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23 ways to save money

How to learn to save money and save

If you use each of these methods without fanaticism, you can save up to 30% of the family budget. All the tips below on how to learn how to save money have been tried and tested by time.

1. Take care of the little things.
50 rubles a day is 18,000 a year!

2. No – impulsive purchases.
Give yourself 24 hours to think before a major purchase.
Perhaps you will be very happy with the money saved, because later you will find it meaningless.

3. Record all expenses down to the smallest detail.
At the end of the month, you analyze what is unnecessary. Savings can be up to 20%

4. Write down your expenditure items.
For example, for food, utilities, entertainment, travel…
So you will know the limits and try not to go beyond these limits.

5. Short-term goals of obtaining additional income.
For example, to really earn 1-3 thousand a week, than to dream of an unattainable 50 thousand.
Find a side job every week at least a little bit.
As they say — grain by grain…

6. Take lunch with you to work.

7. Go to the store with a shopping list.
Everyone knows about it, but few people do…

8. Give up credit cards.
By paying the debt now, you will get rid of interest payments.
Make a repayment plan and try to do without loans.

9. We release the cabinets.
Something can be sold or exchanged with friends, which will save some part of the budget.

10. Forget about fast food.
Save both money and health.

11. Quit smoking.
An average of 15-20 thousand people spend on cigarettes per year.

12. Keep an eye on electricity and water.
The saved 300 rubles per month is another 3,600 rubles per year.

13. A miser pays twice!
Choose quality products. Thus, you will avoid repair costs.

14. Be rational.
Compare prices not only when choosing things and products, but also for taxi services… Be aware of price comparison services such as yandex.market.

15. Stress expenses.
Don’t go to the store to relieve stress. It is better to meet and spend time with friends and family, and then go to bed.

16. Check the services of the mobile operator and banks.
Paid services, which you can do without – disable. For statements, information can be withdrawn up to 10 rubles. per day. This is 300 rubles per month and 3,600 per year.

17. The rule of spontaneous purchase.
If you find yourself in a store without a list, then before you pay for the goods, think about what you can return back to the shelf.

18. Rent out everything you can.
A room, a car standing in the garage, a garage, a summer cottage for the season…

19. Use the services of cashback sites that return interest on purchases made.
However, buy only the necessary things!

20. Do not carry extra money with you.
No money — no temptation to spend.

21. Make a financial plan, highlighting the goals.
When you know what you are saving for, then saving and earning will be much faster and easier.

22. Start keeping a personal budget.
You can download the program or just keep a notebook. Tune in for 2 months, then it will become a habit.

23. Don’t let the money just lie there.
Invest and multiply the savings. In a few years, you can accumulate an impressive amount and live on the income from investments.

How to learn to save and what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to save money in Germany

On October 30, the World Economy Day is celebrated.
Therefore, let’s see how you can learn to save from the most thrifty nation…

In this regard, it is worth remembering the widespread myth that the most thrifty citizens in the world live in Germany.
And … statistics show that this is not a myth at all, but a real fact!
Sometimes you can be amazed at what the frugality of modern Germans comes to!

How to learn to save on sales

In November, the traditional sales season begins in Germany, which is often called the Christmas sales season.
After all, preparations for Christmas will start on November 11 at 11:11 a.m. local time.

Germans love all kinds of discounts and sales more than anyone else in the world.
About thirty-seven million residents of the country prefer to shop online.
Thus, you can save significantly with the help of special discount coupons in online stores.

Saving on your own

Most Germans, in order to save money, try to do a lot on their own.

Every fifth person personally prepares costumes for various holidays and carnivals.
Many German women prefer to dye their hair at home, rather than in special salons.
Most families prefer to cook at home.
One of the most popular, everyday dishes in Germany is often the most ordinary pasta from the supermarket!

Food and cigarettes

But it is worth saying that the above still looks more or less decent, unlike the fact that some Germans choose products with expiring expiration dates in order to save money!

Over 80% of respondents are very attentive to their purchases.
They buy exactly as many products as they need at the moment.

