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How to move to Spain?

As a rule, many citizens want to move to live in Spain. As for the presence of the same official registration in the country, it will allow you to move freely in the Schengen area, getting a high-paying job.

How to move to Spain? Useful information. Valuable tips. Main aspects

  1. First of all, I would like to highlight many ways thanks to hispania that will allow you to realize your idea and move to Spain for permanent residence. For example, you can do this as a student, or through marriage with a resident of Spain, through investments, through a job offer and much more.
  2. Also, it should be added, there is another popular way that will allow you to realize the idea, namely, to arrive in Spain on a tourist visa, thereby remaining illegal. After three years, it will be necessary to legalize by settlement.
  3. You must clearly understand and know for sure that a student residence, as a rule, will not be a residence permit. As for a long-term student visa, she will be able to give the right to reside in the country, doing so for a year. But if there is a registration of Spanish citizenship, then keep in mind that the period will not be counted in the length of legal stay in the territory of this country.

Now, you yourself must take into account in order to understand that in order to be able to move to Spain for permanent residence, doing this on a student visa, then you must be enrolled in a full course of study at a Spanish educational institution that has an authorization that issues diplomas, as well as certificates upon graduation.

In addition to all that has been said, I would like to highlight another no less relevant method, namely, an investor visa. As a rule, this method of moving to Spain for permanent residence from Russia is ideal for those entrepreneurs who plan to make significant investments in Spanish real estate, business, and possibly assets.  Everything depends only on your competent approach to the issue, which means that try to choose for yourself the most optimal way to implement the idea.


Spain is a wonderful tourist country. Who wouldn’t want to go there at least once in their life? How do I apply for a visa to this beautiful country? What is the cost of a visa to Spain? This will be discussed in today’s article.

Features of receiving

The visa application must be reviewed by the Spanish Consulate within 4 working days.

It is very important to submit a questionnaire 90 days before the planned trip.

The visa application must be completed in English or Spanish.

What documents are needed?

  • The application you signed;
  • Color high-quality photos on a white background 3.5×4.5 cm in two versions. It is important to take a full-face photo and it is desirable that the ears are open. Photos should be taken no earlier than six months before submitting the questionnaire;
  • International passport;
  • A copy of the pages of the Russian passport;
  • Confirmation of an eyebrow in a hotel in Spain or a copy of an apartment rental;
  • Medical policy;
  • Booked plane tickets;
  • Fingerprints. This procedure has recently become mandatory when applying for a visa. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from it. All others must undergo fingerprinting. It will be held during the period of submission of documents. The next 5 years it will be considered valid, and then you will need to pass it again.
  • If the trip will be carried out by car, then you definitely need a technical passport, certificate, license and international insurance.

How much does a visa to Spain cost?

The average price of a visa is about 2500 rubles. It all depends on the company in which you will issue it.

Will there be additional costs?

Of course, you will have to spend some more money. The Visa application center will require payment for consular and service fees. It is advisable to specify this amount in advance, since due to the difference in currency and political values, it can change significantly.

Who can help with visa processing?

In addition to visa centers, you can ask for help from many travel agencies that also deal with visas. The possibility of specifying this service should be specified in the specifically selected travel agency.

So, we can conclude that getting a visa to Spain is not as difficult as it seems. Approach the question by studying it in advance and then everything will definitely work out.

Interior design of an apartment of 70 square meters – expanding the space with Anna and Eugeni Bach, in Gran Via, Spain

Incredible interior design of an apartment of 70 square meters

Creating the interior of an apartment of 70 square meters is quite a difficult task. Anna and Eugeni Bach have proposed an incredible expansion project in Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain.

Anna and Eugeni Bach:

“The project included a complete reconstruction of an apartment in the Eixample – Barcelona area, located in a brick building of the early twentieth century.

Initially, there were two rooms in the building with a view of the facade, the rest were illuminated and ventilated through a wide courtyard. This arrangement gave rise to a number of corridors and dark spaces that did not perform any functions other than connecting.

The new location was due to the desire of customers to arrange two bedrooms with a view of the facade, and the kitchen, dining room, living room and space exploration room will be organized in the rest of the house. Too many functions were assigned to such a short wall with windows to the courtyard.

We decided to keep two bedrooms and create an open space that will perform all these functions. The generous height of the house allowed us to develop a separate kitchen. As if we had constructed a piece of furniture. And on top of it, an attic was formed, which can be used as a guest room or a room for work.

This solution has positive aspects, at least in that it allows you to use the exceptional height of the apartment. Frees up additional space. Frees up access to all other rooms. The detached kitchen, of a lower height, further emphasizes the idea of an open space.

The original small toilet is located in front of the entrance. The bathroom was placed opposite the master bedroom. And the use of exceptional height made it possible to raise the bathroom floor and create an additional storage area. Additional space is also achieved by placing the bathroom under the shower, combining both functions in one space.”

Madrid-Toledo: the beauties of Spain are at your feet!

Spain is one of the most popular destinations among Russian tourists. But if earlier vacationers were attracted by Spanish beaches, now more and more tourists are eager to get acquainted with the sights of Spanish cities. Today we offer you to get acquainted with the capital of Madrid and one of the most beautiful ancient cities of Toledo.
A common travel format today is a weekend in another city. And indeed, if you have a visa and the opportunity to take a couple of days off at work, then you may well go to Madrid, for example, for four days, from Friday to Monday. And to have time during this time and get new impressions, and learn something previously unknown about interesting places in Spain.

