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Bright interior of the apartment: autumn theme

Bright interior of an apartment from Form Studio, London, United Kingdom

Bright apartment interior it looks both lively and elegant. This is how you can describe the joint project of the specialists of the architectural bureau Form Studio and designer Elizabeth Bauman, who were engaged in the design of apartments located in the Bankside district of London.

Bright living room with panoramic windows, orange armchairs, pillows and bouquets

The sterile whiteness of the kitchen and dining areas is complemented by a shade of natural wood

Chairs made of wood and metal, stylish lampshades and pumpkin decor refresh the space

The delicate look of the bedroom is diluted with dark wall panels and a couple of eye-catching spots

This room is a model of harmony, comfort and sophistication

In the bathroom, you should pay attention to the beautiful plumbing and built-in lighting

From the glazed veranda with a seating area you can get to the outdoor balcony

A wide staircase with glass railings leads to a small, cozy office

To settle down to rest in such an apartment during a short trip to London is simply an unprecedented pleasure! Isn’t that right?