?

– This is undoubtedly fresh air, magnificent nature, the purest water of Lake Baikal. In order to enjoy this splendor, you do not need to travel far. Baikal is always with us. And in order to fully feel all these charms, it is necessary to visit these places, as they give strength and fill with energy.

— Do the Chinese use the water resources of Lake Baikal to supply drinking water?

— I can’t say for sure, but according to local residents, it can be assumed that Chinese citizens use the resources of Lake Baikal and do not always do it with concern for our nature and people.

— What does traveling give you?

— I love traveling. My dream is to travel all over Russia and Europe, and then the whole world. The main thing is a great desire, because it’s so great to learn something new, get acquainted with different cultures, learn the history of each city, meet and communicate with new different people. These are incredible emotions that give an impetus to live and enjoy every minute of your life even more.

– Your advice and wishes to travelers.

– Do not forget to find out and get acquainted with places in advance in order to know not only the positive aspects, but also to be prepared for difficulties. I wish everyone to visit the places where you dream of coming at least once, and then make plans and act. After all, dreams tend to come true.

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Interview with a Russian woman: about moving and living in India

A country of insane contrast, there may be a shack made of sheets of iron and oilcloth in front of an expensive house with gold trim. This is India. It’s no secret that there are many Russians living in this country, and one of them is Dasha, originally from Kazakhstan, who has been living in Goa for 4 years, where she married an Indian. Dear life in India, how to move to this country, mentality, culture, medicine, visa to India: Dasha told about all this and not only in an interview.

– Tell us about yourself.

– hello! My name is Dasha! I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Almaty (Kazakhstan). I graduated as an accountant there and even managed to work with them, but life ordered otherwise, and for 4 years I have been living in India and own a travel company in Goa Phoenix Travels Goa.

— How did you end up in India?

— Back in 2013, my friend and I landed for the first time on the shores of the Arabian Sea in the beautiful state of Goa. Actually, this is where my love with India began.

– Tell us about your acquaintance with your husband, because he is from India?

– Yes, my husband is from India, Maharashtra. We met him on my first flight to Goa. Although, to be more precise, at first my friend and I met two girls from Ukraine who were vacationing there. Well, then one of them introduced us to her, at that time, a young man! We communicated exclusively as friends, but just a couple of days after we met, he broke off relations with her. Then there were millions of SMS messages, hours of Skype conversations, breakups. But fate sent me to India again, this time to work. Naturally, I didn’t tell him anything about it, but he found out and found it. And for 3 years now, we have been married and raising a wonderful son.

– Do you miss your homeland?

– I miss you, but more for close people. Actually, that’s why the whole family flies to Kazakhstan every year to visit.

— Was it difficult to adapt to life in India after moving?

— Since I grew up in an eastern country, the period of my adaptation passed much faster.

– Your favorite place in India.

– Of course I love Goa, like many. But I also really like the city of contrasts Mumbai, and of course “only mountains can be better than mountains”, so the Himalayas are also my favorite place.

— What do you recommend to see in India?

— There is something very interesting at every turn in India, take, for example, Hindu temples. But the tourist must watch is of course: the Taj Mahal in Agra is a white marble palace, it is one of the most grandiose architectural monuments of India. Another striking architectural Indian attraction is the Lotus Temple in Delhi, which is a large building made of snow-white marble in the form of a blooming lotus flower. Slums in India are one of the main tourist symbols of Bombay. The movie “Slumdog Millionaire” was filmed in these places. The Gate of India to Mumbai is a basalt triumphal arch, and its height is 26 meters. Osho Ashram in Pune is a meditation center. The Himalayas are the highest mountains of the Earth, as well as the centers of Tibetan medicine, Goa, the village of Hampi.

Read also an interview with a Russian girl about an independent trip to India – to the land of contrasts.

– Tell us interesting facts about India.

— The most important fact: India is a country of insane contrast. India is when a shack made of sheets of iron and oilcloth can stand in front of an expensive house with gold trim. India is when guys can walk holding hands, not because they have the appropriate orientation, but because they are just good friends. India is a country that either accepts or does not and the other is not given. So you will either fall in love with her, or you will hate her!

— How to move to India for permanent residence?

— There are certainly a million nuances here.

