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Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a classic style

We present to you an incredibly exquisite interior design of an apartment in a classic style — another successful project in the asset of the Taiwanese company Mole Design. This time, its specialists had to deal with spacious apartments located in one of the elite residential complexes of the island’s capital.

The team did not change its principles: special attention was paid to the interior layout, the location of functional areas.

Neutral color scheme is another tool from the studio’s arsenal, which is indispensable in cases when it is necessary to visually expand the space. In this example, it is diluted with a few bright accents in the form of sofa cushions and paintings.

In general, the laconic decor is enlivened by rich textures. We are talking, in particular, about natural wood, from which the flooring and part of the furniture are made, as well as a long-pile carpet in the living room and a stunningly beautiful pendant lamp with a ribbed shade of pinkish glass.

The most expressive classical elements are sofas and a banquette decorated in the kapiton technique.

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Ultra compact and super comfortable studio apartment in minimalism style

Our article describes a studio apartment in the minimalism style, in which two sisters live, who have just entered an independent life. The specialists of the Taiwanese Folk Design studio were engaged in the design of its interior.

Asian simplicity is conveyed through an organic combination of wooden structures, living plants and white surfaces forming a multi-layered architectural structure. It is perfectly balanced in all respects, which provides unprecedented comfort to the inhabitants of the dwelling.

The idea of the developers was to arrange functional areas at various levels in order to maximize the efficient use of space, which was reflected in the design of places for sleeping, storing things and cooking. It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing the embodiment of a new concept of life in a big city.

The coffee table and ceramic tableware, which many are more accustomed to seeing in Scandinavian interiors, are quite organically combined with the Asian-minimalist environment.

The cooking area, with its clean lines, light colors and increased functionality due to cleverly arranged storage spaces, seems to us the epitome of simplicity and elegance. There is a suspicion that she is also very unpretentious in care.

Vertical fullness brings a touch of futurism to the interior. Meanwhile, the amazing ability to feel space and break it into components, demonstrated by the authors of the project, cannot but cause admiration.

The bathroom seems surprisingly spacious relative to the scale of the entire apartment.

The inclusion of modern decor items, such as this fashionable KIMU design lamp, which we see in the following photo, is another clever way to dilute the urban aesthetic in general very close to nature image.

A very smart approach to the design of compact dwellings is implemented here, isn’t it?

Apartment interior design in modern classical style: less color, more light

Exquisite interior design of the apartment in a modern classic style

Anyone who is in search of ideas and inspiration for the transformation of their own home, it will be useful to take a look at the interior design of the apartment in modern classical style, designed by Spanish architect Josep Rua.

The apartments in question are located in Valencia and are characterized by exquisite simplicity, which is provided by an abundance of natural wood and a laconic palette, but above all — light, lots of light.

The landscapes of Valencia are particularly beautiful. Traditional Mediterranean architecture, as a rule, does not use this advantage, as if trying to deny it.

Obviously, comfort considerations are considered first, and providing protection from the scorching sun rays that literally incinerate the city for several months of the year becomes a priority.

However, technological progress has led to the creation of more advanced types of glass, which make it possible to supply residential interiors with large windows and at the same time guarantee the performance of a protective function.

Therefore, serious design changes were made in the penthouse we are considering. The architect did not hesitate to violate the integrity of the ceiling by installing windows in it, all over the space, from the bedroom to the bathroom. One of these skylights stretches along the main facade, revealing a rather peculiar view.

The place of the current bedroom was previously occupied by a terrace. It was located slightly above the rest of the apartment, and the author of the project decided to take advantage of this circumstance to separate the bedroom itself from the bathroom. A bathtub built into the floor and painted to match it also contributes to this task.

The walls in rooms with high humidity are lined with tiles from Mutina with a “honeycomb” relief pattern. When the sun’s rays penetrate through the ceiling windows and fall on vertical surfaces covered with small hexagons, there is a bizarre play of shadows, the effect of raindrops.

Mirrors are installed in such a way that most of the room is reflected in them. They create a sense of spaciousness and an interesting perspective. Rotating panels with mirror finish delicately delimit the bathroom and dressing room, producing countless highlights.

The bed looks as if it does not stand on the floor, but only attaches the headboard to the wall. The intricate curves of the ceiling continue in the lower part of the room, forming a rounding that acts as a night table. Almost the only piece of decor here is the Cappello table lamp from Moldesign.

This modern kingdom of light is the embodiment of the new architecture of Valencia, allowing you to enjoy all the delights of the Mediterranean climate.

Exclusive design of the apartment in the style of minimalism

Exclusive design of an apartment in the attic

The specialists of the Italian studio Archiplan have developed an exclusive apartment design for a client from the small town of Busto Arsizio. The result of their creative efforts is a compact, but truly luxurious space enclosed in a shell of snow—white walls. It shows an eclectic mix of delightful vintage accents, natural materials and a cozy, light-filled environment.

Combining expensive wood with crystal whiteness, which forms the basis of the palette, and playful details, the designers created a fresh, soothing and at the same time cozy atmosphere. Under the pitched roof, intersected in several places by ceiling windows, there is a friendly living space that pleases the eye with the purity of lines and organicity.

The dining table looks especially intriguing: the combination of a textured wooden surface with an iron base, more appropriate in a hospital interior, brings vintage charm. The composition is complemented by diverse chairs, each with its own character and style.

And this image is crowned by a fashionable brass lamp, which immediately attracts attention and gives the design of the room a more modern look. The noble marble countertops have the same pattern as the wooden paneling of the walls in the kitchen area. Thanks to them, the space looks expensive and elegant.