Cigarettes in Germany are quite expensive, which is for many a weighty argument in favor of quitting smoking.
Some of those who have not decided to give up this wasteful habit are looking for other means of saving. And they often go as far as making the most banal hand-rolled cigarettes!

Savings in the fold

Also in Germany, in order to save money, it is quite popular to do various things in a fold.

This applies not only to rental housing, when an apartment is rented by two or more residents to save on rent.
This type of economy is popular mainly among students.

In addition, every fifth person buys gifts for friends and relatives “in a fold”.
And some Germans don’t give anything at all. Even the closest and dearest people.

But the Christmas holidays, which are very popular in Germany, nevertheless, the conception makes even the most economical Germans fork out!


Sometimes young Germans who want to travel choose the option of hitchhiking.
You can save up to 100% of the trip cost on it.
This type of economy is called Blablacar.
As a rule, German youth devote a lot of effort to training and career growth.
Therefore, they prefer to save when they are young, and spend on travel at a more mature age.

Economy in German…

How to save and earn money on purchases in the USA

How to save money in the USA?

Some companies use a network of independent sales consultants to distribute their products. They receive a certain percentage of the value of the goods sold.
Therefore, saving money on purchases in the USA is a common and familiar thing for many residents.

Such a network can be multi-stage, when a seller with an established clientele finds people willing to work on similar terms.

In this case, he will also receive a certain percentage of the sales volume of these people and all those whom they will attract in the future.


This is how goods that need individual selection are usually sold.
Often in cases where a combination of different components is needed for different clients. Or, if the customer needs detailed explanations of how to use these products.
Most often, cosmetic products, various dietary supplements, weight loss products, and so on are sold in this way.

The most famous examples of such companies are Avon and Magu Kau cosmetics companies. These companies have been selling their products exclusively through sales agents for many years, numbering hundreds of thousands only in the United States.
The phone numbers of local sellers of these products are easy to find in the directory.

This way of trading, as well as catalog sales, allows you to maintain a low level of overhead.
This, in turn, allows you to reduce the price of goods by 40-50% compared to similar ones sold in retail.
Tourist reviews say that it is much more profitable to buy goods in the USA this way.

The difference between “Thrift Store” and “Consignment Store”

The vast majority of stores selling second-hand items belong to charitable organizations, such as Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries. Such stores may be called Thrift Store or Consignment Store.

The difference is that Thrift Store sells items donated to a charity organization.
The proceeds from their sale go to the purposes of this organization, and the Consignment Store operates according to the familiar principle of a commission store. Here only a part of the amount sold remains to the seller after payment to the owner of the sold goods.

Most Americans are not embarrassed by buying clothes, furniture and other used items. So you can buy absolutely everything, even sports equipment like a snowboard.

The cost of goods in such stores is very low (10-15% of their retail price).
However, you can often find high-quality things there, especially in those located in the suburbs.
You can find the addresses of such stores in any search engine.

How to save money in Germany…

How to save on travel in exchange for a little help?

At the moment, almost everyone is concerned about the question – how to travel on a budget? Is there a way to see a lot of interesting places almost for free? Yes! There are many such ways, but now we will talk about traveling as an assistant.

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translation agency lingvomed.ru

All you need to go on an adventure is free time, tickets to your destination and a desire to help make this world even more beautiful. You will be provided with housing, food, communication, the opportunity to visit places that you may have only dreamed of, and all this for a little help and work on your part.
Are you packing your bags already? Wait, first let’s see if it’s as easy as it seems.

How to travel on a budget?


WWOOF is the ancestor of sites for communication between hosts and assistants. You can view ads for helpers for free, but you will not have access to the contact details of the owners. To contact them, you will have to purchase a membership: about 1,700 rubles per year for one person or 2,500 rubles per year for a couple.

What’s the plus? The site specializes in finding assistants for organic farms and farms. Historically, there are more users here than anywhere else, respectively, the chance of finding an interesting offer is higher. For example, in Nepal, an assistant is required for a farm near the capital, Kathmandu.