  • But the easiest, of course, my option is to get married in India, or rather an Indian!
  • But I know a lot of our compatriots who live in India for months on a tourist visa. Tourist visas to India are available for 1, 3 and 6 months. The visa fee is $60. It is important to remember that work on a tourist visa is strictly prohibited and it is necessary to apply for a work or business visa for work.

– Expensive life in India?

— It all depends on where to live in India. In Goa, for example, prices for many products are the same as in Russia or Kazakhstan.

  • The average check in the supermarket will be about $ 30 -40 $, and in remote areas 15-20 $ less.
  • It’s the same with renting housing, we live in Goa and rent a 2-room apartment in a nice complex with a swimming pool and gym for $ 470 per month, and our friend in Mumbai rents the same apartment for $ 3000 per month. So much for a poor country!

As in many countries, life in India depends on the city and area of residence.

– Work in India.

– Considering the population of India, there is no shortage of personnel here. But this does not apply to Bollywood, new foreign faces are always needed here. The average salary for Indians is 15,000-20,000 rs (this is about the same in rubles). There are a huge number of interior designers, developers and IT specialists, but the highest paid are doctors. Goa has a huge number of foreign photographers, artists performing in local bars/restaurants, tour guides and tourism managers.

– Good medicine in India? Is it paid?

– Ayurveda (traditional medicine) is very popular in India. In this, India definitely has no equal.

— What dishes of local cuisine would you recommend to try?

– Oh, Indian cuisine, it’s just a work of art! Indian cuisine is when there are many times more spices, seasonings and spices in a dish than the ingredients themselves. So in the restaurant, feel free to order everything, but it is advisable to ask for non spicy (not spicy).

– Tell us about education and kindergartens in India.

— Here, as in many countries, there is preschool, school and higher education. The difference is that preschool is compulsory and children go to kindergarten from the age of 3.

— What language should I speak in India?

– As you know, there are more than 300 languages and dialects in India. But elementary knowledge of English and goodwill will help you travel here without any problems.

– Tell us about the traditions, culture and mentality in the country.

— It is very difficult to describe it briefly, since India is multifaceted in all its aspects. The people here are very religious. And you know, I have never met a person here who would say that he does not believe in God/Allah/Shiva. And what is most interesting, most often they believe in all of them. Take, for example, my husband and his relatives. They are Hindus (people professing Hinduism), but my husband does not take off the cross and always comes to church with me with an open heart. And it’s normal for India to just believe, just not challenge religions and beliefs, just go with the flow.

— Is there a difference in mentality and culture between you and your husband?

– In general, of course there is a difference, but we are already used to it and now we have our own special mentality in the family – mixed, so to speak.

– Your life hacks about India.

– The main life hack is to stop listening to all the stereotypes about India and just come here. Well, then remember that it is more interesting and cheaper by train than by plane, the same applies to Rickshaws (tuk-tuk) and taxis. Tap water is taboo. And elementary knowledge of English, of course!

– Are you traveling? What does it give you?

— We have been traveling mainly in India lately, and you know, it’s incredibly interesting to watch when you are still in one country, and in front of you is the same Indian, but he has a different culture and even language! It’s amazing.

– Your advice and wishes to those wishing to leave for permanent residence abroad.

— It is important that the country with its people, culture and mentality is close in spirit, then everything will work out! The main desire!

Instagram: @darya_kuksina_hegade, @phoenix_travels_goa

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Interview with a Russian girl about life in Mexico

The contrast of modern megacities with the world of ancient Indians, and the mixing of several cultures is Mexico. You can talk a lot about her, and a year is not enough to get to know her. Or maybe it’s better to stay in Mexico, as Tatiana did, having once moved from Moscow to this sunny country. Be inspired by the interesting story of Tatiana’s move to the Mexican United States, her life experience and tips about holidays in this country.

– Tell us about yourself.

– I am Tanya, born and raised in Moscow. By education, a journalist and photographer, graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University with a degree in photojournalism. And I’ve been living in Mexico for 10 years now. Here I have my own photography business, two children with dual citizenship and a Mexican husband.

– Your story of moving to Mexico.

— I always wanted to be a photographer, and when I entered the journalism faculty at Moscow State University, long journeys and unusual, exotic countries began to attract me — after all, I saw photographs from all over the world in the portfolio of my teachers and colleagues. At one of the photography workshops in Europe, I met the Mexican photographer Raul. This acquaintance led me to Mexico. Who would have thought that in 10 years I would be living in Mexico, we would be married, with two children and a family business – a photo studio!

