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Home decoration for Christmas, classic colors

Those who don’t really like the classic combination of green and red can use the combination of white and sky blue – a melange of colors that contribute to the winter atmosphere in the house. In addition to colors, lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere, which should be soft enough to emphasize the warm festive atmosphere of Christmas.

Front door decoration

Door decor, both outside and inside, is an element that should not be forgotten when decorating an apartment. Among the various solutions, you can attach green or red garlands to the door, decorated with decorative elements, such as colored ribbons or hawthorn. The decor can be completed by adding a decorative garland to the racks – an element that will frame the door and make the doorway even more welcoming.

A colorful card will be a creative accessory for greeting guests with wishes, poetry or friendship messages. To complete the composition, pair it with a themed rug, a classic ‘Merry Christmas’ slogan, or simple Christmas patternsА

Christmas plants

To create a memorable and warm atmosphere, in addition to the classic Christmas tree, it would be appropriate to use some help of our plant friends, which can be freely combined with lights and garlands. But which ones should you buy? First of all, you can not ignore the classic Christmas star, which, with its cuteness and simplicity, is able to cheer up any corner of the house.

Holly (Ilex aquifolium) has a Christmas scent, a plant with shiny leaves and bright red berries is well suited for the most traditional decorations. Ardisia crenate is very similar to it, it also goes well with traditional ornaments. If you want to add a special touch to your home, you can buy pots of red heather, an intensely colored evergreen that grows to about half a meter in height.

Finally, Ruscus aculeatus is a must for any Christmas decoration.

And of course don’t forget about the X-mas table decor!

Must-see in DAGESTAN, Russia

Dagestan it is the most southern region of Russia, which is home to a huge number of nations (more than 30). Travelers never remain indifferent after visiting this region, enjoying its amazing views and local cuisine. Therefore, tours to Dagestan are a fairly frequent,  visited by many residents of the vast country.

Features of holidays in Dagestan

The residents of this region are lucky enough to enjoy both the sea and the mountains. There are many fascinating zones in Dagestan, but in general you can’t get there by public transport. Therefore, there is always an option to book a tour, to hire a driver or to rent a car. Dagestan, stretched along the seashore, cannot be explored on foot.

What to visit?

         1. Sulak Canyon

Sulak Canyon it is the most popular area of the region. It is know as the deepest (1920 m). Canyons from Nepal, Peru, and China compete with it. However, it is much easier to get to the Dagestan canyon.

          2. Sarykum dune

Sarykum dune – this is a must-visit place early in the morning or late at night.

It’is located only 20 kilometers from Makhachkala and a you will drive to the reserve through the mountains. Its height is more than 250 meters. It was recognized as the largest of Eurasia. It can be really hot in this place, comparing to the capital.

3.Karadakh Gorge

Karadakh Gorge is a fault of the mountain, a narrow gorge that has very high walls. It is located close to the village of Gunib.  The gorge is from two to five meters width, and 170 meters height. In the summer, it is quiet, noiseless, only from afar comes the whisper of water and the cheerful slaps of tourists. The entrance to this attraction is free. It is important to arrive at this place in dry weather. Because there will be rain, the water will rise by four meters, and it will be difficult for a person to get out of there.

        4. Tobot

Tobot is a waterfall, located right in the middle of the village called Hunzakh. It reaches a height of eighty meters, extreme sports lovers practice bungee jumping here in the summer. The most full–flowing period is May and June, when snow is still melting, and the water in the river reaches its maximum.

          5. Agrakhansky reserve

The mountain river Terek runs along the northern slopes of the Caucasus Mountains and flows into the Agrakhan Bay of the Caspian Sea, forming a delta. In a picturesque oasis among the dry Dagestan plains, there is a reserve with an area of 390 sq. km. The purpose of its creation in 1983 was to restore the population of valuable animals. Rare birds, mammals and endangered species of fish live here. Among the protected animals are reed cats, deer, Caucasian otters. On the territory of the reserve there are the most important nesting places on the western coast of the Caspian Sea, stops during the flight and wintering of waterfowl and near-aquatic birds. There are no settlements on the territory of the reserve. Several farms organically fit into the mountainous natural landscape.