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Which room to rent in a hotel for the wedding night?

The wedding night is simply bound to be remembered for a lifetime. That is why very often newlyweds book a room for their wedding night.

We will understand how to choose the right hotel and determine the number in this article.

Advantages of spending the wedding night in a hotel room

Spending the most romantic evening and night in life should not be troublesome and mundane. Therefore, the best solution would be to book a hotel room. The rooms for the newlyweds have a beautiful decor, it is also not an intrusive and romantic atmosphere. Secondly, there is no need to worry about anything, the hotel workers will do everything. Thirdly, no one will interfere, especially if it is discussed in advance. In addition, candles, rose petals, champagne, beautiful and fresh bed linen are waiting for the newlyweds at the hotel.

Most young people, in order for the first wedding to be remembered for a lifetime, do not save on a hotel. When choosing a hotel, you should pay attention to a hotel where you can hold a banquet and a wedding night. This is convenient, moreover, in this way, you will be able to save money, because in this case, many hotels make a discount if they order both a banquet and a room for the newlyweds with a special menu.

When ordering a room, do not take your word for it, the number is definitely worth checking. Everything is important: the bed, the bed linen and the menu.

Room for newlyweds

When ordering a meter, it is important to discuss with the administrator:

  1. How the room will be decorated, the availability of flowers, fruits, champagne and so on.
  2. It is important to find out about the Jacuzzi or hydro massage. After all, how nice and romantic it is to take a bath together.
  3. Usually hotels give the newlyweds a bottle of champagne, if this drink is not suitable, then it can be discussed in advance.
  4. Evening and breakfast menu. It can be light snacks, fruits and so on. The schedule for when to bring food, young people can also specify in advance. Thus, misunderstandings can be avoided.
  5. It is important to get acquainted with the total cost of the banquet and the room in advance.

Summing up, I would like to note that the night in the room will be unforgettable and magical. It is a romantic room that will become the place of the beginning of family life, and why not? The whole atmosphere helps to calm down, comfort and enjoy the fact that now you are not a bride and groom, but legal spouses.

Wedding in Thailand: interview with the owner of the wedding ceremony company

Dreams of a wedding should come true, and be sure to go to the sea! Charming girl Maria and her husband moved from Russia to the land of smiles Thailand, where they organized a wonderful team of Phuketwed, and now all together make people happy! Yes! This is a wedding ceremony in Thailand – in one of the most beautiful and exotic corners of the planet!

– Tell us about yourself and your company.

— My name is Maria, I live in the sunny country of Thailand. Even 5 years ago, my husband and I decided at one point to move from our hometown of Krasnoyarsk to hot Thailand. At that time, without even suspecting what we would do and how to make a living in Phuket, we sold the car, packed our bags and boarded the plane.
Today we are the owners of a wedding company in Thailand: organization of wedding ceremonies, floral decoration, weddings with guests, banquets, dinners, any kind of photo and video shooting.
At first, our team consisted of two people: I was engaged in advertising, organization, consulting clients, and my husband was photographing. However, after a couple of months, we stopped coping with the volumes and decided to assemble a team. And you know, we succeeded) We have assembled a real, friendly team of professionals: photographers, videographers, florists, designers, managers. We became a family. All the guys from different cities: young, ambitious, also with us are our friends – Thai florists. Together we spend holidays, go on picnics and just travel.
For 5 years now, together we have been creating beauty and giving happiness. During this time, we have held more than 800 weddings in Thailand, and more than 3,000 photo shoots.

— Is there a season of wedding ceremonies in Thailand? What is a favorable time for this event?

– The wedding season echoes the holiday season, because we are 100% dependent on the weather. May, June-September is the rainy season and the restless sea, so during this period we are usually on vacation and do not recommend holding a wedding ceremony at this time, as the wedding day can be spoiled by bad weather. November, December-April is the dry season and a good time to visit Phuket. The most favorable time: February-April, when the weather is great, rains are rare, there are no waves on the sea and everything is wonderful.

— What are the most popular styles of wedding ceremonies in Thailand?

– Our brides choose classics: classic tents with flying fabrics of delicate shades. To date, minimalism, cubism, irregular shapes and mirror surfaces prevail in the wedding industry. However, brides do not like to experiment, they are afraid of new things and believe that it is better to order as always, according to the classics. Also, rustic style does not go out of fashion. They still love him and are happy to see him on their wedding day.