— How do I get Mexican citizenship?

— The easiest way to obtain residence and then citizenship in Mexico is to marry a Mexican or have a child in the country. You can also live in the country for at least 5 years with official registration at work and then apply for citizenship. Or you can make an investment in the country’s economy and obtain citizenship in Mexico.

— What is the difference between life in Mexico and in Russia?

— It just can’t be compared! Life in Mexico is very different! For example, here we live in spacious houses, not in apartments. Children’s education and medicine are paid. Public transport is not developed, everything is by car. Education and, accordingly, a good job are not available to everyone, hence the sharp difference in social classes. It is also customary to have a housekeeper and a nanny, it is not expensive here, since these are people from a different socio-economic stratum.

— What to see in Mexico for a tourist?

– We need to see everything! It will take you at least a year to see all the sights of Mexico.

Mexico. What to see for a tourist:

  • Chichen Itza, Cenotes, Isla Mujeres — The Caribbean coast in the south.
  • There are an incredible number of museums in the capital: be sure to visit the Bayas Artes, the Frida Kahlo Museum.
  • Not far from the capital are the pyramids of Azteca — Tetihuacan. Above them you can fly in a hot air balloon at dawn.
  • You should definitely go to the Popocatepetl Volcano. Many legends and tales from the history of Mexico are associated with this mountain.
  • Features of Mexico, 111 – magical villages. These are colorful small towns with colonial architecture, many of them are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And how many delicious local food you can taste there!
  • Follow the center of the country and north to the Pacific coast, for example, to Puerto Vayarta. A quiet town on the coast lives a measured life. Many pensioners from the USA and Canada live there.
  • In La Paz, in the state of Baja California, you can swim with whales!

And this is just a small list of several attractions in Mexico.

— When is it better to go to Mexico for a vacation?

– In winter it is better to go to the coast, and in summer to the center of the country and cities. Why? Summer in Mexico is the rainy season, hurricanes and constant torrential rains can occur on the ocean. And in winter it’s too cold in the cities, you will be most comfortable by the sea!

— Do Russians need a visa to Mexico?

– Visa is not needed. Currently, a free electronic permit is used, it can be issued online for free on the embassy’s website. They say it will be canceled soon.

– Prices in Mexico 2018.

– Traveling in Mexico is not very expensive, but also not as cheap as many people think.

  • A room on Airbnb (a rental website) from $ 35 per night, a hotel room from $ 100 per night.
  • Housing prices in Mexico start at $ 500 per month, but this is for those who are renting for a long time. In the short term, it will most likely be more expensive.
    To buy real estate in Mexico, you need a residence in the country, or citizenship. You can find a small house or apartment for 3 million rubles. Closer to the sea or in a prestigious area, the price increases indefinitely!
  • The cheapest prices in Mexico are for food. Something edible is sold on every corner, you can eat tacos (a traditional local dish) from 150 rubles per person!
  • I do not recommend public transport to get around the city. Use Uber or taxi in Mexico. The price depends on the region. For example, a trip in 20 minutes costs 200-300 rubles. You can also rent a car in Mexico, it will cost about $ 50 per day.
  • To get around Mexico between cities, you can also use a rented car (calculate the cost of gasoline and toll roads), buses – I recommend ETN, it will cost $ 50 per trip between cities. Or planes — $ 100 flight between nearby cities, $ 250-300 – if you fly from the center of the country to the coast.

– Work in Mexico.

— You will be able to work only with a work permit, it must be issued before entering the country through an invitation from the employer. Proficiency in Spanish and English will be a prerequisite. In tourist regions, for example, in the Caribbean, feel free to look for a job in the tourism sector!

– Tell us about the mentality of Mexicans and their culture.

– Mexicans are both similar and not like Russians! The main differences are putting everything off until tomorrow, never being punctual: neither in work nor in personal life. This is an ostentatious friendliness and smiles, which are nothing more than a manifestation of politeness, not friendship, as many Russians think at first!

A class society where your standard of living and the attitude of others towards you depend on which social class you belong to. Hence the so-called classism – racism, but on the grounds of income level.

At the same time, Mexicans are very family, responsible husbands and dads. And of course, Mexicans adore foreigners and worship white skin! If you are from Europe – much better. The USA and Americans are disliked here, as well as here.