The cozy living room, arranged under the roof slope, is decorated in white and decorated with live plants. Custom-made shelves and storage systems complete the exquisite design of this cozy city apartment.

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Studio apartment in the style of minimalism, in which the soul and body relax

Elegant studio apartment in minimalism style

Specialists from the R3Architetti bureau present their next project, and this is a studio apartment in the minimalism style. Its compact dimensions determined the choice of the design method. However, the designers set a goal to maintain a balance between extreme brevity and coziness, and, as it seems to us, they have achieved it. A small Turin apartment has been transformed into an elegant space characterized by clean lines and a harmonious combination of colors and materials.

There is a distinct separation of public and private zones. The materials used for finishing the apartment are mostly not processed. They demonstrate their authentic texture, providing uniqueness to the interior. Polished and untreated concrete, glass and wood, light plaster and black metal frames are complemented by soft textures and exclusive decorative items.

The color scheme is also characterized by logic and balance: natural warm tones soften the snowy whiteness of the walls, gray shades borrowed from concrete surfaces emphasize the drama of dark elements. Cozy niches where the inhabitants of the apartment can read or just relax are arranged in different parts of the residential area. Designer lamps emphasize the impeccable style of the interior.

Simple, but bright, concise, but cozy, this space is a worthy example of modern Italian design. Do you agree?

Features of industrial style in the apartment interior

Industrial style in the interior of the apartment Dave and Mollie Code

High ceilings, brick walls, smooth surface of furniture items are components of a somewhat careless, industrial style in the interior of the Dave and Mollie Code apartments.

In Chicago, they are the owners of Studio Code, a company engaged in the restoration of houses, the main goal for them is to preserve the historical elements of the interior and create a functional space. Their apartment fully reflects the main principle of their company, while remaining comfortable and modern.

Leather chairs and suitcases as a decorative item

This is how Mollie writes about her apartment:

My husband Dave and I have been living here for a little over a year. Before moving, we completely renovated the interior of this apartment. Initially, this house served as a factory, but later it was converted into a living room (just imagine – wooden cabinets and dark granite countertops are all around).

We wanted to update the space in such a way as to show the amazing history of this place, so we chose contrasting materials – decorated the kitchen in cold gray tones, bleached the walls and floors and added wooden and brick elements of warm tones to the interior. Together with my husband, we like to develop new designs and discuss ideas about renovations.


About design:

Style: I love comfort combined with ostentation. I am inspired by different design movements, but most of all I like the contrast of details, whether it is the contrast of colors, textures or styles.

I love unexpected combinations in the interior, such as a mixture of a rough barn table with Danish sliding chairs. Maybe I don’t always have grandiose design ideas, but I prefer to include in the interior those things that do not leave me indifferent.

Contrasting interior details

Inspires: I draw inspiration from any architectural works and design blogs, in particular Scandinavian ones. We are also happy to live in the West Loop area of Chicago, where you can be inspired by various elements of old and new buildings.

Favorite interior item: We love spending time on the roof. This is the kind of place where you feel yourself floating above the city, and we like this feeling!

View from the roof

The main task: To demonstrate the true beauty of the space. The apartment used to be part of the factory. We wanted to update the space in such a way as to show the amazing history of this place, so we chose contrasting materials – decorated the kitchen in cold gray tones, bleached the walls and floors and added wooden and brick elements of warm tones to the interior.

Open communications and beams support a common style

What friends say: Many people speak positively about our apartment. They find it unusual for Chicago – it looks Western, in an industrial style. I really like that it was created in an excellent style, unusual for the interiors of other apartments in the city.

Happy apartment owners Dave and Mollie Code in the living room

Minus: The laundry room – we did not present her photo, as we store all sorts of junk in it. There is usually complete chaos going on there.

A point of pride: I love watercolor drawings and pictures and I write them myself, they are hung all over the house. My favorite is a huge painting depicting the Church of Santa Costanza in Rome, it can be seen at the entrance to the apartment.

Watercolor paintings as an interior item

Our weakness: Our weakness is, perhaps, our dining table and chairs. We have been trying to choose a suitable option for a long time, and, in the end, we did not choose one of the cheap ones. But we were satisfied.

Dining table and chairs in the dining area

Tip: Review the things that are in your apartment. Dave and I try to leave only those things that are really useful, meaningful to us or really beautiful.

Sources of inspiration: Favorite sources of inspiration are websites and companies that produce hand-made products.


Modern classic apartment design: unique style

Modern classic apartment design from All In Studio

Modern classic apartment design requires a special approach. That is why the specialists of the architectural company All In Studio, who were engaged in the design of spacious apartments, decided on a bold experiment using bright color accents, original pieces of furniture and “spring” decor.

As a result, exclusive pendant lamps of various shapes and sizes, light flowing curtains of rich blue, white and cream shades and original white and bright yellow armchairs were added to the calm light wall decoration and natural wood flooring.

The combined living and dining areas delight the eye with a variety of colors and textures

Mirrors, snow–white columns, dark wooden facades of spacious cabinets with built-in plasma panels, sofas with fabric upholstery, plastic chairs, a light pedestal with a table top the color of ripe orange – all these seemingly incompatible elements, thanks to the skill of artists, add up to a holistic, organic picture.

The stylish kitchen in gray, black, white and brown tones is equipped with all necessary appliances. Stylistically, it seems to be a continuation of the hallway and long corridors connecting the living rooms, each of which has its own bright personality.

A bold combination of classics and modernity has undoubtedly become the ideal solution for the development of this project, isn’t it?