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Review of the real estate agency “Top address”

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates — a major entertainment center and

business of global scale has long been in the top ten most attractive cities for

investors. The liquidity of real estate in this city is high and every year the cost

the square meter is steadily growing by 10-12%. Among the many buying companies-

real estate agency “Top address” is one of the best and professional

companies operating in this segment of services, which you can learn more about on the portal top address reviews

  • What services does the real estate agency “Top Address” provide to clients

The real estate agency works directly with developers, also provides services for the selection of housing in the secondary market.

The agency’s lots include: apartments, villas, apartments, penthouses, commercial real estate. Clients can describe in detail the option of housing selection according to all necessary criteria — a professional team will select the necessary options according to any preferences of customers.

When selecting real estate in Dubai, agents offer a choice of housing in different areas

cities, based on the quadrature, comfort level, housing area and other conditions


The company “Top address” fully undertakes the conduct of the transaction of buying housing, helps buyers to arrange real estate in installments, carry out remote selection and purchase of real estate for foreigners.

  • Advantages of choosing the agency “Top address”

When purchasing housing of any class — elite or inexpensive — it is worth contacting

agency — focusing on reliability, honesty, quality service, positive customer feedback, experience in this market. The agency “Top Address” stands out among the competing companies with many advantages:

— reliability and high rating of the company according to the list of independent experts;

— experienced employees;

— 24/7 round-the-clock support;

— full legal support of the transaction;

— a huge selection of objects for private and business investment.

Buying a property in Dubai is a difficult and troublesome process for clients,

connected with a lot of subtleties and legal stones in this country. Agency

“Top Address” has been working for many years in the UAE real estate market and will be able to choose the best housing for customers according to the preferences of buyers. There are options for purchasing through an agency https://otzyv-pro.su/topaddress / directly from developers without commissions and overpayments of housing under construction or rented.

Top 5 Interesting Facts about Adriano Celentano

On January 6, the popular Italian singer and actor Adriano Celentano turned 80 years old. The Russian public remembered him thanks to his characteristic roles in the films “The Taming of the Shrew” (1980) and “Bingo-Bongo” (1982). Celentano’s husky baritone still fascinates listeners to this day. He has 41 music albums and several film awards to his credit. But all this is well known…

And there is a lot that few people know about this charismatic Italian… Intrigued? Read the five most interesting facts about Adriano Celentano!

1. I woke up to the sound of rock music

It’s hard to believe that Adriano, known for his light, lyrical songs, always woke up to nervous rock chords in his youth. However, it is. The mother of the future Italian pop star knew that the sound of an ordinary alarm clock would not make her son get out of bed — Adriano simply would not hear him. Therefore , every morning at seven o’clock she turned on heavy rock and said: “Wake up, it’s already eight o’clock!”. Insidious woman 🙂

2. Danced anywhere

Anyone who has watched Celentano’s films at least once could not help but notice how smooth and easy the movements of his characters are. The actor was perfectly in control of his body, he was engaged in dancing for quite a long time. His love of moving to the beat of music was so strong that Adriano could start dancing anywhere.

One day he began to write intricate pirouettes right on the central street of his native Milan. Because of this, traffic has stalled. Passersby hurrying about their business also stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and froze. Of course, it’s not every day you see Celentano dancing on the street! The accumulation of cars and people interested the police. But, having recognized the “violator of order” as a popular favorite, they did not fine him.

3. Afraid of separation from his spouse

The union of Adriano Celentano and Claudia Mori aroused the envy of both the couple’s inner circle and the audience following the work of these two Italian stars. The couple almost always appeared together at various events, and the warmth with which Adriano and Claudia looked at each other did not escape from others.

The actor has repeatedly made public declarations of love to his wife. He was so afraid to be separated from her for a long time that once he even refused a role in a film, which he had already successfully auditioned for. Part of the filming took place in The Soviet Union, and Celentano did not want to fly to a distant country for a long time, leaving his wife in Italy. Here it is, love!

4. Hates flights

It would seem that Celentano — so courageous and brutal — cannot suffer from aerophobia… However, nothing human is alien to him. The audience’s favorite was rarely seen with concerts in countries far from Italy, because he was simply afraid (and still is afraid) to fly on airplanes. When boarding a winged car, he always shakes slightly with excitement. Well, each of us has our own fears and weaknesses…

5. No longer wants to act in a movie.

Not because I’m tired. But because he does not consider modern screenplays worthy. He believes that acting in second-rate films can disappoint his fans.