Mexicans are patriots, don’t try to criticize their country out loud. Do not try to feed them borscht or dumplings, they will prefer tacos – a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine!

— How to marry a Mexican?)

– You need to be a white girl with blue eyes, then a Mexican husband is at your feet! A joke) In fact, as everywhere else, you need to look for your own person with a similar character and plans for life.

– Tell us about kindergartens and the education system in Mexico.

– Education is divided into private colleges and public schools. Compulsory education up to the 8th grade of secondary school. Public schools are considered much weaker than private ones, there are often overcrowded classrooms, there are not enough teachers, the behavior of students is beyond control – and many children there are from poor neighborhoods and from disadvantaged families.

Mexico’s private kindergartens, colleges and universities are very pleasant. They respect the child there, there is half a day of study in English, and half a day in Spanish. They often teach additional subjects there: music, art, science in English. Or alternative systems are creeping in: constructivism, Montessori, Waldorf.

You will find private colleges in Mexico for every taste and budget. Children are brought there by cars – a special nanny helps children get out of the car and go to school so that a traffic jam does not form in front of the college gates, and all parents would have time to take their children on time. After all, lessons begin at 7.30 am.

— What dishes of Mexican cuisine would you recommend to try?

– It is impossible to answer this question! Mexican cuisine, thanks to its diversity, adherence to traditions and richness of tastes, is listed in UNESCO as a heritage of humanity on a par with French. I advise you to try typical dishes in each region, especially at markets or “tiangis” – mobile markets that work on certain days of the week.

Mandatory for tasting: posole, mole, guacamole, birria, tacos, seafood cocktail, sopa azteca, tostadas, enfriholadas, enchiladas, chili en nogada, gorditas, atole, tamales, tepache, teuino, posol, numerous types of tropical fruits and ice cream from them!

— What does traveling give you?

– Traveling is an incomparable experience, they enrich our inner world so much, make us more tolerant of a “different” way of life, open up new facets of the world and ourselves to us. My dream is to start traveling all over Mexico and talk about it on my Instagram.

– Your wishes to travelers going to Mexico.

– Logic is your faithful assistant on vacation in Mexico. In Mexico, everywhere is dangerous – not true, in Mexico everywhere is safe – a lie. Focus on forums, on local advice, on your own flair. The same intuition will come in handy when choosing a place for lunch. We saw a crowd of locals chewing merrily — it’s probably delicious, inexpensive, and you won’t get poisoned!

Instagram: @tania.mexika

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A Russian woman talks about moving and living in Italy

Before moving to Italy, first you just need to live here for at least three months. Italy during the holidays and Italy daily are completely different things. So advises Nastya, who moved from Russia to Italy. Nastya talks about moving and living in this country, and shares her life hacks.

– Let’s get acquainted)

– Hi, I’m Nastya, now I live in Italy in Sicily. Until I was 30, I lived and worked in Moscow, and traveled a lot. Therefore, today, travel routes are a part of my life in a new place. I do author tours to Sicily, and I write various useful things about the island on Instagram.

— How did you end up in Italy?

– Ahah) everything is banal here. In 2017, my friend and I flew to Sicily for a vacation, and decided to take a bike for independent rides around the island (naive, then we could not even think that this idea was very adventurous, and how much it would turn my life around). After a delicious dinner, we decided to ride a bike and … in general, in the parking lot I safely crashed into the wall, fell … poof (it doesn’t hurt, everything is fine). And he, my future husband, went to see if his bike was in order, since they were parked nearby. And then like in the movies: meetings, flights Moscow-Sicily, and last year we had a wedding in the most beautiful city of Sicily — Taormina.

— How did Italy win your heart?

— The first time I flew to Italy in 2009, and everything is irrevocable. I fell in love forever, first with Rome, then with the whole country: smells, people, cuisine, atmosphere. And I am constantly mistaken for a local, I think in a previous life, I was definitely Italian)

– Do you miss your homeland?)

– I miss my family, parents, sister, and my godchildren, but the age of technology, and we often communicate via Skype. Yes, and you can always fly (fortunately, you will instill it in 3.5 hours). Sometimes I also miss various services, for example, convenience stores, beauty salons, cheap taxi, and, perhaps, rhythm. Yes, yes, this crazy spirit and rhythm of a big city is sometimes not enough, it’s at such moments that I understand that I need to fly to recharge with this energy.