The family needs an assistant. We grow plants, make spices in a small mill. We can teach the principles of oriental medicine and practice yoga together.


Even though the site looks old-fashioned, there are quite a lot of ads that allow you to save on travel in exchange for help, and the scope of activity is not limited to farms. And membership costs only $ 23 for two years (for one or a couple), and that’s only 1,500 rubles. For example, you can go to Australia, Sydney, and live on a boat, working only 2 hours a day:

Hello. We have a boat fully equipped with everything necessary for life, standing at the Pittwater Pier in Sydney. We are looking for a couple (sorry, we don’t take singles) to work in the garden a couple of hours a day for summer, autumn and spring. In exchange, you can live on a boat, use a stove, refrigerator and gas heater. We also have kayaks, so you can go for walks in the bay. You will cook the food yourself, but we will be happy to take you to the store.


This is the “brother” of HelpX. Membership here is more expensive – 42 US dollars for one or 54 US dollars for a couple per year (respectively 2500 and 3500 rubles).
What can the site offer for this money? Take a look for yourself and find an amazing opportunity to get to the country of your dreams. For example, you can build a cave hotel and live in a cave house in the Canary Islands, Spain.

My dream is a natural life in harmony with nature. I plan to organize a shelter for donkeys and build a cozy cave hotel where you can come with dogs. I would also like schoolchildren to be able to come to me and study the basics of survival in the wild with an instructor. Come and help me implement this project. For dinner I cook typical Canary dishes, and in the afternoon you can take as much fruit and fresh eggs as you want.


And here’s the most interesting thing: an absolutely free website with a lot of offers from around the world that will help you travel on a budget. There is a very important function: you can search immediately on the map. Poke at random, and flew? For example, to Los Angeles, to help in a hostel that was once a Hollywood mansion?

We can accept up to 6 volunteers for a period of 2 months. Creative, non-standard and energetic personalities are required. We are all a very friendly team. It is necessary to work 20-25 hours a week, 4-5 hours a day. You will have plenty of time to see Los Angeles and California.

Of course, there are many questions:

  • Is it possible to go for a week? And for three months?

    Yes! And yes! As you can see, everyone needs help, everywhere and always, so it is necessary to clarify with the owners for what minimum and maximum period they are looking for helpers. Even on a two-week vacation, you can have time to plunge into such an unusual adventure.

  • Will I be fed? Where will I live?

    It is usually assumed that the inviting party provides the assistant with both housing and food, but there may be subtleties that the hosts talk about in their profiles. Do not hesitate to ask, because this is a common practice!

  • Will I get paid for my help?

    No. The principle of such an exchange is precisely that the traveler gets a chance to see the world with minimal costs, and the owner gets the required help with minimal costs. In addition, real work requires a work visa, and it is illegal to work without it. Therefore, when you go to help, do not say that you are a volunteer and are going to work. First of all, you are a tourist.

  • What should I do if I didn’t like the owners? And if they didn’t like me?

    Firstly, there is a feedback system on the sites: you can immediately see the user rating and filter out the “bad” options. If it turned out that already in the process you realize that the conditions do not correspond to those stated in the ad, the best way out is to talk to the owner. You can try to come to a compromise. Or leave an honest review after the trip.

  • I don’t like farming. How else can I help with such projects?

    Yes, anything! Who is not required here, and what kind of tasks are not invented by the owners. This includes helping with children, and drawing or music for art projects, and house repairs, and fishing, and looking after the house while the owner is away, and walking all the dogs in the shelter, and just chatting with like-minded people. There is a job for everyone.

  • Is it possible to go with a child?

    And such cases have happened! It is necessary to negotiate with the host party. This is often what they write in the ad: we welcome families. Nothing is impossible. Remember that children need special attention, so take out insurance for you and your child in advance before the trip.

  • Can I invite assistants? Should I invite too?

    Yes, you can register as a host and call helpers if you need help. This is not a prerequisite, you can only be an assistant, and it will not violate the rules of the communities.
    Now, perhaps, you have no excuses left to postpone the next trip?)

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