Today, viewers from all over the world continue to enjoy the songs and movie roles of their favorite artist. Celentano’s recent anniversary is a great reason to revisit one of his favorite comedies with his participation.


Woody Allen ‘s Top Five Films

American humor irritates some, while others have a sincere smile. Humor in American cinema will seem “flat” to someone, but connoisseurs of foreign comedies will always be able to find reasons to laugh in an extensive list of films. There are a great many of these reasons in Woody Allen’s films. He, who has shot about fifty paintings over a half-century career, knows a lot about humor.

Although, Woody Allen’s “track record” includes not only comedies. We offer you a selection of the best films of the legendary director, who sometimes himself was not averse to playing in the cinema.

“Manhattan” (1979)

Usually, young girls and boys who have not yet had time to fully taste life are considered windy. But in this film, a 42-year-old man appears to the audience as a real youngster. Isaac (played by Woody Allen himself) is completely confused about his relationships with women. He falls in love with his friend’s fiancee, then with a girl who has barely crossed the threshold of adulthood… At the same time, he has been married for a long time. Manhattan is not only a place where the cultural and secular life of the United States is concentrated. The dominant place in Manhattan is occupied by all sorts of intrigues, passions and novels, into which the hero rushes headlong over and over again.

“Annie Hall” (1977)

This picture significantly contrasts with other works of Allen, because it is a drama. The director here is assigned the difficult role of a person with a nervous disorder. Elvi—that’s his name-often thinks about death. He considers himself superior to others, other people seem to him infinitely stupid. This continues until he meets the singer Annie. Young people are imbued with sympathy for each other, this sympathy develops into love. Annie seems to the main character to be an ideal, and he completely revises his views on life, becoming more sensitive and open to people.

“Match Point” (2006)

The dazzling Scarlett Johansson, who played the beloved of the main character, attracted the admiring glances of viewers from all over the world. Who knows, maybe it was her participation in this film that led to the fact that almost immediately after the release of “Match Point” was nominated for an Oscar.

Tennis player Chris casually “takes” the bride from a friend, although he is already in a relationship with his sister. It is his sister Chloe that he soon marries, but he continues to love the “selected” Nola. She blocks all paths to herself by changing her phone number and place of residence. However, later the couple accidentally meets at an exhibition and their relationship is resumed. And to Chloe Chris cools down for only one reason — she can’t give birth to his child. But Nola informs him about the pregnancy and blackmails him, prompting him to break up with his wife. A desperate Chris kills Nola.

“The Purple Rose of Cairo” (1985)

As Mikhail Bulgakov said through the mouth of one of his heroes: “Cinema is the only consolation for women.” Cinema was such a consolation for the waitress Cecilia. She is unhappy in her marriage. And every day he escapes from reality by coming to the cinema to watch his favorite movie “The Purple Rose of Cairo”. Cecilia falls in love with the hero of the film, and one day he leaves the screen reality and finds himself next to her, in real life. But it’s not easy for him to adapt to this life… In addition, other characters in the film also began to behave “not according to the script”, entering into a dialogue with the audience…

“Midnight in Paris” (2011)

Gill writes books. And since all writers are partly romantics, he periodically “falls” into dreams. He dreams of living in Paris in the twenties. He loves France very much, so he goes there with his beloved. But a romantic journey turns into a journey through time — Gill finds himself in the past, his dream comes true.

Read also: “The power is in the truth. The best films of Alexey Balabanov”


A Slav, an athlete, a fairy-tale heroine. Three top Summer Photo shoot ideas for girls

A lot of bright and memorable events happen to us in the summer. Great weather gives you a great mood. Why not capture pleasant summer moments for memory? We are sharing with you ideas for an amazing summer photo shoot.

You can, of course, do a summer photo shoot in one of the central city parks, among fountains and flower beds, but considering how many amateur photos in such decorations “roam” on the Web, not everyone will like this idea. After all, any girl wants to have unique pictures in her collection, the likes of which no one else has. And it’s possible.

Photo shoot in the Slavic image

The days of bright-eyed girls in kokoshniks and sundresses are long gone, but sometimes you want to feel like a native Russian beauty!