So, what is a must-see in the capital of Spain?


Not everyone likes galleries and museums. However, it is impossible to be in Madrid and not visit the Prado Museum. You can read more about the museum’s opening hours and what you can see there here.

And we draw your attention to another gallery in Madrid — the Queen Sofia Art Center. Famous contemporary Spanish (and not only) artists, including Salvador Dali and Pablo Picasso, are represented here. In particular, it is in this Center that Picasso’s Guernica is located.

The Queen Sofia Art Center.

Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía (MNCARS)

Calle de Santa Isabel, 52 28012 Madrid

Opening hours: from 10.00 to 21.00, the day off is Tuesday. The schedule of work on Sunday should be specified separately.

Official website: http://www.museoreinasofia.es/en

El Rastro Flea Market

Flea markets are a fashionable place to visit nowadays. Moreover, the Madrid flea market occupies an entire block. You can buy everything here – from paintings to antique furniture, from accessories to… pets!

El Rastro is located in the old quarter of La Latina (La Latina) between Calle Embajadores and Ronda de Toledo (metro station Puerta de Toledo). The main square of El Rastro is Plaza de Cascorro.

Buen Retiro Park

Moscow winter is slush and gloomy sky, or, which is not better, ice and eternal salt underfoot. So it is simply impossible to visit the country of almost eternal summer and not visit any park. We suggest you visit Buen Retiro Park, where the so-called Crystal Palace is located. Did you think such a place only in fairy tales? Not at all.

In the park, which is a favorite vacation spot for residents of the Spanish capital, there is a very beautiful glass pavilion, in which art exhibitions are often organized.

We remember that you have very little time in Madrid, especially since you are leaving for Toledo soon. However, you will certainly have time to try churros (or churros) – an amazing Spanish custard dessert that the whole world loves. And if you are not a lover of sweets, then look for a traditional Spanish bocadillo sandwich. The fillings in it are very different – from omelet to squid. And invariably delicious!

Atocha Train Station

We really invite you to visit Madrid Train Station! This is one of the attractions of the capital, and you can find here not only ticket offices and train schedules, but also shops, restaurants and even a small winter garden with palm trees and turtles! Children will definitely be delighted!

In addition, trains to Toledo depart from Atocha Station daily. You can check the schedule on the website of the railways. The journey takes less than an hour, and now you are in an ancient city, captivating with its atmosphere. By the way, this city is recognized as an architectural monument!

Get to know Toledo better

Start your acquaintance with Toledo by visiting the observation deck Mirador del Valle. You will be surprised, but it is not in the city, but on the ring road that encircles Toledo. Since this place is located outside the city limits, it is most convenient to get here by car.

Walk through the streets

Entire tourist routes are laid along the streets of Toledo. Walking through the winding streets, try to get to the Zocodover Square (in fact, it will be difficult for you to miss, because this is the main square of Toledo, Plaza Zocodover). Once there was a cattle market, a place of execution, a bullfight was held here. Today, Socodover is a place of pilgrimage for tourists, from here many begin their journey to the most famous sights of Toledo. Here you can have a snack in one of the many restaurants, as well as go to shops and shops.


You will definitely not miss this castle-fortress: it is clearly visible from almost everywhere. The medieval castle – the Toledo Alcazar (Alcázar de Toledo) looks monumental: a huge rectangle with impressive towers at the corners. The first Alcazar project was created back in the XV century, and since then the building, as usual, has been rebuilt several times. It is all the more interesting to trace the changes in architectural styles on its facades. Today, the Army Museum is located here.

San Servando Castle

It is worth looking at it at least because of the age of construction. In the guidebooks you can find an indication that the castle was built in the XIV century, but its history began in the XI century or even earlier. Being either a fortress or a monastery, San Servando gradually deteriorated, but in the XIX century the castle was recognized as a national monument and restored.

It is located almost opposite the Alcazar, it is not difficult to find it. There are no excursions around the castle, but even standing next to such an antiquity is already luck.

The main Cathedral of Spain

You have already walked through the streets of Toledo, looked at fortresses and castles. It remains to visit at least one cathedral and one museum. Well, there are no problems with choosing a cathedral: Toledo is home to the main cathedral of the country — St. Mary’s Cathedral, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List

The construction of this unique Gothic cathedral began in the XIII century, and today it is a real treasury. In addition to the fact that the temple is very beautiful, the works of Titian, El Greco, Caravaggio are kept here. So the cathedral also works as a museum.

El Greco Museum

There is a wonderful Santa Cruz Museum in Toledo, but we already remember that you saw the paintings in Madrid. Therefore , in Toledo visit not just a museum, but the El Greco House Museum. For a long time the artist lived in this city. You can find the museum in the Jewish quarter, on Paseo del Transito. It is interesting because the house recreated the life of the XVI-XVII century. In the museum you can see famous works of the artist: “View and plan of Toledo”, “The Lament of St. Peter”, “Apostolate”, “St. Bernardine”.

You can check the opening hours on the museum’s website http://www.mecd.gob.es/mgreco/inicio.html

A trip to Toledo is better to plan in the fall or spring, at this time the most comfortable weather, because at other times it may be either too hot or too cold.

Have a nice trip!


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