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The largest cruise ships in the world

It should be noted, in fact, sea cruises are considered to be one of the most popular and relevant types of recreation, which have a huge number of positive qualities. You should clearly understand that these are not only vivid, but also unforgettable impressions. In addition, this is a truly unique opportunity that will allow you to visit several countries and cities at once in a short period of time. It is impossible not to take into account the aspect, the fact that this is a truly high level of comfort, as well as service, which concerns both living conditions and entertainment.

The largest cruise ships in the world. Features. Useful and important information. Main aspects

  1. As practice shows, many liners surf the sea at all, and among them there is a large cruise liner with a tonnage of over 130,000 tons, which should be known. In addition, to date, it is planned to produce about two dozen more ships. You will be pleasantly surprised by the aspect and the fact that, indeed, every year, the average size of the liner, as a rule, becomes even larger.
  2. Cruise ship “MSC BELLISSIMA”. If you carefully study the design and interior of this liner, you can say with full confidence that it embodies the beauty, the real luxury of large liners. As for the business card of this vessel, this can include a 95-meter promenade, which has a digital sky. Also, it is impossible not to highlight the technological highlights of this vessel. For example, the system of advanced onboard functionality “MSC for Me”. This also includes the Zoe artificial intelligence technology. You should know that they not only significantly expand, but also simplify the communication of both guests and staff, which is a truly serious advantage.

Such a vessel as “MSC MERAVIGLIA” is in no less demand and popularity. Highlighting its innovative services, it is wireless communication, as well as the availability of mobile applications, wristband cards and much more.



A few photos that create the illusion that our world is a Matrix, in which glitches with graphics and texture rendering failures are also inevitable.

Cat stuck in textures

Unusual cup

Did it seem?

Program failures

Textures didn’t load

An object within an object. Russia.

And this is possible

Partially materialized machine

The plant got stuck in the wall

Part of the space is not yet available

The mountain did not load

Another animal in texture

Partially invisible pillar

Interesting pictures about everything in the world (18 photos)

You may think that you have already seen everything and that there is little that can surprise you, but exactly until you meet another collection of photos that tell and show our amazing and diverse world.

1. Apples in one of the stores

2. Water flowing figuratively from the tap

3. Kiwi with a face

4. A rose with two centers

5. Outlines of a tree on a cut of a felled tree

6. Ice frozen in a saucer has become like a rose

7. 2 types of shower gel were mixed in a bottle

8. In the elevator, the buttons do not indicate the floor, but the height in meters above ground level

9. A very long escalator at a subway station in Chongqing, China

10. An old barn covered with poison ivy during an ice storm

11. A woman used 13 thousand coins to repaint the floor

12. A lonely rectangular cloud

13. “Melting House” on Gare du Nord, Paris

14. 5-leaf clover

15. A plant that has taken root in the form of a vase in which it grows

16. “It was snowing today. But instead of snowflakes, snow sticks were falling.”

17. An apple that knows something about style

18. “My doctor took a picture of the eye in high resolution. 16 hand-stitched nylon thread stitches holding the cornea on the existing fabric”

all photos: reddit.com

National winners of the World Photography Awards 2022 (11 photos)

Prize Sony World Photography Awards for participation in the 2022 contest, she collected a whopping 340 thousand applications-photographs, the subjects of which ranged from magical landscapes of Turkey to atmospheric portraits of Burmese twins.

About 170 thousand of these original works were included in the category of “National Award” of the competition, which recently announced the best pictures.

The winners’ collection offers a diverse and striking look at the most diverse spectra of human life. We bring to your attention — some of them.

1. Category “Landscape”, photo: © Filip Hrebenda

2. Category “Architecture”, photo: © Wonyoung Choi

3. Category “Lifestyle”, photo: © Minko Mihaylov

4. Category “Portrait”, photo: © Martina Dimunova

5. Category “Movement”, photo: © Raido Nurk

6. Category “Portrait”, photo: © Metha Meiryna

7. Category “Architecture”, photo: © Wonyoung Choi

8. Category “Portrait”, photo: © Swe Tun

9. Category “Portrait”, photo: © Edina Csoboth

10. Category “Landscape”, photo: © Cigdem Ayyildiz

11. Travel category, photo: © Thanh Nguyen Phuc

all photos: Sony World Photography Awards

22 more maps that will show the world from an unexpected angle

Where would you start if you were looking for treasure? In fact, maps – a valuable representation of information – are the key to so many secrets of the world, be it the Earth, our history, politics, sociology or anything else.

Thanks to subredditknown as the ideal place for cartography fans, we can get acquainted with an infinite variety of maps that vary in information, style, size and other characteristics.

Today we offer a look at some of them.

1. Topography of China

2. Countries in Europe where prison break is not considered a crime

3. All roads lead to Rome. This map shows the famous roads built by the Roman Empire

4. This map shows the progress of the Netherlands in the fight against water levels (1300 / today)

5. Beavers in Europe (1900 / 2021)

6. The longest possible train journey in the world

7. There are more people in the territory marked in red than in all the blue areas combined

8. This is the most remote place on Earth from any ocean

9. Map of the Kruber cave with a depth of 2191 m. The deepest known cave system in the world.

10. Countries with the highest level of obesity (red indicates countries where more than 30% of the population is obese; black indicates countries where less than 30% of the population is obese)

11. This map shows all the castles in Europe

12. The average age of women at the birth of their first child

13. Abolition of the monarchy in European countries (countries where the monarchy still exists are indicated in red)

14. Countries where the Reddit website is banned (indicated in red)

15. Each asterisk marks the capital of the country

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