The ideal option is to do a Slavic photo shoot somewhere outside the city, but if you do not have the opportunity to go anywhere, any clearing (or forest) will do, of which there are many in large and small cities.

Image Details

It is better to postpone the usual jeans and shorts for another, more suitable occasion. Sundress with floral print (or chaotic curlicues) – this is what we need. Slavic girls did not wear trousers, because they believed that such clothes “cut” in half not only their figure, but also female energy. You can also wear a sundress or a maxi dress without a pattern. The cut of the outfit should be free. Models above the knees are unacceptable for a “typically Russian” image, since in the old days girls considered it indecent to show naked legs or shoulders to everyone.

The traditional Slavic hairstyle is a braid. You can slightly modify it, add volume by pulling strands. And you can wrap a traditional “spikelet” around your head, and it will also be very Slavic. As a decoration for a hairstyle, you can use a wreath of live or artificial flowers or weave hairpins with beads at the ends into your hair (you will get the effect of pearls in your hair. In makeup, it is better to stick to pastel tones, giving preference to nude shades of shadows and lipstick. Russian beauties did not draw arrows on their eyes and did not paint their lips in extreme colors – remember this.

Acceptable props are a bouquet of flowers, a book, fruits (real or fake).

Sports photo shoot

There are more and more runners, cyclists, and skaters on the streets… And what’s worse for you?

Take a bike, skate or roller skates and go to the nearby park! Shots “in motion” (when you drive or run) are the most spectacular. In addition, such a photo shoot is an extra reason to show a fit figure!

Can’t ride a bike, a scooter, or roller skates? It doesn’t matter! You can make shots from the “girl on a run” series. Or take pictures of how you deftly throw a soccer ball into the air (in the midst of the Football World Cup, such pictures are especially relevant. And men will appreciate them ;)).

Image Details

Clothes for a sports photo shoot should be light and comfortable. Lovers of mini-shorts and tops have a place to roam! Leggings, jumpsuits, and even skirts will be “in the theme”. And in makeup, quite bold techniques are acceptable: bright arrows (blue, purple, green and other “acidic” colors), scarlet lips, saturated blush.

Sports imply laconic hairstyles with matched hair. Traditional bunches and a “ponytail” will help you. And if you want to diversify these simple hairstyles somehow, leave the two strands on the sides of the head unassembled and wind them on curlers. Curls framing the face will make the image more feminine and light. Don’t you like lightness? Then put a baseball cap or a bandana on your head, and the image of the girl-boy will be completed.

Acceptable props: bicycle (roller skates, skate, etc.), water bottle, balls, rackets, hoops and other sports equipment.

Fabulous photo shoot

A rare girl does not want to feel like a princess or a fairy living in a fairy kingdom in which all living beings are her friends. This girlish dream is easy to realize. You can do this both in a city park and in a photo studio. Good shots will turn out on the beach (the beach-sea theme will suit you if you decide to transform into a Little Mermaid).

It is impossible to imagine a princess without a magnificent dress. It can be either ordinary or in the style of “cosplay” (i.e. repeating the image of a movie character or cartoon character). You can rent a traditional dress in any showroom in your city. And a cosplay dress can be ordered inexpensively through mobile applications that allow you to purchase goods from China at a symbolic price.

The make-up of a fairy-tale heroine should be as feminine as possible. In a fairy tale, pretentiousness is permissible, so if you like rhinestones, false eyelashes, sequins and the like – feel free to use your favorite makeup attributes in your image for a photo shoot. If desired, you can make an aquagrim on your face by drawing any patterns on the skin with special hypoallergenic paints.

Try to choose the most romantic hairstyle. Curls, babette, a bow of hair or strands picked up, intercepted by a Greek braid for a hairstyle — all this will make you a refined lady worthy of the happiest fairy-tale plot.

Acceptable props: tiara, fake or live birds, plush toys, flowers, books, wicker furniture. And you can also attract a pet to shoot your own or rented for the duration of the photo shoot. Cats of fluffy breeds, small dogs, canaries are ideal. And for those who want something extraordinary, we recommend taking a picture with a real owl. These mysterious birds have become so popular today that they are rented out everywhere to participate in various filming and festive events.

We wish you an amazing summer with lots of mind-blowing photos!


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