— How long does it take to prepare a wedding ceremony in Thailand?

— If this is the minimum package of the ceremony, then everything can be discussed and prepared in 2 weeks. Most of the time is spent on ordering flowers. Since flowers do not grow in Phuket, therefore, floristry must be ordered and transported from Bangkok. It takes 2-3 months for a ceremony with an individual design. The difficulty in preparation is that on the island we are limited in the choice and purchase of accessories. Often you have to make an order, sometimes even from Russia. As for the booking time: 2-3 months before the desired wedding date, you need to write to us.

— How long does the event itself last?

– Let’s say it’s a wedding for two. On average, it takes 3 hours to get ready. Then the ceremony itself is 30 minutes. And then the photo shoot begins. We have packages from 2 to 4 hours of shooting. During this time, we manage to collect high-quality material. You should not be in the tropical sun for more than 4 hours.

If the wedding is with a banquet and guests — in this case, after the photo shoot, dinner begins and a lot of interesting things, and such an event lasts for about 4 more hours.

— What is included in the wedding ceremony in Thailand and how much does a wedding in Thailand cost?

– The cost of a wedding in Thailand varies from $ 1,150 and up to $ 12,000 for two. A wedding with guests will cost up to $30,000. The price depends, first of all, on the site, because it can be just a beach, or it can be a luxury huge villa with a view pool. The number of flowers in the design also plays a direct role in the price (only fresh flowers are used for decoration).

Mandatory range of services included even in the most minimal package:

  • photographer’s services
  • floral decoration
  • bouquet, boutonniere, petals
  • venue
  • coordinator
  • master of ceremonies
  • fruit, champagne
  • decor, accessories: symbolic certificate, decorated glasses, ring stand
  • musical accompaniment

– Is the wedding ceremony in Thailand officially registered?

— All ceremonies are symbolic. There is a possibility of an official marriage, but this is a very expensive and lengthy procedure at the end of which you will be given a document in Thai, which in Russia will not have legal force. A marriage concluded in Thailand is valid only on the territory of Thailand. Upon arrival at home, it is necessary to use the services of a notary and an interpreter so that everything is processed to the end. That is why we do not see the point in official ceremonies.

— The most unusual wedding in Thailand in your experience?

— I remember today, we left Phuket 150 km away for a wedding based on the Twilight saga – it was an evening ceremony in a tropical forest near a noisy waterfall. After the onset of total darkness, we lit hundreds of candles, the waterfall was illuminated with spotlights, our couple exchanged vows of love and fidelity, absolute silence froze in the air, and only the noise of the waterfall reminding of itself. An indescribable atmosphere. We all froze then)
After the usual weddings on the seashore under the hot sun, we found ourselves in a completely different world.

— What are your wishes for the newlyweds who want to hold a wedding in Thailand?

– 6 years ago, I was sitting in the office “walking” on social networks. Like all girls, I dreamed of a wedding “not like everyone else”, and then I accidentally stumbled upon the page of one girl who had a wedding on the beach in the Dominican Republic! I remember these emotions: this wedding was unreal for me, cosmic, something unattainable! Stealthily, every morning I started by looking at these photos, imagining that someday I would have just such a wedding! It so happened that now I am the organizer of the ceremonies myself, and every day brides write to me, also dreaming of their own, special wedding!

– Dear brides, due to my extensive experience, I want to share some tips with you:

1. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Trust the professionals. Change the standard flower arch to something completely different. Don’t be the same as everyone else. Stand out! Wedding fashion does not stand still – bluntly, does not mean bright, but a lot, does not mean good.

2. Forget about puffy dresses. Today there is a huge selection of wedding dresses: different shades, light, emphasizing your figure. Lush dresses with crinoline have long been out of fashion and are not particularly suitable for a beach ceremony. Be a stylish bride!

3. Learn how to find the best from a large number of organizers. Comparing services by price is not a wise decision. Be sure to see the website and portfolio. You can never evaluate the quality of work on Instagram. Don’t forget to read reviews about the company.

Dear brides, never give up on your dreams, down with stereotypes and to hell with the dollar exchange rate. Dreams must come true, and be sure to go to the sea!
We look forward to seeing you on the magical island of Phuket!

Wedding in Thailand Phuketwed:
Website: www.phuketwed.com
Viber / WhatsUp: +66-99-153-2954
E-mail: tropicphoto@mail.ru
Instagram: www.instagram.com/phuketwed

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