— Was it difficult to get used to the Italian rhythm of life and culture?

– Oh, no, I joined so organically and easily, seriously, as if it was all familiar from birth: food culture, life culture, atmosphere. It’s 100% mine. But I know from experience, this is not the case for everyone. And of course, everything depends initially on the personal perception of life, no matter where on the planet you are.

— How to move to Italy for permanent residence?

— Everything here is quite simple and complicated at the same time. First, immediately prepare a wagon of patience, because paperwork is 7 circles of hell. Believe me, bureaucracy in Italy is not for the faint of heart)

Ways to move to Italy:

  • By study – you enter the university, you are given a residence permit for the duration of your studies (you need to update it every year)
  • Employment (this is when a company invites you, BUT in order for this to happen, you must be a super specialist who cannot be found in Italy, because the employer will pay double tax for you)
  • The work of Autonomo is like an individual entrepreneur (in order to move according to this option, you need to have an early amount of money in your account, plus money to open a business in Italy, rent a room, etc.)
  • Family Reunion
  • Marriage with a local

Perhaps these are all legal ways – how to move to Italy for permanent residence.

— Do I need to take an exam in Italian to move to Italy?

– The exam must be taken when obtaining citizenship. And you can apply for citizenship after 5-10 years, depending on the activity and the motive for being in the country.

— How much does it cost to live in Italy?

— Everything depends on the region here: the North is of course a little more expensive than the South, but the South is more attractive for its climate and products. I have lived in all regions of Italy, I have traveled almost all of it.

The prices in Italy are as follows:

  • Rental housing: 600-700 euros – North (studio 40-50 sq.m.), South – 450-600 euros (studio 40-60 sq.m.).
  • The communal apartment depends on the time of year, heating system, and energy. On average, from 500 to 1500 euros per year.
  • The grocery basket depends on the region and preferences, plus the number of people. For example, we (two of us) on average spend about 400 euros a month on food, half of this budget is for seafood, fresh fish almost every day. Someone takes 200-250 euros.

— What are the most popular specialties in Italy and what are the po?

— In Italy, any job is a job, and the person who has it is happy. The top ones are lawyers, doctors, and economists. The salary depends on the region, the average salary in Italy is 1200-1500 euros, and such a po is considered very good.

Is there unemployment in Italy? It is everywhere, it is a question of motivation and personal desires. Of course, if you studied to be a manager and /or a similar activity, and then you can’t find a job for this position, it’s sad, but people don’t want to work for 500 euros, having knowledge for 1000, plus many people live quietly on an allowance of 500-600 euros (provided their housing). Who is looking and wants, will always find.

— How do Italians treat Russians?

— And how do Russians treat Italians? Such questions are always asked only by residents of Russia and their nearest neighbors.

People are treated as they deserve. What you radiate is what you receive. True, in the South of Italy for more than one year, the cult and boom for a Russian wife, they really want it, and are very proud of it. So girls – for your note)

– Is it true that Italians think about starting a family only by the age of 35-40? Why is that?)

– Absolutely right, moreover, they can meet for 5-10 years, live together. Why? Everything is simple here. In Italy, there is a very small percentage of divorces, and literally 5 years ago – it was generally prohibited, so if Italians decide to get married, then as a rule it is forever.

— What are the pros and cons of living in Italy?

– The advantages are definitely climate, beauty, atmosphere, attitude to life, quality of products, and rich cultural heritage.

I don’t get hung up on the minuses, as I already said, if I suddenly miss the rhythm and spirit of Moscow, I take a ticket and fly in for a few days.

— How do you think life in Italy differs from life in Russia?

– A lot of people. Italians love and know how to enjoy life. Perhaps, living in such beauty, it certainly comes easier. The attitude to life, the things around us, ecology, etc. differs. The quality of life itself. But Italy is losing out to Russia in the field of beauty services, and heaps of useful services.

– Your life hacks about moving to Italy.

– Ahhahah. Before you move, first just live here for at least three months. Italy during the holidays and Italy daily are completely different things. If you want to work in this country, then the language is mandatory. And if you feel one hundred percent that this is yours, then go ahead: we set goals, choose a path and go. The main desire and patience:)

Instagram: @anastasiia.v.italii

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