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Apartment design for young parents, in which simplicity is combined with sophistication

Specialists of a small Taiwanese company Made Go Design designed an apartment for a young couple and their one-and-a-half-year-old daughter. They managed to make a viable combination of European comfort, Asian minimalism and urban luxury, which in itself deserves approval.

The interior is formed by soft textures, warm colors and exclusive details that bring a sense of comfort, and thanks to the delicate presence of elements with industrial aesthetics, it seems perfectly balanced.

The child’s room radiates, surprisingly, elegance and cozy simplicity. White color dominates here, but not boredom — decorative elements like bright balloons and a wigwam fill the interior with dynamism.

Today, the space looks very cute, but it has the potential to transform as the child grows.

Although the apartment does not differ in impressive size, it accommodates all the functional areas necessary for life, which is ensured by a well-thought-out layout. The most illustrative example of the application of the design approach is the master bedroom.

Here they share the space of the home office and the actual place to sleep. The physical boundary between them is created by a low layout, while various textures and furniture are responsible for visual differentiation.

The designers applied the same win-win approach to the design of the living room, dining room and kitchen.

Competently combining incredibly fashionable decorative elements, such as the Wireflow pendant lamp from Arik Levy, and using exceptionally sound, high-quality materials, the authors of the project create spaces that are distinguished by functionality and impeccable style.

Seemingly insignificant items are evenly distributed throughout the apartment, which ultimately determine the nature of the design. This is, in particular, a stylized gramophone that decorates the desk in the bedroom-office.

And here is another example: exquisite lamps resembling clouds or inverted flasks. In front of us is an exquisite and at the same time cozy model called Muffin, designed by designers Dan Yeffet and Lucie Koldova. Delicate light passes through a blown glass lampshade crowning a wooden base.

The balcony has been turned into a terrace with a mini garden, where a relaxing and natural atmosphere reigns.

And what do you say about this stunning hexagonal tile, thanks to which a completely standard hallway has become a fashionable space that can tell guests about the excellent taste of the owners of the house.

So do you think the minimalism style is suitable for decorating apartments where families with young children live? Share your opinion with our readers.

Simplicity in the interior: getting rid of unnecessary things

Simplicity in the interior of the apartment Ivana

Ivana loves simplicity and simplicity in the interior. She loves the feeling of “empty” space. And this is reflected in the design of her apartment; it is simple, modern and minimal.

Ivana advises all buyers of real estate: “be patient, take your time and enjoy the feeling of “empty” space for exactly as long as you do not pick up furniture to your liking.”

Bedroom in the style of minimalism

The apartment is decorated in a modern style. Located in the center of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal on Roy Street between St. Denis and St. Laurent boulevards, everything you need is within walking distance. Along with the simplicity of the space, Ivana notes her favorite design elements are large windows and natural light.

Ivana is also inspired by young artists, so whenever possible, she is happy to buy their work.

In her apartment there are many paintings created by student artists, such as Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert, Eloise Ptito-Echeverria, Veronica Santangelo, etc. These works of art not only personalize the decor, but also add a little color to the white space.

One of the works of the young artist Eloise Ptito–Echeverria

Ivana about the design of her apartment:

Style: Simple, modern and minimal

Favorite piece of furniture: Large windows and natural light in my office. I also like my pink sofa from designer Gus and the painting in the living room on the top floor. And I also love high doors. They make the ceilings seem higher than 3 meters!

A painting by the artist Isabelle Dufresne-Lienert and a pink sofa in the living room

The main task: to make these two-storey apartments more attractive. This apartment has a lot of free space. There is a large selection of furniture and accessories in the shops closest to the house. Every day, walking along the boulevards of St. Denis and St. Laurent, I look at these interior items in the shop windows, how can I not buy them?

What my friends say: Your apartment is very beautiful and big

Blue bathroom

Minus: There is no photo of my emergency entrance to the apartment, as it has not been repaired. Sometimes I use it as a closet, but you can find another use for it.

My weakness: Mirrors, paintings and various lamps and lamps. As soon as there is money, I can’t help but buy something new.

Wooden table lamp and media stand from Korson

Tip: Buyers of new housing often try to fill the empty space of the apartment with furniture or accessories. I’ve made costly mistakes.

Be patient, take your time and enjoy the feeling of “empty” space for exactly as long as you do not pick up furniture to your liking. Don’t get attached to furniture. If it does not fit your interior, it will be better to sell or give it away.

Living room on the ground floor


Fresh flowers to add bright colors to the interior


Glass (upper) and thermoplastic (lower) kitchen cabinets and white quartz countertop

Standing mirror with steel frame


Painting by Veronica Santangelo

Do you like the interior of this apartment?