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Ultra compact and super comfortable studio apartment in minimalism style

Our article describes a studio apartment in the minimalism style, in which two sisters live, who have just entered an independent life. The specialists of the Taiwanese Folk Design studio were engaged in the design of its interior.

Asian simplicity is conveyed through an organic combination of wooden structures, living plants and white surfaces forming a multi-layered architectural structure. It is perfectly balanced in all respects, which provides unprecedented comfort to the inhabitants of the dwelling.

The idea of the developers was to arrange functional areas at various levels in order to maximize the efficient use of space, which was reflected in the design of places for sleeping, storing things and cooking. It is no exaggeration to say that we are facing the embodiment of a new concept of life in a big city.

The coffee table and ceramic tableware, which many are more accustomed to seeing in Scandinavian interiors, are quite organically combined with the Asian-minimalist environment.

The cooking area, with its clean lines, light colors and increased functionality due to cleverly arranged storage spaces, seems to us the epitome of simplicity and elegance. There is a suspicion that she is also very unpretentious in care.

Vertical fullness brings a touch of futurism to the interior. Meanwhile, the amazing ability to feel space and break it into components, demonstrated by the authors of the project, cannot but cause admiration.

The bathroom seems surprisingly spacious relative to the scale of the entire apartment.

The inclusion of modern decor items, such as this fashionable KIMU design lamp, which we see in the following photo, is another clever way to dilute the urban aesthetic in general very close to nature image.

A very smart approach to the design of compact dwellings is implemented here, isn’t it?