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ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA — description of a hotel in the Maldives

Maldives, when most people hear the name of this place on Earth, they imagine the white sands of the beach, the blue waters of the ocean, picturesque places and romance. So it is, the Maldives is exactly the kind of place where people go for romance and a carefree vacation. Moreover, the popularity of this country is growing every year, on its shores you can meet tourists from all over the world, few people refuse the opportunity to soak up the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, walk along a gentle, snow-white beach and see live the very beaches that exactly resemble the picture from the Bounty advertisement. However, when planning a vacation, do not forget about where to stay during the vacation, one of the options for a vacation in the Maldives is the ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel. On the portal https://maldivesin.ru/royal-island-resort you can get more information about ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA.


It should be noted that with the development of tourism in the Maldives, the infrastructure is also developing. The level of tourist service is so high that you will definitely be satisfied. Literally everything is done here to ensure that people rest 100%. You can see for yourself by visiting this state. It should be noted that the Maldives is a Muslim country, so respect the rules, customs and mores of those you are visiting, then there will definitely be no problems.

The ROYAL ISLAND RESORT & SPA hotel is located on a small island, to get to it, tourists are taken from the airport by a small plane, and then a little more by boat. Such a special transfer is very popular with many tourists, because during the journey you can enjoy the picturesque views around. The hotel is more suitable for a romantic holiday, but also suitable for families with children, it is quiet and peaceful. Despite the fact that there are no specially equipped playgrounds for children, only the swimming pool, beaches on the territory of the hotel are so beautiful, and the flora and fauna are diverse that children will definitely have something to do during your vacation.

The hotel itself has:

  • rich number of rooms — 152 rooms;
  • Swimming pool;
  • Children’s pool;
  • the possibility of holding a wedding ceremony;
  • Restaurants, bars/cafes;
  • SPA center.

The cabins (rooms) are very close to the water, near each house there are relaxation areas, sun loungers and an outdoor shower.

How to choose a hotel with SPA services?


Nowadays, which is characterized by the rapid flow of life and the fullness of the latter with negative events, many people do not have the opportunity to relax properly even while on vacation. Due to the above, SPA hotels are in increasing demand. Once in one of these places, a person begins to forget about the problems that torment him and at the same time goes to the universe where complete peace reigns. You can learn more about the services of SPA hotels on the portal https://arli-adler.com/

In order for the dream of a high-quality vacation to come true, you should correctly consider the choice of a SPA complex.

Selection criteria:

  • Swimming pool.

Water has been known for a long time as an effective method that makes it possible to eliminate stress in the shortest possible time. For this reason, if there is a swimming pool in the chosen SPA hotel, then a person will definitely start to feel better even if he does not want to order any minor procedures.

  • Bath complex.

SPA baths are another excellent method that will allow not only to relax, but also to restore vitality. It is worth giving preference to those establishments where there are many diverse baths – in this situation, each guest will be able to find something suitable for himself.

  • SPA treatments.

As a rule, payment for such procedures is carried out in an additional form. However, they should definitely be ordered, because they will be able to make the impressions received from visiting the spa more voluminous, as well as bring much more health benefits.

Usually, such centers offer dozens of varieties of these services, designed for high-quality care for the face, legs, arms, hair and other parts of the body. There are also author complexes that are developed on the basis of the traditions of the peoples living on the territory of our country. For some procedures, the client must come alone, while others can be visited by couples in love.

  • Food.

Since the recovery of the body requires impressive energy costs, SPA hotels should have a catering point where exclusively healthy food is served (fresh fruits, smoothies, fresh fruits, etc.).

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